AMAZON Keeping Summer HOT

 Currently enjoying time on the beach but since so much of that time is enhanced with Amazon purchases, lol, here are some of my summer finds! Linking up with Tanya for her monthly link up as always and hoping you are keeping COOL!

1. Hat

My favorite accessory find of the summer: This Straw Hat! I was not going to get any kind of straw hat this year, but I saw this on Amazon Prime and just had to. I LOVE IT!

2. Ring Toss Game
We always get a new game every year for taking on our family vacation and the kids were excited to find this one. Not only is this Ring Tossvery Americana but it’s compact, comes in a drawstring pouch and it’s going to be a blast!

3. Picnic Baskets

I love picnics and got one of these just for a photo shoot

but loved it so much I kept it. Here are some inexpensive simple ones and they also make great gifts to fill with treats and fun things. 

4. White Dress

LBD’s are the best but in the summer, I like a good white one too. 

This One is so sweet and flowy.

5. Books...Great Summer Reads
I’ve been reading a lot more this summer and Lisa Jewell has been a favorite. Invisible Girl sounds really good. Also planning on ordering Malibu Rising.

6. Sunglasses

Not like I needed any more sunglasses, but I saw These on a big influencer and couldn’t believe the price because they looked so much more expensive. I just love them, and they come in the best case and packaging along with a cleaning cloth.

7. Water Shoes

With the way we love to kayak, I have needed these Water Shoes for quite some time. These got amazing reviews abs look fairly cute compared to most of them. I think that why I drug my feet so to sisal because most of them are so ugly. But we sometimes are in with waters with rocky bottoms and so these are perfect to throw in the Dry Bag

8. Beach Towels

Always in need of more Beach Towels! And the great thing about these is, they are microfiber which is so fantastic and come in a set of 2! They got super reviews. The pretty pink stripe abs great deal drew me in. Lots of color choices here too.

9. Foot Masks
I am here to say these cool Foot masks that go on like socks for 50-90 minutes and then several days later, shed the layers of dead skin make your feet feel baby soft!

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Happy Summer Shopping Friends!!



  1. Thanks for sharing these goodies! That hat looks perfect on you and I adore the dress as well. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  2. That ring toss game looked like fun on instagram. It looks like you are having a blast!

  3. So many good things! I saw the ring toss game on your stories and I think I need to get that for our next beach outing. Love that pretty white dress on you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. I saw that ring toss game on your stories, and it looked so fun! We may need that. You had some good finds this month! I am all about some Amazon sunglasses lately.

  5. You are adorable in that hat and I love the white dress too! I should check into that ring toss game, we are always looking for something fun. I love Lisa Jewell's books! Hope you are having the best time on your vacay!

  6. Those are all great summer buys and I hope you are having a great beach vacay!

  7. You're all set for summer! That hat is perfect and I love the ring toss and picnic baskets. Those sunnies are super cute! I hope you're having a wonderful vacation!

  8. I immediately clicked on the sweet little white dress - I think it would look perfect with a bump too! Enjoy the sunshine! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  9. Those beach towels are so cute! I just added them to my wish list!

  10. Do you have a link for the circular picnic basket? Only the first one is linked. Thanks!!

  11. I didnt know you got your hat from Amazon... adding that AND the dress to my cart!!!
    ... may need to add that game too!

  12. This white dress is SUCH a classic summer staple that looks amazing on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. I saw y'all playing that game on your story! So happy you're having a great vacation. XOXO

  14. I love that hat and LWD! Great finds this month!

  15. We just got some new beach towels was about time.
    I love the idea of the foot masks. I may have to try those.

  16. I need to check out that hat, it looks like something I need. :) Those picnic baskets are so cute! I love a nice picnic!!


  17. I have that hat and love it! Your white dress is darling on you! I think I need a picnic basket, too. Super cute!

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  19. Loving this hat and your white summer dress! Thank you for sharing these picks, Andrea, and enjoy your beach time!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



    Follow Avec Amber on Bloglovin

  20. We need some new beach towels and I am curious to see how those microfiber towels work. Looks like you found lots of great summer purchases!

  21. Ohhhh, those water shoes are cute! Adding them to my daughter’s birthday list!

  22. These are such great finds! Love those sunglasses especially and who couldn't use another hat for the beach?


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