Happy 2022 you! Ok, you all know I hate the clique “New Year, New Me,” lol but I do believe in a fresh slate to freshen things up in our lives! And a huge one is Home Organization! Putting away the Holiday decorations and Cleaning out those drawers, cabinets, closets, fridges, panties, etc! I’m going to do that method where I work on one drawer, cabinet, etc. each day in the month of January.

Amazon is a huge help for all your organizational needs! So the perfect post to start out the first of the year, do a refresh and link-up with Tanya's popular and helpful monthly Amazon Prime link-up tomorrow!

(see graphic at bottom for her monthly dares of the link-up..first Tuesday of each month!)

1. Stretch Wrap

My Amazon finds are never numbered in any order but this one is definitely #1. You know I have tons of Christmas trees, and this Stretch Wrap was especially helpful on my skinny trees. I was able to wrap them ornaments and all to save time in taking the ornaments off and putting them on next year. All I did was pull out the decorative picks to store and then wrapped from top to bottom with this amazing packaging wrap. Each tree literally only took me five minutes. This comes in a set of two and I cannot recommend enough for all kinds of packaging and storage needs!

2. Junk Drawer Organizers

Oh yes! Junk Drawer heaven. I have several of them. These Organizers are great and now I can find things, lol!

3. Lazy Susans
You can use these for sooo many things and I love that they’re clear. Little Lazy Susans at their best and a set of two.

4. Food Storage Containers
We got this set for our son’s girlfriend! So many pieces at such a great price!
Love Food Storage Containers and they come with labels.

5. Sunglasses Organizer 

My mom has her sunglasses organized and I always say I want to do that! This Stand is a great way to keep your Sunnies organized and only $12.

6. Food Container Lid Storage

Container lids all over the place in my food storage drawer. How nice to have the lids all organized in one spot! LOVE This Lid Organizer

7. Wrapping Paper Storage

I’m going to need at least 2 of these babies. I have so many rolls of wrapping paper. I do have a gift wrap cabinet, but I like to keep regular and Christmas separate. This Wrapping Paper Organizer is a best seller on Amazon.

8. Jewelry Organizers 
I love my jewelry trays. I put thesedown in drawers and they are perfect.

9. Pink and Marble File Folders

I own these File Folders and gosh are they gorgeous with the pink and the marble. They are also nice and sturdy, not flimsy or thin. Getting my files in order is always a good feeling!

So many good things to get your organizing on!

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Happy Organizing Babes! 

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  1. Happy New Year! So many good Amazon finds! I just added all of these to my cart! LOL. That stretch wrap would have come in handy when we moved. Need to remember to wrap my trees with it next year!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. That stretch paper is a GENIUS idea!!!!

  3. All the organizing things! That stretch wrap is brilliant!

  4. I ordered those food storage organizers in December and they have changed my pantry!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. You are getting it done! I love organizing products so much!

  6. I absolutely LOVE organization products!! I really do need some food storage ones but it's like I can't make a decision about which ones I want to buy so I haven't bought any. Love the ones you linked!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. These are all great organizing solutions for the new year. I like the that lazy susans are clear and the jewelry organizers.

  8. I feel like I need the wrapping paper organizer. I also want that cling wrap stuff. How amazing to just wrap your trees like that!

  9. Feliz Año Andrea Excelentes opciones para guardar nuestras decoraciones. Saludos desde Costa Rica.

  10. Great picks! This is so timely! I am in total purge and organization mode over here. I hate mess. It totally stresses me out!

  11. I am loving that idea of just wrapping the trees! That is genius. I've always wanted more trees but hate the idea of having to decorate them each year.

  12. Thanks so much for linking up and posting my graphic! I never would have thought of shrink wrapping the trees...genius! Happy New Year!

  13. How perfect is that sunglass organizer?! I SO need this to organize my sunnies in the new year. I hope you guys enjoyed the best holiday season. Love ya!!


  14. Oh, you are talking my love language, organization. I've been a busy bee reorganizing some cabinets and drawers and have enjoyed every minute of it. And, I've carried a car load of stuff to the thrift store. I'm not sure how we accumulate soooo much stuff. Blessings abundant to you in 2022 Andrea!

  15. OMG, where has that stretch wrap been all my life. Talk about fabulous.

  16. I have definitely been on an organize and purge tear, so these are perfect. I would love to make my pantry more pretty with some of those containers.

  17. OK, my mind is officially BLOWN. Wrapping your trees is just GENIUS!!!! Andrea, seriously, the best idea ever! It's going to save you so much time next year when you have to pull it all out again!

  18. You know I'm a huge fan of lazy Susans! They're the best!!! I hope some day to have a closet I can store my trees in like that. #goals XO


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