Always a fan of seeing what everybody got on Amazon. I don’t think I will ever be tired of it. Here is my latest Amazon goodness linking up with Tanya for her Prime link-up this week!


1. Clear Elastic Hair Bands
From hair ties to T-shirt ties to keeping a belt flap in place, I cannot get enough of these elastic hair ties! I love how cheap they are and then you get tons because if they break no biggie just grab another. Love love love these things, use them almost daily!

2. Pyrex Replacement Lids

It wasn’t until my mom told me that these Pyrex Replacement Lidswere available that I even believed it to be true, LOL! You know how Pyrex glass is great forever, but the lids always start cracking, problem solved!

3.Wood Beads

It’s peach season here and I think a peach themed tiered tray would be so cute and these Just Peachy Beads are under $10.

4. Hot Rollers

When I was younger, I used hot rollers all the time and I love the volume I gave my hair. It was time to try again. This set is fantastic, only $20 and I still love them!

5. Books

As the Summer as gone on, the books are getting better.

So excited about The Invisible Husband of Frick Island

and this one, Falling has RAVE reviews

6. LED Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

I got my dad this LED Magnetic pick-Up tool for his birthday last month and he loved it. One of Amazon’s best sellers and a great gift. He said the light on it is so bright!

With 4-IN-1 function, it can become your great helper, just as your third hand, to reach the narrow place where you used to be suffered with. Everything will be within reach! Such a GREAT PRICE too!

7. Becca Under Eye Primer
Becca Cosmetics are going out of business and this product is hard to find but you can stock up on Amazon. This Ant-Aging Under Eye Primer one of my favorite products.

8. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important and these water bottles are all the rage. This one is not only practical but really pretty!

9. Leopard Pants

These Leopard Pants are everything!!! LOVE them, super comfy, pockets and flow so nice!

So many great finds!!
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Happy Shopping, Happy August!


  1. So many goodies Andrea! Love the leopard pants and need to get back into hot rollers.

  2. I need to order some of those pyrex lid replacements!

  3. So many good finds - those peach beads are so pretty! Love the leopard pants on you too - have the best Monday beauty!!

  4. Those leopard pants are so cute on you! I've always heard great things about that eye primer and I need to stock up before its gone!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I didnt know you could get replacement tops for your containers - that is genius instead of throwing them away!! Love the leopard pants too! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  6. Those leopard pants are precious on you. I actually have a friend from college and they vacation on Fripp every summer. It looks so fun. I bet the book will be really good. XO

  7. I purchased a bunch of Pyrex lids from Amazon last year, because you are so right! They constantly split and break, but the glass part is great! I was so happy I could buy just the lids.

  8. I think you will like both of those books!

  9. That is so funny that you blogged about those elastics... so similar to the ones we got! And girl, those leopard pants are AHMAZINGGGG!! Adding them to my list right this very instant!

  10. So many goodies! You are rockin' those leopard pants! That LED tool sounds like a great gift idea. I still use hot curlers occasionally. They are fun. I always used them on my girls too. I get those elastics from Dollar Tree but not in such a big container. They do come in handy. I will check out those book recs! Happy Monday my friend!

  11. I need a new water battle that holds the gallon amount. My water at work tastes HORRIBLLEEEE . I dont drink it & by the end of the day, I can feel where I'm dehydrated.

  12. Those leopard pants are so cute on you! I have that water bottle and love it! I really get my water in on the days I use it.

  13. The pyrex replacement lids are a life saver! I love my pyrex! Those leopard pants are so cute on you!

  14. I hope you like those books! Thanks for linking up!

  15. I do love those leopard pants. It reminds me I should pull mine out too!!
    And those hair elastics are truly a life saver for many tops and even skirts.

  16. I just did a search today on Amazon for some new summer reads! Going to check these two out for sure. I need to get in the last of my lazy day summer reading while I can!


  17. Those leopard pants are very chic and I really like the peachy beads.

  18. They have the Becca primer on Amazon? I need to get another one there. I love my water bottle like that. Those clear hair ties are great! They have a cool tool to get them out of hair quickly too that we have.

  19. You had a good Amazon month! Love that water jug!! And those leopard pants are beyond flattering on you!!!! 😍

  20. I need that water bottle and those leopard pants are cute!

  21. I have been using those clear elastic bands a lot to knot my tees! They are so handy!

  22. I think I will get those clear elastic bands for myself and my daughters. So many uses.

    Absolutely love my electric curlers but they are very not from this husband but the husband before old. Another lifetime. Might be time to update, huh?

    You are absolutely adorable in those pants - and everything else you wear.

  23. Those leopard pants are fantastic! I used to use mini elastics like that for tiny hair braids when I was in high school. I thought the Invisible Husband was really cute.


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