Happy Friday sweethearts! As you all know, this girl loves her some Fall! It is my jam through and through. But I also adore summer, the warm temps, the pool time, the fun excursions etc. And now here we are halfway through August, and I want it to slow down just a bit for more summertime shenanigans! I don’t know about you, but I feel like August is still summer and then September is Fall no matter what the temperature is, LOL!


1. Aunt Linda

My Aunt Linda is one of my favorites! She is my dad‘s baby sister by 13 months and I adore her. My middle name was even inspired by her. Even though my dad lives several hours away, I am blessed that she is just 40 minutes from us in Michigan. Last Friday my mom and I took her to an early birthday lunch and enjoyed some time with her. 

Mom's Polk Dot Blouse HERE

2. Guilt Free Treats
"Peanut" Butter and Chocolate Fat Bombs
I know many of you do all kinds of programs to get healthy and feel better about yourself! These yummy little fat bombs, kind of look like a Reese peanut butter cup and are so full of flavor that they will absolutely satisfy your sweet tooth. They are low-carb, Keto, WW and FASTer way friendly!

Starbucks "Pink Drink" Healthier Dupe

3. Week's Attire
This checked top is on sale for 12!!! (originally $50)
Top HERE// Shorts HERE // Sandals HERE

This sweater on sale for $17
Sweater HERE // Jeans HERE // Sandals HERE

Top HERE // Shorts HERE & HERE // Sandals HERE

4. Old Navy Jumpsuit
Oh, how I love this Jumpsuit! It is from Old Navy and can take you right into Fall with a jean jacket or cardigan. It’s super comfy, a lovely neutral type of print, very comfortable and easy to get up and down.

Jumpsuit HERE // Hat HERE // Jean Jacket HERE // Sandals HERE // Sunnies HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Cabana Life CUTE!

Flower picture of the week is my beautiful Verbena and creeping Jenny.

Aww… a baby elephant ear popping up.

We had terrible storms this week, came home to one of those beloved elephant ears fallen over. 

Had to wait for Mr. Nine to get home to pick it’s sooo heavy.

But this lil guy appeared within the minute to cheer me up.


Even with all the auto ice makers...have lived this..

 Good Luck to all the teachers & kids headed back. 

I can honestly say I have never done this....Have you???

HAPPY Friday the 13th and Middle of 

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  1. I need to make those fat bombs but I'm afraid I'll eat all 10 at once - ha!! Such great pics with your sweet Aunt Linda and your precious mom. I'm so glad you got to visit! Loving that jumpsuit on you too - super cute on you beautiful friend!

  2. Happy Friday, Andrea! You always wear the cuttest outfits. That checked top is a great deal!

  3. Happy Friday! I have to say I am ready for fall too, this summer went to quickly but this heat wave is sucking it out of me. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Our icemaker has been broken and I'm back to making ice the old fashioned way so I can relate to that meme! What a sweet picture of you and your aunt. I want summer to slow down too!! My eyes must be blurry because I added an "R" to fat!! They look and sound delicious now that I'm reading more clearly! 😂😂 Happy Weekend lovely lady!

  5. So is EVERYONE is your family just blessed with beauty? Aunt Linda - what a great smile!
    I'm with you - September 1st - official day of fall LOL
    I am DYING at that teacher meme - that's why I wanted to be an elementary school teacher.

  6. I totally agree that September is fall no matter what the weather!! Lol. September 1 my fall stuff is going up! Although, who am I kidding... I might just put it up at the end of August. Lol. Now that the kids are back in school it feels like fall to me! Happy weekend, lady!

  7. I agree that summer is fading because it gets darker soon. Kinda sad. Love that you got to hang with your aunt and loving all these chic summer looks! That hummingbird shot is amazing!

  8. Happy Weekend to you! I like that romper with the jean jacket! I'd like to see how it looks with a rust colored cardigan for fall. Do you have one? -Meranda

  9. The smiles in the photos with your sweet mama and darling aunt say it all! I'm so glad you girls enjoyed such a terrific time together! I'm still swooning over the pretty pink surrounding your porch! Sorry the storm caused your beloved elephant ears to take a tumble, but I'm glad that precious hummingbird lifted your spirits right back up! Love you oodles, sweet friend! xoxo!

  10. Love the photos with your aunt and mom! So sweet and I am glad that you all had fun together. I love that jumpsuit so much and your flowers are beautiful. I also wish that it could be summer here year round haha. Hugs friend and have a great weekend! XO, Caroline

  11. I need to make those fat bombs and try the starbucks drink! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. The hummingbird picture is amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. The stacking of the dishes, I have done before. Ha. I want to try those fat bombs. They look really good. I haven't tried that Starbucks drink yet, but I saw it on your IG and want to try now.

  14. Such sweet pictures of your mom and aunt. Nothing like keeping those family connections alive, is there? Love all your looks, of course, and that jumpsuit is just adorable. I don't need one but...And the teacher meme cracked me up. As a former elementary teacher and principal, that is right on!!! Lol!

    xx Darlene

  15. Those fat bombs look delicious!! I am going to have to try those. You have the cutest outfits.

  16. Your Aunt Linda has that smile that showcases what a wonderful person she is. I love that you included her in your post!! Along with your beautiful mama!!

  17. What a cute photo with your aunt! :) I like the look of that pink drink too! :)

    Your jumpsuit is lovely on you!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  18. I love your flower and hummingbird photos! That pink drink dupe sounds amazing! I need to try it!

  19. Oh we hardly had a summer so i don't want it to end. How lovely that you met your aunt. I'm glad we can finally visit family again. Have a great weekend.

  20. I love Fall where you live. My daughter lived in Bloomington and Indy for several years. I loved visiting them in the Fall. The trees are so beautiful. Fall is the season I miss the most living in Florida. No beautiful colors for us but finally a reprieve from the heat hopefully by October.😉 I love following you.

  21. I screen shot your peanut butter chocolate treats. I don't do any of the diets but those sound amazing!!! I love the peanut butter/chocolate combo so I will be trying these ASAP. You are always adorable and it's not different in all of these great little gems that you showcased. Have a great weekend.

  22. I can't believe we are almost to fall already! Where did the summer go. Your mom is so cute - and so glad you got to spend time with your aunt. And what is up with this weather - we had terrible storms, too. No more rain, please for a few weeks - that is my wish. Hope you have a great Monday!

  23. Loving these sweet pics of you with your aunt, and oooooh I could use one of those peanut butter fat bombs - yum! And yessss August is for sure still summer. I never even thought about fall until mid-late September growing up in Connecticut. Here's to soaking up some extra pool time, and all the summer fun this month <3

    Green Fashionista

  24. Fat Bombs, what a cute name. I may have to try these as I love all things chocolate and peanut butter. I know your Aunt enjoyed the company of your Momma and you and as always, such cute outfits. Have a great week Andrea!

  25. LOVE Love all the outfits! If my kids can't be home with me, then it needs to be Fall!! ;)

  26. Fun collection for this past Friday! Thanks.

  27. Your plants and flowers are gorgeous! My brother is coming to visit this next month and will be in and out of our house with wife and baby: I cannot wait! I am the same way about fall: love it and feel like September is fall even if it's hot!

  28. I"m pinning those fat bombs! They look so good! Love that ON jumpsuit on you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  29. Aww, Aunt Linda! She is so cute! And so is your mom! So lovely to spend time with them.

    As usual, your flowers + plants are on point! Hoping Mr. Nine saved that toppled-over elephant ear pot!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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