Designer Swimsuits on Sale: Where to Find 2023's Swim Trends for Less

Looking to score some of 2023’s hottest designer Swimsuits for less? We have all the latest trends and where to pick them up.

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It’s that time of the year, when spring starts to pop up everywhere, the weather warms, and the vacation planning starts. This can also mean only one thing—summer and swimsuit season are just around the corner! Whether you already have your spring break planned, or are just looking forward to lounging by the pool or beach this summer, you’re going to want to check out the latest designer swimsuit trends for 2023.

But designer swimsuits also can be pretty expensive, and unless you’ve been saving up, you may find that they’re not in your budget. What if we told you can get all the BEST designer Swimsuits on sale this season? That’s right, keep reading because in today’s article we’ll be covering:

  • The top swim trends for 2023

  • Where you can get designer swimsuits on sale

  • Our favorite swimsuits you need to check out this season!

Swim trends for 2023

Consider getting a swimsuit in one of these top styles for 2023

Pick up a swimsuit in one of the latest styles for this summer season! SO CUTE HERE!

Sleek and modern

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that’s very on point for 2023, then you can’t go wrong with a style that’s sleek and modern. While the romantic ruffles were very popular last year (and they’re still one of the top swimsuit trends!) it seems like we’re moving away from that to the more linear and modern suits. Think clean lines and cool, asymmetrical straps and cutouts. 

While the maximalist suits have a lot going for them, the sleek and modern suits can be just as chic. Consider picking up a suit in dark, stand out colors like deep red and black, with contrasting hardware in silver or gold. You can also find modern looking suits with details like zippers and ruching that are sure to make you stand out at the beach or pool this summer. 

Underwire bikinis

This trend is coming out full force in 2023, and is a part of the larger trend of swimwear that resembles lingerie. If you’d like a little more support while you’re strolling down the beach or diving into the pool, then you’ll want to pick up a bikini that has an underwire support. There are all kinds of cute options out there, and you can even find one pieces that take advantage of underwires. You can always adjust the straps to the length you need, and rest confident that you’ll feel supported no matter what your summer days have in store. 

All the sparkles

One of the hottest trends to come out this swimwear season is glitter and sparkles on swimsuits. You can thank lurex for giving off all that glow, which is a material that looks like it’s sparkling when you move. Not to worry, these suits aren’t itchy or rough at all, but rather soft and stretchy and perfect for lounging poolside or at the beach. 

You can pick up a one piece that sparkles (think metallic colors like silver, gold, and bronze), or go for a sparkling bikini that is sure to give off some 1970s vibes. 

Pro tip: Consider pairing your sparkly swimsuit with some sunscreen that has a glow for the ultimate summer look! 


If you’re really looking to stand out from the sea of other swimsuits this season, you should take a closer look at a crochet suit. Whether you want to go all out with a suit that is fully knit, or just has some crochet edging or accents, this material looks good on everybody. There are all kinds of color combinations you can go with as well, whether you want to keep it monochromatic, or blend in mixes of cool colors or warm ones, you’re going to love how this material looks on any skin tone. 

Pro tip: This trend is also one of the best ways to achieve that mermaid core look that fits in anywhere, whether it’s hanging out by the pool, or at your favorite tropical destination!