HAPPY MONDAY!!! And what an exciting one it is! Not only do I get to talk about the COOL, HIP and Practical functions of sunglasses but also...over at The Blended Blog in our 5 Ways to Be a Better_____ Series. I'm over there talking about 
5 WAYS TO BE A BETTER BOY MOM. I loved reflecting on this topic.

Sunglasses are a lifesaver, I have a pair in about every drawer in the house an carry two in my purse at all times. When I first started blogging, I wrote this post but decided to update it a bit today because as I was going through them this weekend, I realized I have like a dozen pairs, of only which, 2 I wear regularly. The thing is, they are so important!! Besides saving your eyes from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, there are soooo many other reasons why you should be sporting sunnies!! 

Here are 10 reasons why shades are so important!

10. Prevents wrinkles by helping you avoid squinting.

9. Helps you build up mystery for the big "had work done" reveal.

8. To camouflage black, puffy or "hangover" eyes.

7. If you wear them on top of your head, you look smart and confident.
(Just don't forget where you put them.....uh huh...yours truly, guilty!!!)

6. Wind, wind is not my friend! My right eye waters like a hose on full throttle when it is windy. The shades help a little.

5. Helps against the glare of bright reflections of snow and ice that could impair vision while driving, skiing or shopping at an outdoor outlet mall.

4. If you are a blogger, you can take pictures for said blog without having to put on any make-up and still look put together and get so excited that you went sans make-up and no one will know. 

3. You can people watch anywhere without anyone actually knowing you are checking them out!

2. You look and feel WAY more glamorous than you really are.

1. Your husband might tell you that you look like a Movie Star!
(Now ladies, what girl wouldn't want to hear that!?)

The family that wears shades together.....
One of my favorite family pictures from 2013

Happy Monday YOU KOOL KATS!!!!! 
And don't forget to get over to The Blended Blog
Today!! I'm pretty proud of my piece for our self-help series. 

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  1. #4 made me laugh!! I actually don't like wearing glasses because I get headaches when the sides are too tight, but I need to get better about wearing them...because no one likes wrinkles!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. This is so me! I cannot live without sunglasses and I have the same problem with my eyes watering especially after applying makeup for a special event and then the water just messes it all up. So many benefits plus so many styles to chose from!

  3. Oh yes, sunglasses, the bigger the better in my opinion!

  4. I always have sunglasses in my purse because of #4. And #3. My husband and I "people watch" sometimes and they are useful for that!

  5. I always have a just in case pair in my car and another that goes with me everywhere. I can't stand not having them, I am such a baby about having sun in my eyes!

  6. I can't live without my sunglasses! I'm with you on #3, #4 and #10!

    Doused In Pink

  7. I loooove my sunglasses and get so mad when I forget them home!! And I laughed at #9!!!

  8. Anonymous17.10.16

    I have several pairs from cheap ones to the expensive ones and love them all !!! I haven't always worn sunglasses and to be honest my eyes have paid a price. Happy Monday Andrea !

  9. I LOVE all of these reasons and totally agree! #3, #4 and #7 are TOO funny! I am totally one of those people that relies on BIG obnoxious sunglasses when I don't feel like doing my make-up! Happy Monday love!


  10. 10 great reasons to wear sunglasses! #4 is sooooo true! ;-)

    Happy Monday, Andrea! Hope you'll have a wonderful week!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  11. Such a great post - I love your people watching reason - I love disguising my creepy staring:) :) :)

  12. I wear my shades all the time, especially if there is a camera around. Have a great week, Andrea.

  13. Such a great post, Andrea! I like wearing them myself too even if it's not super out 'coz like you said, it helps to prevent wrinkles under your eyes! Very helpful and I will definitely send this post to my husband who keep making fun of me wearing them all year round! Love you, and you and your family are the cutest!!!!

    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  14. I'm a huge fan of sunnies, so this post was a fun read! I never seem to have enough pairs - even though I own a million of them at this point in life! Why is that?! :) Happy Monday, gorgeous gal - hope you have the best week ahead! XO



  15. I love my sunglasses. #4 is so true. Not looking awesome one day? Sunglasses to the rescue!

  16. haha I love this post! Since my sunglasses are prescription, I wear them all the time (probably too much including when I'm inside). People always make comments about them. They are really big but I love them. They are great at hiding my dark circles.

  17. I am a total sunglasses junkie too! I love them all year and these are great reasons. headed over to read your boy mom post. I can just tell you are such an amazing mom, and I want to soak in your wisdom!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  18. Oh my gosh, Andrea. This post is too funny! The people watching one made me laugh out loud!! Have a great start to the week!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  19. Confession: I made the mistake of letting Stephanie "borrow" my sunglasses and they got broke. No problem because I only buy cheap sunglasses. In the meantime, I've been wearing Alise's funky ones and yesterday I pulled into the dollar store and bought two pairs of cheap sunglasses and I dare anyone to touch them!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Girl! Xoxo

  20. Haha! I ewar sunglasses year round, rain or shine. My eyes are so sensitive to light, I don't understand how people can walk around outside without them! And you always look like a movie star ;)

  21. I love this list! Haha, yesss to feeling more glamours. I love wearing sunglasses! Looking forward to reading your post about being a better boy mom too :) Have a wonderful Monday! Beautifully Candid

  22. I am so weird about sunglasses - they make me feel like I'm suffocating - but man, the wrinkles let me know I need them.

  23. Love, love, love!! I wear mine all the time, too! Even on the cloudiest day. My eyes are super sensitive to light! But, yes, it's also nice for all the reasons you mentioned, too! Have a great Monday!

  24. Number 3 all the way love!!!!

  25. Girl, #4 is cracking me up! HOW TRUE IS THAT?! And I am definitely a sunglasses-aholic. I have super sensitive eyes so I never step outside without mine.

  26. I love my sunglasses . . . and always think about how they keep me from squinting and getting worse wrinkles! And I love that I can spy on things and not be found out!

  27. I never thought about #4! This weekend I was actually going to take an OOTD picture but wasn't wearing makeup so skipped it. Wish I would have thought of that! I used to know be a huge fan of wearing sunglasses, but I now love them!!!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  28. I'm all about #4! haha as much as I love makeup, some days it's so nice to just rock the all natural look. Great post! :)

  29. These are great! #4! I have done that!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  30. I totally wear them year round. I'm in need of a new pair, and found some fab fold up Ray Ban's-how cool is that?! Great tips as always. Looking beautiful friend! XO!

  31. I need to be better about wearing sunglasses because I know that I'm a huge squinter and I'll probably have wrinkles later on! Plus who doesn't want to be confused with a movie star!

  32. My favorite - so you can look at people and they don't know! Ha ha!

  33. I've got mine on 90% of the time, for all the above reasons. They're a great accessory and you don't have to spend a fortune on them to look great. Jacqui

  34. Oh yeah, I did it today on my bike. I was wearing my sunglasses, it's very cold here and the sun was not shining, on my bike otherwise my eyes water also. But I thought, while biking, that I looked ridiculous and then I saw someone else with sunglasses on his bike! And I was happy again! It can be that simple.

  35. I definitely wear sunglasses year round! If it's a sunny day, I can hardly drive without sunglasses on (even in the winter). Love your reasons here. :)

  36. I love this post!!
    Mónica Sors

  37. Haha...I totally use my sunglasses for my blog pictures sometimes just because of my dark under eye circles!! Love it

  38. This is hilarious! I especially like hiding my puffy eyes!


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