Happy middle of Summer, middle of the week, my friends! July has been jampacked, and I am absorbing every second. Let’s get to What’s Up Wednesday with Shay and Schaefer. This post is jam packed and I think you’ll love it!

1: WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK: All kinds of summer goodness including Fair food and a breakfast at a great diner in Cincinnati called Sugar & Spice. But I did so bad on 2 trips this month that it’s back on the healthy food wagon for awhile. 

I’ve also made my Sheet Pan Mongolian Beef, Turkey Crescent Bake, and lots of these salads.


2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: of course, always reminiscing about up north (Michigan), the hunt for property is on! 

3: WHAT I’M LOVING: Flowers and Hummingbirds. Friends, a hummingbird perch is really a thing. They will sit on there to overlook their food source i.e. my hummingbird feeders. Mom got it for us. It took one a while to start doing it, but now he is. I caught it on camera through the blinds. Get one here HERE


The Front of the HOUSE this Year and all the LOVELY Bubblegum Pink Petunias!

AND buying all the things for the baby girls. Recently I got them a bunch of outfits; this is one for next summer. Get these outfits HERE! (On clearance!!!!) LOTS of Baby Clothes on clearance.

4: WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO: So much! Just to name a few. We went to the country fair with mom to see the most amazing “clean” comedian (no vulgarity or cussing) named John Crist and Laughed for 2 hrs straight. Saw a drone show at the Fair, we went to Cinci to see a boy, his girl and had a blast at a Reds game and Mr. Nine got a new Raptor (truck, lol) 


5: WHAT I’M DREADING: Summer coming to an end BUT I LOVE FALL. 


6: WHAT I’M WORKING ON: The Baby Shower of course! SO MUCH FUN! It’s going to be absolutely spectacular. I will have a post or 2 completely dedicated to the shower because I know it’ll be fun for y’all not to mention inspiration for parties.


Many of the things I am buying, but of course I am crafting some of my own banners, posters, displays, etc. I created this of the daddy to be to go on the cookie table; a photo when he was one month old right after a feeding. So cute. 

How adorable is this Feather lamp?

Look at these two big sweet bunnies that are going to go up on a shelf. 


7: WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT: Well, I think that’s a given, having first time grand babies, celebrating with everyone at the shower; looks like there’s going to be dozens of people attending!




The Bear, Hijack, and the reboot of Justified on FX.


Twenty Years Later. Get it HERE.


9: WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Always Country, classic country, 80’s and Classic Rock


I’m finally on the podcast train: Smartless and Net Positive right now. Thinking about starting my own. 


10: WHAT I’M WEARING: mostly shorts, T-shirts, bathing suits, but occasionally getting dressier, lol

Top HERE // Pants HERE // Necklace Set HERE // Sandals HERE

Dress HERE (under $25..so flattering) // Necklace Set HERE // Sandals HERE // Earrings HERE



Quick Girls Trip

Dinner with Friends aka the Work Wives

Working on Baby Shower Stuff


12: WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: The Baby Shower, a trip to Mackinac Island, Soaking up lots more Summer…


13: FAVORITE AMAZON FIND: So much lately, which I will share soon, but HOW this makes me FEEL is definitely a Favorite. Electrolyte replacement with half a pack first thing in the morning has changed my life especially during this crappy menopause stage. GET IT RIGHT HERE!

 Hope your week is going GREAT!



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  1. Ok, I needed an electrolyte rec so in the cart that goes. I also want to add collagen. I think I am perimenopausal, so I want to start some things that could possibly help.
    So much good stuff. Those babies are going to be so lucky and your life is going to be so full. Have you said how close they live to you? I hope they are close. And, for your mom to still be so young and vibrant and have this experience is amazing, too.

  2. Welcome back- I missed you! What a fun month! I love all of your sweet baby shower touches and your outfits are on point and gorgeous as ever XO

  3. So much family goodness! Love those sunset shots and all your cute looks. I just finished The Bear and loved it! Praying that all goes well with the shower and can't wait to see all that you put together for it.


  4. So smart to buy clothes for next year now! The girls are going to be so cute, I'm sure!

  5. Anonymous26.7.23

    It’s great to hear from you Andrea. It looks like you are having a great summer. How exciting getting ready for the baby shower.
    Julie at Julie’s Creative Lifestyle

  6. Congratulations on the upcoming grandbabies! How exciting :)

  7. Anonymous26.7.23

    I know you are just over the moon planning for these babies!! They will be here before you know it

  8. My parents have hummingbirds on their back patio often, and they are so neat to watch! Also, those baby girl outfits... EEEEK!!!! Just darling! I miss buying stuff like that so much!

  9. I can't wait to see the baby shower. This is all so exciting. And what a fun new truck for the Mr.!

  10. Your house looks so pretty with all those pink petunias! And I LOVE those pants. They are so fun!!! Also, I can't wait to read about the shower -- it sounds fun too!

  11. Anonymous26.7.23

    I think if anyone can pull off a fantastic baby shower, it would be you!! I do hope you share post(s) on it, I would love to see what you pull off and I know it'll be perfect!! Ohh, I'll have to remember that Sugar & Spice place for whenever we are in Cinci again.


  12. Loving all those pretty pink petunias everywhere; and adding a hummingbird perch to my list. Those baby clothes are so cute and I can not wait to read about all those shower details. It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer for sure.

  13. What a month!! You had and have so many great things going on. My son lives in Cincy- I'll have to ask him if he's heard of that diner. Sounds good. We go to Drunken Taco (near UC"s campus) for the best queso and good tacos, too. Your yard is definitely ready for the Barbie movie!! It's so, so pretty and speaking of pretty, you're going to be the coolest, prettiest grandma of all time. Two baby girls- oh my word, I can't imagine how excited you are!!

  14. I think we've seen that comedien before. It's nice to be able to laugh without cussing all the time.

  15. July has been a busy and special month it looks like! And you know I'm a fall girl too, but I have to say that I'm REALLY enjoying this summer (and the fashion!) :) love ya!



  16. I'm sure you are having so much fun scooping up those clearance baby finds! Darling! Love the floral pants on you!

  17. Those babies are so loved already! It seems like your summer has been such a fun whirlwind. Enjoy!

  18. What a month! Those baby outfits are adorable! Can't wait to see your shower recap! Love those floral pants!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  19. Anonymous27.7.23

    I’m so glad to see your sweet face and big smile again. I can’t figure yet to comment with my google account. I’ll keep trying.

  20. How exciting. I bet the baby shower will be amazing! We love The Bear and have been listening to Smartless for years. Have you seen the documentary on Max yet? Sooo good! Looks like it's been a great summer. Miss ya girl!

  21. Oh yum! I love the sound of all of that food.
    I can't wait to read about the baby shower, how exciting.
    It sounds like you've been having a busy time of it with a lot of fun!

  22. I live in Cincy, and that Sugar 'n Spice place is on our bucket list this summer! Glad to see you enjoying our hometown Reds!!!

  23. The twins are going to be the most well dressed babies EVER! And searching for property? SO exciting - can't wait to hear more <3

  24. Oh my word... you are going to be a grandma?!?!?! I am so excited for you!!!! I've missed soooo much! You are going to be the BEST grandma!

  25. Those baby outfits are adorable! I miss shopping for the tiny little outfits. Cant wait to see the shower pictures! Those little girls are going to be so fashionable.

  26. The house looks so pretty with pink petunias. The squirrels eat ours. How fun planning the baby shower for your twin to be grands. you have been busy. Happy Sunday.


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