It was a very sweet summer week! Temps are finally cooling down for the weekend and Even my Dental Check-Up went smoothly! As we swing into August, my hope is that you’re savoring all Summer still has to offer.

1. Kayaking Day

Instead of doing a whole post on our summer vacation, I’m adding in bits and pieces to Friday favorites! Today I share a kayaking day on the trip! Thank goodness that by Friday, the rain had finally broke after 2 days and we were super excited to do one of our favorite kayaking adventures. Northern Michigan is absolutely abundant and fabulous Lakes! Lower Herring Lakes is one of our favorite because what appears as a lake, soon turns into a little pine tree filled inlet that dumped out in the beautiful lake Michigan! The search for Petoskey stones and walking along the beach is so fun! It’s in chanting and there’s hardly ever anybody there! The truck back was pushing against waves and wind, and it was quite the work out but well worth it!

2. Flower Fields and Sweet Walks

I just love fun little adventures. Mom and I went to a local farm where it's you cut flowers! They had sunflowers; just look at the varieties, zinnias and cosmos. The sweet owner was kind enough to take this picture of mom and I but look at my silly hat, LOL! And most of the time I walk in my neighborhood, so it was nice to go back to moms and go for a walk in her neighborhood as well!

One of our local cities is also really revitalizing its area and I especially love the Riverwalk. My dear friend Shelby and I had a coffee date and great walk and talk. And today I am going on another sweet walk with a friend! Walking with someone else just makes the time go so much faster!

3. Week's Attire
Dress HERE // Sandals  HERE

Tee HERE // Pants HERE // Sandals HERE

Two Nordstrom Sale Favs...
The HERE are so good!
Tee HERE // Spanx Faux Leather Leggings HERE // BootsHERE

4. Tankini and Cover Up

On Wednesday, I shared with you some fabulous outfits from White House Black market. Some of you might not know that they also have amazing swimwear and coverups! The fit is so fabulous of all these items and will make you feel confident. I got a simple black tankini top in a halter style which is always flattering and the Cover-Up with the sweet black tassels, tropical print complete with a leopard on it is so pretty. (on sale items!!)


5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Styles So Sweet


Coral Creme Drop Phlox

These perennials are some of my favorites for two reasons, the color and the smell, it’s absolutely delightful!

Just look how my bubble gum petunias are cascading along the stairs.

The moonflowers finally bloomed. They only bloom once and it’s in the evening and at night, they’re part of the morning glory family



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  1. I agree, walking with a friend sure makes the time fly and it's way more fun! Great fashion this week and you are model material in that swimsuit - looking terrific my friend!

  2. A kayaking trip sounds like such fun! Enjoy your weekend, Andrea!

  3. I haven't gotten my kayaks out of storage yet and this makes me want to do that this weekend! That suit and coverup is so chic! I agree with Kellyann, you look like a model!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Im so excited that sunflower season is almost here - we have a great field near us and its just beautiful!! Kayaking looked like a dream and such a great workout!! Have the best workout! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. That last meme is LOL!!!! Feels like my life right now haha!! Happy Friday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. Your flowers are always so beautiful! Hopefully some day I can have beautiful flowers growing and not have to worry about two little mouths eating all of them!

  7. Your flowers look incredible and I love the sunflowers pictures with your mom. That swim coverup is also gorgeous and you look amazing too friend! Have a glorious weekend! XO, Caroline

  8. It's nice to know you guys love to get out and have fun while on vacation Andrea. We've never tried kayaking, but I bet it's fun.
    And thanks for including your sweet mama again!!

  9. Looking hot in that tankini and coverup! Kayaking and exploring with Mom both looked like fun! Walk and talk coffee dates with friends are the best. Your petunias are stunning as ever!! Happy Weekend my friend!

  10. That kayaking day sounds so fun. I am loving that photo of you and your mom in the sunflower fields.

  11. Those flower fields are beautiful! And your flowers are looking gorgeous too! I've always wanted to plant moon flowers. They are so pretty!

  12. Kayaking sounds like fun but also very hard. But I think it must be fantastic to spend time on the water. Have a great weekend.

  13. You know I'm a huge tankini fan. Love that black and the sarong. So cute. Looked like a fun kayak trip. I bet that was relaxing. XOXO

  14. Oh those flowers are just so beautiful! We have some sunflower fields about 45 minutes away and I thought about going this year, but I think we've missed the boat. They wither earlier in the year here since it's so darn hot!

  15. Water fun is great all year long! We really need to go down the river here: we've talked about it all summer long so hopefully this weekend is the day: it is a little cooler and I think we convinced the boys. For some reason they don't love it!

  16. Very cute looks Andrea. The flowers are gorgeous. In fact, I am featuring this lovely post at Love Your Creativity.


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