In case you missed it, this week we really kicked off Summer with our TBB ASKS Link-Up on Monday. I loved reading all the Summer Loves of my fellow friends. I am so happy it is another sweet Summer Friday! 
Let's share some Favorites!

1. Blogger Spotlight: 
Lisa from Daily Style Finds
I swear my dear friend and Blogger Lisa, should be a personal shopper. This girl showcases all of her wonderful fashion finds on her Blog almost on the daily, often finding the best sales. She is so up to date on fashion, trends and styles and has been aspiring tirelessly to create her own clothing line. This is no easy feat and trust me when I say, you’d love her designs and tastes. Not only is she stylish, she is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and happens to be one of my TBB sisters whom I got the honor of rooming with in Toronto. There, we found so much in common. From both being only children to living in neighboring states, right down to driving the same make and model of car! Go check out her awesome BLOG, I know you’ll come away with style ideas and maybe some blogger blame purchases, lol! HERE is one of Lisa's most favorite looks she has put together!
Lisa and I in Toronto...May 17'

2. Pool News
Well, the concrete is poured, water and is in, electrical and gas hooked up. Just waiting on salts, chemical balance and auto cover..we’re so close, maybe this weekend but darn Mother Nature says rain. I did plant my window boxes and got excited when they installed a dial for the LED light package in the pool. There are a bazillion lighting options even one called “romance” and one called “party!” lol.  

All we’ll have left is landscaping, the back yard grass and sod, sprinklers installed and a Jimmy Buffet Margarita maker purchased, lol!

Our Built-In Pool boys who work for the company in the Summer! How funny as they happened to dress exactly alike on this day, had to get a pic!

3. Week's Attire
Loft Top, White Shorts HERE, Bow Sandals HERE

Similar Tee HERE, Levi's Shorts HERE, Target Sandals HERE

Yellow Bralette HERE (love these things, so many colors too), Similar Pumps HERE

4. Coral Knit Dress
Ahh, how I love the color, coral, especially in the summer. This Caslon drop waist dress is so so comfy and I wore it with wedges and with flats and a sweater on a cooler day. 


More Inspo 

5. Misc. Fun
Now that mom is retired she can really enjoy fun summer weekdays with me and friends. She is a beach, lake and pool girl too so Wednesday we headed to a favorite Lake Michigan spot for rooftop dining, including the BEST fish tacos, yummy cocktails, a long walk and trips to cool home décor stores and a farmer’s market! It was a gorgeous day!

My landscaper is amazing, he has a very keen eye and just knew I'd love these roses. They are the prettiest peachy/light coral and I have 10 of them..all full of dozens of blooms and they smell amazing!

So In LOVE with this CUTE Gingham Side Tie top. My gingham craze isn't stopping anytime soon when I find such cute pieces like this. Plan on taking it to DC. It is soooo CUTE on and a good price!

GOOD NEWS: The Blended Blog ladies and I are offering Friday Loves link-up on ALL our blogs. So link up your Friday Favorites or favorite posts for the week! 

Have a FABULOUS weekend sweet friends! 

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  1. Your pool house is so darn cute! I love the window boxes and the little seating area outside! Hopefully the forecast is wrong and the rain stays away for you! I know that Lake Michigan spot...wishing I were there right now!

  2. Oh boy that pool house is fantastic! You are going to have the best party house. Love the sweet picture of your cute boys too!!!
    Your day out with your precious mom sounds like the most perfect day, all the things I'd want to do in a day.
    You are a beauty in that coral drop waist dress my friend - so pretty on you! And those roses - oh my goodness, gorgeous!!!
    Love ya!

  3. Woo hoo for the pool!! I love that you got a margarita machine! I love all of your outfits for the week, so cute. Rooftop fish tacos sound so good right now.

  4. The pool and pool area are gorgeous! I’m sure it’s so hard to be patient now. The coral dress is adorable and that’s your color!

  5. Oh that pool set is looking glorious. I'd pop over to celebrate with you but fear I may cause a tsunami!
    Now just what are you doing to me, young lady? I had my weekend outfits planned, I was totally in control of my own wardrobe, but now I've seen you in all your cool coralness and now I have to stop what I'm doing, go search out my coral jersey dress and party like Mrs Nine; Wishing you a swimmingly good weekend, who cares about a few drops of rain - you're going to get wet anyway, x.

    1. No surprise that I stole your coral look, darling, posted today! Hope you're OK with that. Hugs and thanks for the inspo, Mary x.

  6. OMG your pool is going to be AMAZING!!! So jealous!!! Ugh yeah rain here too all weekend, boo!! So fun having your Mama to hang out with!!

  7. Your boys are the cutest! Love that you've got live-in pool boys haha!! And you and your mom are the cutest! I'm so glad she's retired now so y'all can hang out during the day! So glad your pool and backyard are getting close to being finished. Are y'all doing a saltwater pool? Dustin and I discussed putting in a pool at our home (and ultimately decided to wait until we build our next home) but I told him I wanted saltwater because I've heard such great things about it! Have a wonderful Friday, my friend!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. What a wonderful week, Andrea!! I love that you showed your mom (of course I'm biased). You ought to have her do a style post with you too!! My mom always loves seeing other blog have their moms on it!!
    You are going to be loving that pool, I can tell!! We will all have to come out and celebrate...LOL!!

  9. I purchased the Jimmy Buffet Margarita machine and we love it. Perfect pool accessory. I cannot wait to see your final yard

  10. Wow it is all coming together! So excited for you and the many summer days you'll be spending in your new pool! I love coral on you- so so gorgeous!!! I had to do a double-take- you and your mom look like sisters! Have a blessed weekend Andrea- praying for NO rain!

  11. Oh, sweet friend! I've never seen a cuter pool house in all my days!! I love every last detail from the adorable seating area to the beautiful window boxes! It's absolute perfection! That along with the new pool and all the fun lighting options to come - sounds like PLENTY of fun in the sun for many sweet summer seasons to come! How fun that your "pool boys" were matching! Your posts, much like you, always make me smile! So happy for you with this new addition to your home so close to completion!! Hope the weekend to come, rain or shine, is a beautiful one for you! xoxo!

  12. Can't wait to see the finished pool! I know you will love it!

  13. Thank you so much for the sweet feature! I love that you and your mom headed to the beach in the middle of the week. And, lastly, it is so funny to see your boys wearing Birkenstocks - those were my go-to shoes in college - and now they are back again!

    Daily Style Finds

  14. How exciting about your pool! The little house (what do you call it?) out there is so cute too. Love all your outfits!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. How lovely to see your and Lisa's smiling faces at the top of this post. And yay for a pool coming soon! Are you still going to do all of your Michigan traveling with your new house being such a sanctuary?!

  16. The pool is soooooooo close! Congrats to your mom on her retirement and now you'll have somebody to enjoy that pool with during the summer 💛 that rose is beautiful too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. So exciting about the pool. I'll take a margarita, yes please! How cute are the boys in the matching outfits down to their Birks! I love your pool house and the window boxes look great! I'm obsessed with gingham too! You always look so cute & styling in your outfits. Dining on Lake Michigan with Mom sounded like fun! Fingers crossed for no rain this weekend for you guys. We're expecting some too.

  18. Ahhhhhh your pool area is to die for! I am just going to invite myself on up. Those window boxes are so cute! Light package??? You just spoke Chris's love language. That boy lives for some lights. Enjoy it! You deserve it!

  19. Yay, yes, Lisa has gotten me to buy a bunch of stuff too, she's such an enabler! Your pool looks great, and the roses, I don't know how our gardener does it either, the roses are so pretty and we get several blooms a year. Happy Weekend lovely!

  20. Such a great picture of you and Lisa- you both give me bangs envy! That pink gingham top is definitely going on my wish list-- so perfect for summer!

  21. The pool house looks great! That pink gingham top is very cute and perfect for any summer occasion!

    ~xo Sheree

  22. I love the ruffled edges of the rose, and the color too! I know you're enjoying having your pool boys around for the summer!

  23. Oh man, I just want to sit in your backyard and enjoy the pool and those flowers! Have a great weekend!

  24. Such a cute pool house, and I love all your outfits. The floral dress is especially pretty. In stunned you have a landscaper! Lucky you! I break my back in the garden every day. I enjoy gardening but wouldn't mind some help once in awhile.

  25. I love that you and your mom got together for a lovely rooftop lunch; how fun!

  26. I almost got that gingham top but ended up passing because I wasn't sure if it would wrinkle. Now I am regretting it. I can't wait to see it on you! Hope you have a great weekend!

  27. Vicky looks beautiful as always and I'm so glad that you girls can get together for drinks during the day! Wish I could join you! The pool is looking AWESOME, girl!! Eek! I'm so excited for you, but darn Mother Nature! Don't you just love "built in pool guys"? Happy Friday, Love!

  28. Love the pool house and the window boxes. Too cute! And, mother/daughter time, the best!!!! Have a great weekend and I do hope the weather cooperates.

  29. So exciting the pool is almost finished and that your boys were part of the process. You and your Mom are the prettiest most fun duo! Glad you're getting to spend lots of time with her. Coral looks fabulous on you and I think it's one of "my colors" too, so I hear from people along with other pink tones. I can't wait to wear the dress you gifted me for my cousin's wedding in July. I've been waiting for a special occasion for so long! Enjoy the weekend my lovely friend! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  30. Can t wait to see the pool area when it is ready! Have a great weekend!

  31. Your pool is going to be so nice!! Love the little house too.

    Of course, you always look adorable. :)

  32. Fish tacos and a pool house that is too cute! I'm in, let me just figure what week I can travel northwestish. LOL Love ya babe!

  33. What a fun day with your mom! The poo is getting closer and closer, so exciting! I love that gingham top and it has been in my cart, I might need to pull the trigger! Hope your weekend is fab!

  34. Fish tacos are so yummy :)

  35. Yay for the new pool. Loving how beautifully it is coming together!

  36. You are in the home stretch with that gorgeous pool and pool house. My friend I was just visiting has a gorgeous pool in her back yard and oh how I wish I had the same. Enjoy sweet friend! XO

  37. I do love Lisa's style and I love that you are featuring other bloggers! That pool looks so inviting. I love that gingham top!

  38. Aww, you and your mama look so cute and like little twins! I know you are going to love your pool. I am so jealous! So fun to see you and Lisa together, too. :) Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

  39. I loved that cute little gingham top. I really forgot about it until today and saw that it was marked down to $19.50. I stopped by our outlet mall to see if they had it. Yes! The cashier wanted to charge me $40.00 but I told her on the web it was listed at $19.50. She gave me the online price. Score!


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