Did someone say May 1st? I know a lot of people think Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff this summer, and even though we are expecting snow here in Indiana today as a possibility, (WHAAAT?) let’s just say the summer kickoff is now, lol. Here are some great Amazon items not just for summer, but anytime they are my favorites this past month and things I actually have and use. Linking up for the Fabulous monthly link-up 

with my dear friend Tanya from the Other Side of the Road Blog.

 Floating Lights // Swim Float // Pointed Cotton Swab // Scone Pan // After Sun Body Butter // Mini Lacrosse Set // Hummingbird Feeder // Beverage Dispenser

Color Changing Lights Floating Pool Lights

Talk about excitement when my friend, Angie gave these to me as a gift. In the bag she included a great summer read and 12 of these Floating Lights. They change color. This is going to be so much fun in the pool and what great ambience!


Swim Float 

My coveted Swim Float, after five years one of them finally started getting a little ratty, so I ordered a new one. I have never loved swim floats more than these. I can sit back, be immersed in the water, read a book and there’s a cup holder!

Pointed Tip Cotton Swabs 

I don’t know how many times I’ve messed up my make-up and just needed a teeny tiny touch up with remover, only to remove an entire section of make-up and have to redo it. These pointed cotton tip swabs have changed my life.  The best invention!  Good for cleaning little crevices too. 

Scone Pan

Hopefully you saw my Instagram Reel where I made the lemon cream scones? I was always a freeform scones girl, but man do I like not only the more even baking distribution with This Scone Pan, but the uniform, beauty of the scones themselves! PS, I will share my recipe here for these at some point but aren’t they gorgeous and golden? Great for Cornbread too.

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter

After being out in the sun, you need a very moisturizing and nourishing Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter. Look no further, this is it! Smells like you’ve been on a tropical vacation and it’s very luxurious and leaves my skin silky smooth. 

Mini Lacrosse Sticks

We love our summer games and what I love about these mini Lacrosse Sticks set is that you a use them at the beach, in the years, in the pool. Great size for travel too. 


Hummingbird Feeder

Last year I ruined one of my beloved, hummingbird feeders. I have always liked the glass feeders in red with a slim design. This Feeder is my Favorite. In the stores here these are 20 to 30 bucks, but Amazon has been having a 46% off sale on the very same one, so it’s only 10 bucks and is it ever high-quality!

Glass Beverage Dispenser 

Oh, how I love my glass Beverage Dispensers. They last forever because hey are glass and also more sturdy, and I have had numerous bevis in them over the years. This is such a good one for summer. It's over half OFF right now!

Happy Shopping & Week Ahead My Loves!



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  1. A pointed tip on a cotton swab is such a good idea! I need those pool lights, how fun for those summer night swims!!

  2. Love these picks Andrea! I need that scone pan and have that feeder. Hoping to see more hummingbirds this year!

  3. Those floating lights are so cool! We wanted to get some bird feeders this year and I will check out the hummingbird feeder!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. We had a little cold snap too, but luckily no snow. Brrr!

  5. Anonymous1.5.23

    Those flighting lights are really cool! I will be right over for one of those scones too, haha. Thank you for sharing your fab finds and have a glorious day my friend! XO,Caroline

  6. Yes bring on summer...seriously! I live for it! :)

  7. So many goodies! I'm ready for summer after 3 straight days of heavy rain. The sun is shining today so I'll take it. Happy May!

  8. Bring on summer! I am SO ready!!


  9. Snow...what?! That is my favorite pool float too. I usually have to replace every year with our extreme heat and long swim season. I will miss our pool! Thanks so much for linking up!

  10. I feel for you on the weather! No snow here in Ohio, but it's SO cold, windy and rainy today. Not exactly what I thought for May 1st, haha! I loved your lemon scones reel and this pan is really neat! I had no idea they made a pan like this. I agree with you that it'd also be great for cornbread!

    Hope you're having a great start to your week! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  11. I'm thinking I need the scone pan in my life for both scones and cornbread. I bet those pool lites are so cute, perhaps I need a few for our pond. :o)) Have a happy week!

  12. Oh if I had a pool I would be all over those floating lights!! I love that after sun lotion.

  13. I'm loving all of these summer and outdoor items. The scones pan is nice and I like the humming bird feeder.

  14. Oh I love scones! I've always wanted to try to make them!

  15. Anonymous3.5.23

    How nice you put out a hummingbird feeder. We've been thinking about it!!

  16. Loving your summer picks, girlfriends- totally going to grab that hummingbird feeder because I just adore hummingbirds!

    I have a new post up here featuring a fun green power suit- hope to see you there!


  17. Those pool lights look so fun! I bet you will get lots of use from them this summer!


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