Today I have the ultimate twofer! Not only am I sharing my What’s up Wednesday, but I am sharing the oldest piece in my closet that looks almost identical to a cheetah dress I just bought! Showcasing this adorable Dress with a double slits and great midi length. And hanging in my closet is a favorite dress from 1990 that I have hung onto all these years because well, I have always been an animal print lover! When I would wear that dress, I would feel so sophisticated during my retail clothing working days during college. I was so super excited to see this Topshop dress was so reminiscent of one of my favorites. So I pulled out that dress and lo and behold I could get it on, I may not be able to zip it in the back, lol, but it was fun to be able to show you what it looks like in comparison with today’s style!

Short Sleeve Dress Option HERE

1990                 2019

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What's happening in the Nine's neck of the Woods?

1. WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK: Healthy things and an occasional Sweet treat.

Energy Bites...Recipe Coming on Friday 

Chicken Sausage, Apples and Sweet Potato Hash....A new recipe to come to Tasty Tuesday soon.

Frosted Pineapple Cookies HERE

2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: 2 years ago this week..trip to Naples.

1 Year ago today, trip to IU to see the boy and have sushi.

3. WHAT I’M LOVING: More light! But Spring Back is next weekend and we lose a darn hour..boo

4. WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO: Little Bit of this and that...oh scheduled pool opening...April 22!!!


6. WHAT I’M WORKING ON: I showed you my tiered tray for St. Patrick's on Monday. Well, I went to Michael's and I am now gathering stuff for the Easter Version I'll be doing after St. Paddy's Day.

7. WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT: Another college boy coming home this weekend.

8. WHAT I’M WATCHING/READING: Besides the usual, The Punisher, season 2 and just started the new series, The Enemy Within.

Getting ready to read:

9. WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Country, Queen and of course the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper Oscar Performance

10. WHAT I’M WEARING: My Grey Jeans.....BUY HERE and HERE
TOP HERE // Yellow Shoes HERE

Sweater HERE// Silver Shoes HERE

Pumps HERE // Clutch HERE

11. WHAT I’M DOING THIS WEEKEND: Picking up Mom from the airport


13. WHAT ELSE IS NEW: 2 GREAT Giveaways on Insta..one beginning tonight at 8pm est. YES!!!! Target and Starbucks in one and if you have a Starbucks IN Your Target, BAM! Even Better! Follow Bloggers.Gift.Giving to enter. 
A $400 Amazon giveaway begins Next Wednesday, March 6th at 8pm est.


Bonus: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOARD GAME TO PLAY? Monopoly and..Giant Jenga!

9 year old throwback.


May your Wednesday be Solid & Sturdy!!



  1. What a fun idea! I have nothing from the 90s left in my closet although sometimes I wish I did. Both dresses are terrific and I love the cut of the 90s version and the slits in the new version are super hot!
    Also - love that Free People top you're wearing with your grey denim!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday beautiful friend!

  2. Oh wowzers. Foxy lady! OK, it's cheetah but cheetah lady? Nah!
    Love that you've kept your dress 29 years, my kinda lady. And I love that you are looking just as good in it today as you will have undoubtedly looked in 1990!
    Hugs, Mary.

  3. Love the leopard dress! And, looking forward to spring weather and sunshine.

    Daily Style Finds

  4. How fun that the dresses are so similar! They do say everything comes back again and it must be true. I am so looking forward to spring and sunshine, the extra light after work has been helping for sure!

  5. Love giant Jenga! My siblings and I got a kick out of it when we were in the Bahamas. Loving grey jeans too. I can't wait for spring and look at how adorable those bunnies are! Can't wait to see what you do with them!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  6. Both dresses are SO great! It's funny how things come back in style! We LOVE giant Jenga--they have a bar in Boston where my husband played and it was a blast!

    Rosy Outlook

  7. Look at those cute, sweet Baby faces! So precious! And my favorite girl wearing my favorite print! Although I think snakeskin may be trying to weasal it's way into leapord's place this season! At least according to Lisa, right! Lol! Wait! Vicki is coming home this weekend? Wow! Has the time really gone that fast? I just know she has had a fabulous time in Florida and that you can't wait to see your sweet Mama! Give her a hug for me, too! I went back to our Michael's last night, but didn't buy anything. I didn't see the bunnies that you bought, but I did see the chicks and I contemplated, but decided to pass. I think I almost have everything I need for my Easter tray! It's going to be so much fun seeing everyone's since we've all bought similar things! Happy Wednesday, Love!

  8. I love that you still have that dress from 1990! I know I had many similar dresses with ALL the shoulder pads. I can't wait for spring weather too!

  9. This post is filled with goodness! LOVE seeing the side by side of your then vs. now dress! They really are so similar and both look great on you. But your grey jeans...wow, those look AMAZING on you! Love seeing them styled with different shoes because I always struggle with which shoes to wear with mine. Can't wait for the energy bites recipe!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  10. Those dresses look really similar! Hey, it's spring ahead, so we get more daylight at night time! I'd love to hear how participating in these giveaways helps your insta grow!

  11. I love that you held onto that old dress, Andrea. You and my mom would get along just marvelously. In fact, she could probably figure out a way to make it fit...LOL!!
    It just goes to show that your style hasn't changed over the years. You've always been a fashionista!!

  12. I really loved reading this post. It's so full of everything that makes me happy xx Maria

  13. I can't wait to see your Easter tray! And YAY for a college boy coming home!!

  14. I love the slit on the newer version of the dress! I've been listening to shallow on repeat! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  15. More light! Yes! It was actually kind of light out when I got to work this morning. And I'm so impressed that you still have a dress from 1990. I'm wearing a skirt today that I bought in 2006 and I thought that was impressive.

  16. LOVE the dress and I must make those pineapple cookies!!

  17. I am totally going to need the sausage, apple and sweet potato hash recipe. Happy Wednesday beautiful.


  18. Those two dresses prove that style has staying power. I'm happy to say that anything I had from the 90s would be too big! I really like the Free People top, I wish I had found it in the purple option before it sold out, sigh, that's the way it goes...

  19. Oh my goodness this is the CUTEST, love the side by side and seeing how leopard is staying STRONG. You are an animal print goddess, love this post my beautiful friend!

  20. I have literally NEVER been able to pull off animal prints, but you do it so well! Goodness, you make animal print timeless, regardless of fit! Also, we bought a giant jenga last year, and it was the BEST decision ever!

  21. I think you could still pull off the 90s look too. I love both dresses!

  22. I'm just waiting for you to pull a Angelina Jolie Oscar move with those slits - work those legs girl!!! :)

  23. Wow! That's incredible how similar those dresses are. You glow in cheetah/leopard my friend! I have some pieces I hold on to just for judging my size. LOL, crazy, right?! You look cuter in the FP top then on the website❤️. I can't believe your moms trip is already coming to an end. That was fast!!! I have never like Monopoly. I'm ok with Monopoly Jr but the regular one just painfully long to me. HA! Happy Wednesday gorgeous! XO

  24. I love the double splits! Im seeing a lot of that this year.
    I make those energy bites all the time! (They look just like the ones I make anyway) I love them.

  25. I love that you still have that dress! I don't have anything left over from the 90's! You wear animal print so well! Can't wait for your energy bites recipe!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  26. Oh my gosh, that dress is awesome! Ahead of your time my friend! Can't wait for the recipe!

  27. Those bunnies are so cute. Can't wait to see your Easter piece you put together. Love the comparison of dresses. It is fun to see how fashion changed through the years.

  28. That is a great comparison and just goes to show it all comes back around!! You look great in both! Wow I remember that post that from a year ago! We must have celebrated our blog friendiversary !! Those energy balls look so yummy! Always love your weekly style shots! I'm ready for spring to be here but not losing that hour of sleep. It always messes with my rhythms!

  29. You are so FIERCE in BOTH of those dresses. I could't love it more. So amazing how much they look alike. I'm so glad you shared them both. What a beauty you are!! I also cannot wait to have those recipes.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  30. I don't remember playing Jenga growing up, but did so with some friends a few weekends ago and it was fun! The big one would be even more so when the weather get warmer! And take me back to 1990...I LOVE that dress!

  31. That chicken sausage hash looks amazing! I'm always looking for new ways to prepare chicken sausage.

  32. Ok, I missed out on Valentine's Day and probably won't get around to St. Patrick's day, but I NEED to jump on the bandwagon and get my tiered tray done for Easter. There is definitely time for that! Love the fun bunnies you got! And both of those leopard dresses are fabulous on you! I can see why you have held onto that one all these years!

  33. Such a pretty dress! Have fun with your boy home this weekend!

  34. This post just makes me happy! Sushi is the best and those leopard dresses are <3 <3 <3!!!!

  35. I love both dresses...animal print never goes out of fashion!

    Emma xxx

  36. I'm into both dresses, for sure- but that 90'S THROWBACK, GIRL, YES! Can I borrow it?!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  37. I absolutely love that you still have a dress from 1990!! And it still looks amazing on you! I have a few old pieces in my closet, too, that I still wear and they still make me happy after all these years!

  38. I can't believe you have a piece of clothing 20 years old in your closet. I probably don't have one 5 years old. Shame on me! I'm with you on animal print, love it!

  39. Can I tell you how excited I am to see the Easter tray?! I mean, how can it beat the last 2 you decorated? You are so talented and I can't wait to see how it turns out! Love that you still own a dress from 20 years ago too. That is pretty cool if you ask me! And I love both dresses equally!



  40. How fun you kept that dress! I think that it looks so cool and it's back in style!


  41. Both of those dresses look great on you! It's so fun to see that this print is timeless and caries throughout the years. Those pineapple cookies look so good! Daylight savings is such a catch 22. I'm so excited for more light but losing that hour, ugh. There already aren't enough hours in a day lol. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  42. That dress is fabulous! I think you will get a lot of wear out of it as it would be perfect for so many occasions. I always love the recipes you share and try so many of them!

  43. I love this dress Andrea, it really is timeless. I would love to wear this too! Thanks for sharing your lovely post, it's so nice to read. Jacqui Mummabstylish


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