Always an endless amount of fun when you travel to the town of Chicago! Continues to be my favorite city in America, and so lucky to be less than two hours away from it. Even more lucky to have friends also near that make it such a delight to get together. This Friday favorites is Dedicated to a girl’s last weekend that I wish you could’ve been longer.


So, along with much of the country, we had some heat and did not really want to be walking around the city during the peak of it, so we decided to go to the BARBIE MOVIE just right next to our hotel. Of course, we got decked out in pink. Perfect friends to see this movie with; Jill from Doused in Pink and Laura from I DO deCLAIRE.


I absolutely loved my outfit, so much fun!

Look at the BOW in back!

As you probably have read before, my favorite hotel in Chicago is the Loews, for many reasons. This time it exceeded my expectations as they upgraded our Lakeview suite to the navy pier suite, and it was absolutely incredible. Definitely making me wish we would’ve had more time there! 

After the movie, Kathrine from the Kathrine Eldridge blog joined is. She got us a coveted reservation at this Mediterranean restaurant called Ema and it did not disappoint. So far one of my favorite eateries in Chicago and I did not even get one picture but I did get a picture of dessert. Kathrine also found us the Dessert Dealer and we got our Sugar Fix with dessert tacos that were out of this world!


Next up was the rooftop Bar Avec that Mr. Nine and I had gone to in May. A thunderstorm was rolling in, but we got an opportunity for a photo, and each had a yummy cocktail. We’re headed back to our incredible suite and chitchatted before bed. 

The next morning our dear Caroline from The Petite Fashionista was able to join us for brunch at The Albert. The food was absolutely delicious and not only did Caroline’s husband get some photos when he came to pick her up, but the doorman got a couple goodies as well. Already thinking about our next get together and definitely a favorite of the summer!

AND You know what else was great, non of us were on Social Media and it was grand!!

What I Wore

I did not get pictures of everything, so I snapped a couple for you at home and of course the highlight outfit for me was...

The one I wore to Barbie. 

Outfit from Dry Goods..check your stores, limited sizes online

Pants HERE // Top HERE // Sandals HERE // Sunglasses HERE // Similar Handbag HERE

Dinner Dress HERE

Brunch Dress HERE

Under $30 and TONS of colors and prints

Bonus Girl’s Night

I got to come home and look forward to another fun girl’s night out with my friends who happen to be the wives of friends and coworkers of Mr. Nine’s. They were on their annual weekend golf trip. 

They sent us the snaps looking so cute on the golf course and we were just back home, drinking chatting and eating, lol! We all showed up in black and didn't plan it.

What I wore that night....THIS DRESS
under $25~
and cute belt HERE

Fun Weekend!


T minus one week when all the shower festivities begin, and I cannot wait to love on these new girlies coming into our family! It’s going to be big, it’s going to be delicious, it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be grand in the only way I know how to party, lol. But I will be back on Monday with some goodness you will not want to miss!


Love to you all and Enjoy the weekend!




  1. What a fun time we had! Seeing those dessert tacos brings back great memories. They were so good! Thanks for getting this amazing suite! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! XO

  2. We had the best time, didn't we? The suite was amazing and so was the company!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Your pink outfit was Barbie fabulous! So nice to see you ladies together and having fun!

  4. So much fun girl time! I can't wait to see pics from the shower!!!

  5. Oh that sounds like such a fun weekend with the girls! I love all your Barbie outfits and that hotel upgrade looks fabulous.

  6. Your Barbie outfits are the cutest! I love your top! The back is fabulous!

  7. Anonymous4.8.23

    What fun get together! I love your Barbie outfit! That top is really original and very you!

  8. It's so fun how you all get together and do fun things. AND leave social media in the dust, LOL

  9. Anonymous4.8.23

    It truly made my heart happy to see you all, even just for brunch! Love you all so much. Hopefully next time we can spend more time together. I also LOVE your Barbie outfit and that floral print dress! Hugs and have a glorious weekend! XO, Caroline

  10. How fun to get together with your blog friends and your other friends. It looks like you are having a great summer Andrea!

  11. SO happy you got to spend some time with the girls! And your Barbie outfit is fab, most definitely Barbie approved! :) Happy weekend, gorgeous! xo


  12. I've missed reading your blog! So fun to come over and catch-up by reading that you had a fun girls' trip to Chicago! Looks like it was a blast! Love the outfit you wore to the Barbie movie!!!

  13. Your Barbie outfit was so cute. I love Chicago. I need to get back there. Can't wait to see the shower details!!

  14. Anonymous8.8.23

    Oh my - so stylish!

    Over the years I had read quite a bit about Chicago and its suburbs, especially its gardens and the neighbourhoods.

    What a great girl gang!

    Adelaide Dupont
    @ Halfway up Rysy Peak

  15. Sounds like such a fabulous weekend! LOVE your Barbie outfit!

  16. Oh so fun! LOVE all of your pink attire- just perfect for Barbie. Can't wait to get to Chicago- it's on my bucket list!

  17. It was so fun to meet up and I'm so glad we were able to get together!


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