Oh do I have a good Friday Favorite’s for you today. Still on “Cloud Nine,” thinking about our D.C. trip I shared with you on Monday. So excited to have gotten in a couple pool days this week. A couple of the kids are headed out of town this weekend so Mr. Nine and I are going to go to The Parade of Homes and watching a movie out on the lanai. Hoping for another day in the pool on Sunday. Hope you're all enjoying Summer so far and soaking up every last second!

1. Blogger Spotlight: 
Rachel from A Blonde's Moment
As I also mentioned in my Monday Post, I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel in person on our trip as she lives nearby. Rachel was one of the 
first bloggers I followed and we just said it feels like we've 
known each other forever. We have so much in common; from both being only children from the midwest to loving and studying Political Science, wineries, both having little white doggies with the middle name "Mae" and adoring Ronald Reagan! Rachel is just as precious in person as she is on her blog. She is a lifestyle blogger who blogs a lot like fashions with yummy recipes thrown in on Tuesdays. I've made several of her delicious dishes and they are always so good. I love how Rachel takes short cuts like I do with low fat Dairy and subbing things like cauliflower rice for carbs. We do both love our sweets and recently Rachel had a twist on  that has my whole family excited and raving. Her Reese's Peanut Butter S'mores are perfect for summer! Her Blog, A Blonde's Moment, is always up to date on all the latest fashion and trends. I love when she does her Save vs. Splurge posts, spot on collages and some of the CUTEST Dresses. A hotel on her recent trip to Napa and Cali offered the Perfect backdrop for the prettiest dress I've seen this Summer! Her Tropical Print Maxi Dress was a last minute before trip purchase and under $40!! It's absolutely stunning!
Hop over to Rachel's Blog and see why I adore her so much!

Just LOVE this gorgeous Summer Dress too on Rachel!

2. Father's Day Fun
The first swim day of the year…finally…for the entire crew. It was HOTTT let me tell ya, heat indexes of 104 so we were literally in the pool the entire day except to eat and unwrap presents. First time our little Daisy was ever in a pool and she loved it!! 

 Of course college boys got Dad party pong, lol

3. Week's Attire
Nordstrom tee, Levi's shorts HERE, Nike flip flops HERE

Target dress, old..Tory Burch Miller sandals HERE, necklace, gift 

Old Navy Top HERE, Loft distressed capris HERE

4. Catch Me If You Can Top Outfit
High Waisted Jeans, Pointy toe pumps and a crop that’s not too short as to not show the belly and you’ve got a great date night ensemble. I wore this to Fig and Olive for one of our dinners in D.C. and love how it turned out. The Bauble Bar Aimee choker necklace was perfect with it. I just love the ties on the side of the sleeves too. Ho funny is it that this Free People top is called “Catch Me if You Can!” I took flats along for our walking after and trust me, after all those steps, Mr. Nine could easily “catch me”, lol!


5. Misc. Fun
Our Hotel: Marriott Marquis
Mr. Nine and I don’t stay at Marriott hotels that often unless it’s a JW but when work is fitting the hotel bill, you go where you are supposed to. We were so happy with this hotel. Beautiful lobby, several restaurants, late check-out and lovely people. Great location too. One to check out if you’re headed to D.C.

And while he was at a dinner, I had the whole 8,000 sq. feet 2 story gym all to myself. 

Pineapple Tee 
Being a girl who not only loves pineapples, but all things Americana, you can imagine how excited I was to find This Tee on Etsy! This One is super cute and patriotic too! And This Tank!

Wine Slushie
Pool time means slushie time…..any frozen concoction will do but boy have I found the perfect and easy recipe for 
Strawberry Peach Wine Slushies! 
1 ½ cups frozen Strawberries
1 ½ cups frozen Peaches
1 cup white Wine..sweet, like Riesling or Moscato..Prosecco is good too
1 cup ice
1 tablespoon simple syrup…optional
BLEND in blender until slushy!! J

Have a fabulous weekend darlings! 
Hope there is concoction you love involved!
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  1. You are too sweet, Andrea! Thanks so much for the feature this week! It really does feel like we have known each other for years! Such a cute outfit for your dinner at Fig & Olive -- I love that choker and so need to add it to my collection. City Center is decorated so cute, too! Looks like it was a wonderful first day in the pool and a perfect day for it with those warm temperatures! I love that Daisy went it too! She looks like she is enjoying that pool float! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  2. Yay! I'm glad Daisy loved the pool! I am not looking back to get to those crazy temps when I get back to Texas. A wine slushie sounds so good! Perfect for summer!

  3. So many fabulous things Andrea! That love t-shirt it amazing for 4th of July, I like the red, white and blue with a pineapple twist lol. So happy you got to spend time in the pool this week, it looks gorgeous! Hope Mr. Nine had a great Father's Day! Happy Summer!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. Oh my goodness so much to love! The pool looks fabulous! So glad y'all are enjoying it and your Father's Day looked like the perfect day. All the outfits you wore on your trip were gorgeous! I love the blue dress at the end where is that from? Gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. That trip just looks like it was so much fun and you look darling everyday!

  6. What a good looking group of men! Wow wee!! And Daisy made me laugh in the float with her noodle. We see now who rules. Haha.
    Glad you had a great time in DC and got to meet up with such a lovely friend. Im gonna go check out her blog now. Happy Friday!!!!

  7. "When work is fitting the bill, you go where you're suppose to" TOTALLY cracked me up!! But it's so true!! Where did you get the royal blue dress you're wearing on the steps? Love that, Babe! I love seeing the fam in the pool!! I just knew y'all would love it! And that's exactly what I plan on doing this weekend!! Have a great one!! xoxo

  8. Love that your pool is ready! And that pineapple shirt!

  9. Yay for the pool! Yay for good vacations :) I hope you have a super fun weekend as you prep for your real vacation soon! xoxoxoxo

  10. Wow! I can't stop smiling after reading this sweet post!! Hooray for having a pool day with your entire family!! My heart is so full for you, friend! So glad your husband was well celebrated and you guys enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day all together! I'm completely swooning over your pool, girl!! The pool itself is beautiful! I adore your cute chairs all lined up in a row! Your flowers are lovely and that pool house, again, cutest pool house in the history of pool houses! Love it ALL! Loved seeing your travel photos, and your stylish looks (as always) too! That strawberry peach wine slush looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a weekend ahead that's as lovely as you are, darling friend! xo!

  11. Your pool looks amazing!!! What a great day for swimming! And that wine slushie sounds so delish!!

  12. Oh this is such a fun post! First, I love all of your summer outfits. I had the same thought as Kellyann! ^^ That blue halter dress near the end of your post is perfection and I think I need one. I also think I need a pool like yours but it's unlikely I'll be getting that so I'll just focus on the dress! Ha!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  13. I love that y'all are getting so much use out of your pool! Father's Day looked perfect! And now that you've got your pool up and going and the fact that I know how to drive to Indiana, I guess I'll have to make a special trip hahaha! Dustin and I want to put in a pool so bad, but we decided to wait until we build our next home since it'll be more permanent. Until then, I'll live vicariously through everyone else who has a pool ;) And love that blue dress on you!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  14. Oh, Andrea! I can't tell you how happy it makes my heart to see your whole sweet family together (such handsome boys!), and in a pool, no less! Seriously, this is my future as a boy mom, and you give me SUCH hope that one day I'll be as fun and fashionable as you! I hope you have the BEST weekend, and I'm so glad you had such fun in beautiful D.C.!

  15. Your posts are always so packed with fun, style and everything good! Absolutely love your blog! Happy weekend hun!

  16. Looks like you are all enjoying the pool!! Looks so much fun. It was SO hot here last week but it has cooled down thanks to the rain. Love that FP top on you too. Have a glorious weekend!! :-)

  17. Your pool looks so dreamy! And what a way to break it in... with the whole family! I know you guys are enjoying it! Happy happy weekend, girl! I hope you have big plans to spend more time in the pool!

  18. That pineapple shirt is perfect! I am glad you all had a chance to enjoy the pool together. Little Dude and I are ready for a visit!

  19. Yay for a finished pool. Gosh it looks fabulous--I may have to fly out just to check it out...LOL!!
    And that wine slushie?? Totally making that this weekend. It'll be part of your cookbook, yes??

  20. Your pool time looks like so much fun! I am loving all the pics of the family together. That date night look is SO good on you! Lucky Mr. Nine.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  21. What great favorites!! I love all of the pool pics and your backyard oasis. Haha Daisy is too cute on that float! I LOVE the pic of you under all of those fun hanging beach balls. Have the best weekend with Mr. Nine!! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  22. Great pool pictures! I would be in the pool all day too with 104 temperatures. We stayed at a Marriott Marquis in NYC and it was SO nice. I'd definitely stay there again! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. SOOOO much goodness in this post! I love the FD photos with the boys. How blessed are you guys?!!! Daisy looked adorable in the pool too. All of you DC photos and outfits have me swooning. That crop top, YASS!! The hotel looked awesome. Yes please to a wine slushie right now! Have a great weekend!

  24. Holy cow that slushie sounds good, add bubbles to mine please! Love all your outfits, especially that fun crop top and can I come over for pool time, it looks so fun! Have a fantastic weekend!

  25. I need the wine slushie and the pineapple tee. So many cute things. Love the Father's Day photos! Have a great weekend!

  26. I am resisting buying that pineapple tee for the 4th because DANG ITS SO CUTE... but I just bought 3 other shirts. OHHHH - resistance - hang in there.

  27. I've never read Rachel's blog but I am heading over there now! I love making recipes my own with low fat or lower sugar subs and such. It's fun to follow other bloggers from the midwest, especially now that we are moving closer to Chicago, too!

  28. Ok, I seriously need a pool in our next 'forever' home, so I can make those delicious looking wine slushies all day! I also hope to be able to join my hubby on some work trips in the future, that hotel is GORGEOUS! That 4th of July tee is just made for you! Lol!


  29. Wow! I thought our father's day was hot at 90. How wonderful to spend a lazy day in the pool though.

  30. Wine slushies are a summer staple! Your pool area is what dreams are made of! How awesome that you all got to break it in last weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  31. Your pool looks wonderful!!!! So happy for you. What a great way to celebrate Father's Day! That pineapple tee definitely has your name on it. Totally cute!! Lots of goodness here sweet friend! XO

  32. Oh, your pool looks wonderful and know you all are enjoying it. You are definitely the "queen bee" with all those guys around you. Love the pineapple tee and everytime I see cute pineapple stuff I think of you, which is pretty often. Have a great weekend!

  33. That swimming pool! Wow, that looks great! I ll bet there will be a lot of pool BBQ s this Summer!

  34. You always seem to have so much fun. I love that swimming pool! And that blue sundress looks gorgeous on you. Cobalt blue is definitely your color.

  35. What an amazing week you've had - a fab blogger meet, a posh hotel and oh, the luxury of a day in your own posh pool. Livin' the dream, Mrs Nine! Love that electric blue dress too.
    Wishing you a cool weekend, x.

  36. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday.

  37. Your pool area looks fabulous! I bet you all had the most wonderful father's day and I just love that your cute little dog went in the pool with you <3
    Suzy xxx

  38. Yum, that wine slushie sounds like the perfect summer drink!

  39. Your pool looks so amazing, and perfect for trying to beat the heat on a hotter than hot day! That pineapple shirt is beyond adorable! I wonder if I can still get one before the Fourth!

  40. The slushie sound like the perfect summer cocktail for sipping by the pool!

  41. Omg your pool looks Pinterest perfect and I can't believe the weather shot up to over 100 degrees when it felt like winter just a few weeks ago. So happy the pool was finished just in time for summer and how cute is Daisy hanging on the float! Lola would sink that thing right down to the bottom of the pool with her height! Haha! The Marriott hotel in DC looks gorgeous. Glad you guys had a wonderful trip xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  42. Hi Andrea! I am visiting you from "The Dedicated House" blog party. Your trip to D.C. looks amazing...thanks for sharing all of those photos. I will have to admit that I was drawn by the wine slushie pic that you had for your post at the party. I am pinning that recipe for sounds perfect for summer.

  43. Your pool and outdoor area look like a dream!! Also, that wine slushy?? YES PLEASE!! Love your Friday favorites!

    xx, Elise

  44. Having a pool day with the whole family looked like a great time! I love your backyard and pool so pretty, that wine slushy also looks delicious!

    ~xo Sheree

  45. The Target dress and the Old Navy tops are my fave. I'm with you on D.C. LOVE it. Just moved here. Never wanna leave.


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