Happy GOOD FRIDAY Peeps!!! I just love saying peeps!! I do not like to eat peeps but I like to say it and admire cute crafts and treats made with them, LOL!! What a week, I had a tummy bug Tuesday and have you ever felt like you've been ran over by a Mack truck..that is how I felt.... But I feel better now as the sun is shining and despite rain for our Easter, it will be sunny skies in my heart because all of our boys will be home and we are going to my moms for her incredible traditional Easter dinner which includes Pineapple Upside Down Cake!!

1. Remembrance with Alex & Ani 4 Leaf Clover Ring
As many of you may know, Tuesday marked a year since my grandma's passing and I debated mentioning it on the blog but I loved so much about her, so I had to share this. One of the sweet things revealed about her were the numerous 4 leaf clovers she'd found and pressed in her Bible. I wanted to do something special for my mom so I found this Alex & Ani Four Leaf clover ring and wrote a poem to go along with it.
*I left part of the poem out for family privacy

2. Fannie May and PB Speckled M&M's Eggs
Me want candy, lol. Fannie May Vanilla Buttercream eggs and M&M's speckled peanut butter favorite easter Candy!!

3. Week's Attire
The Loft sweater & top, JC Penny pants

Target top and choker, Jessica Simpson flats

Meijer top, Vera Wang at Kohl's necklace, Michael Kors flats

4. Sweatshirt Ruffles
Perfect color for Easter with all the blush of course, but what else I am loving is What my husband calls my "Little House on the Prairie" Top. How fun are all these ruffles details I am seeing on all tops including this darling sweatshirt from H & M.
BUY this Sweatshirt HERE

Blush and Embellished Slip-Ons from Macy's HERE
Through Sunday Macy's has their BIG shoe promo going:
40% OFF 3, 30% OFF 2 with Promo code: GREAT
   (I may have bought 3...shhh)

More Inspo

5. Misc. Favs
Lots of fun goodness this week..
More birthday gifts this sweet. The beautiful Kate from Green Fashionista sent me the perfect summer drink cup as she knows I love a great time sipping' me bevies at the lake! Go check out her Amazing Blog..She is one of the BEST bloggers in Orlando!!

Spring springing up daffodils in our woods

A collage boy came home last weekend for a couple days then headed back to work at Vineyard Vines. Love this outfit. 

Goodie filled "Giant Eggs"..couldn't wait til Sunday, had to send.

And this amazing Cuff came. "Me & You" is mine and Mr. Nine's wedding song and has our Anni in Roman Numerals. Love it!! 
Make your own awesome cuff HERE

Oh and it you missed my Easter Decor weeks ago (Yeah I am that lady who decorates "Early", here's the LINK. The tablescape is me favorite!!

Fill this weekend with LOVE & LAUGHTER!!
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  1. That is a beautiful remembrance of your grandmother, and it must have meant so much to your mom. Your son is so cute, and I bet he makes lots of sales dressed like that! I had never heard of Fannie May candies, but they look divine. Love all your outfits too! Wishing your family a Happy Easter...He is risen indeed!

  2. Hey friend sorry you had a bug, I always say the bright side is the weight loss regardless of how short lived it is, lol! What a beautiful remembrance of your grandmother and I'm sure it means the world to your mom. What a beautiful heart you have. Your son needs to model for Vineyard Vines! He is the epitome of their brand, love it! All of your outfits are so cute on you, you just couldn't be any more precious.
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    Love ya,

  3. That ring and poem is so sweet!!!! What a wonderful idea! Love all your outfits for the week! I have never heard of Fannie May eggs but they look amazing!!!!! My favorite Easter candy are the mini Cadbury eggs and jelly beans. I love me some jelly beans. And of course m&ms are fantastic every holiday :) I hope you have an amazing weekend having all your boys home with you!!!

  4. I love that you have such a sweet ring in remembrance of your grandmother--it sounds like she was such a wonderful woman! Easter candy is my favorite too!

  5. I dont think that shirt is little house on the prairieish at all!! I love ruffles and your sons outfit is perfect - I think he gets his fashion sense from his mama!! Happy weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Your outfits are always spot on, I need you to come to MN to dress me, lol!! Love the ring and poem, so sweet...

    My middle daughter is going to make those bars you posted this week and I cannot wait, tmrw is my birthday and I plan on indulging in them for breakfast, HA!!

  7. haha! That is something my husband would say too! I don't think it looks like Little House on the Prairie at all! I love the ruffle sweatshirt trend and love how it matches the blush pink shoes perfectly! Have a wonderful Easter with all your boys home, Andrea! Happy Easter!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  8. What a sweet meaningful gift you got your Mom :) Give me all the Easter candy!! It's getting out of control LOL. Your son was rocking that pink, love it!! Have a great weekend! xo

  9. Happy Easter Andrea! I have several Farmgirl cuffs. I love them!
    Hope y'all have a great weekend. You look fab. As usual!!

  10. That poem and ring are such sweet ways to remember you grandma! And just give me all the Easter candy! It's my favorite time of year to get yummy sweets!! Happy Easter love!

    Rosy Outlook

  11. Love that you still gift eggs and goodies to your college guy.
    Me, too!

  12. That cuff is really cute. The poem & ring are so sweet & such a great way remember your grandma. Happy Easter! Enjoy your weekend lady!

  13. I love that ring! My Gran was very much into costume jewelry so I have a few of her pieces and they are great reminders of how wonderful she was. I love the pink slip ons! You are the cutest!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  14. Loving all of these looks on you girl! Have a beautiful Easter weekend!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  15. I am the same way about Peeps! I love all your outfits from the week and you son's outfit was on point. What a beautiful bracelet. Have a Happy Easter Andrea!!!

  16. Happy Friday, Andrea!!! Of course we would love the same Easter candy...vanilla butter creams are my absolute favorite ever!! So sweet about the four-leaf clover ring for your sorry about your grandmother but that is such a sweet way to honor her memory. I am glad you're feeling better...the stomach bug is never fun to deal with ugh! Your son is adorable and I love all of your outfits...the target top with the choker - so pretty and that pink ruffle sweatshirt is simply amazing! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family! xo

    Trendy & Tidy

  17. Your favorites are amazing!!!! Those blush shoes have me swooning all over the place:)


  18. I don't know where to start...the ring is just the sweetest and it speaks to what a thoughtful person you are. You and your family are gorgeous inside and out and I bet there is someone who will be pretty darn happy to open that GIANT egg. You are an incredible woman and mother. Happy Easter!

  19. Oh wow... that a precious keepsake with that ring... & the poem! My heart. I love things that keep memories alive of the ones you love.

    UMMM - I need that vanilla buttercream egg. MERCYYYYY how I need it.
    Have a great Easter weekend friend!

  20. Oh that ring and poem are so very beautiful. What a wonderful way to honor her memory. Please know that your beloved Grandmother is never far from you either, she is forever in your heart. Happy Easter!!

  21. Andrea what a sweet and amazingly thoughtful gift for your mom! I can only imagine her tears. And your fun! I have not ordered a new cuff in over a year and have been keeping ideas in my phone. Have a beautiful Easter!

  22. You are such a sweet daughter! I know that meant the world to your mom. Have a fabulous weekend!

  23. Love the son's stylish outfit. He must get it from his momma! Look at all your fun work outfits and the comfy ruffled sweater. The embellished slipons are adorable and look so comfortable! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family!!

  24. How sweet is that gift for your mom! So sorry you were struck down with the tummy bug this week, those are the absolute worst but glad you're feeling better. And I'm so glad you received the gift this week, it's waiting for all your summertime adventures. Happy Easter Weekend <3

  25. That is the most beautiful gift for you mom. Loving all of your outfits as usual, and LOL little house on the prairie :) Happy Easter beautiful friend!

  26. Those blush shoes are amazing!! Happy Easter weekend!!

  27. I love your son's outfit. Very impressed by the way he dresses. And I want to try those vanilla buttercream eggs so bad. I have no idea where to get them where I live. I love Kate from Green Fashionista. She is too sweet!

  28. I love your post, I hope you have a simple gorgeous Easter with your family. Great outfits and ohh lots of yummy eggs! Jacqui

  29. That poem is so sweet...good idea! I think your mom will love it. Glad that you are feeling better. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  30. That is the most precious gift ever for your mom to remember her mom by! My grandma pressed random tree leaves between her Bible pages! I found it over the winter and was amazed by the leaves she had pressed. You know you are just stunning as always in your ruffles. And you know I cannot get into them because I cannot be JUST LIKE my big sis! Look at that handsome little prep in his VV attire. Is he just like his mama when it comes to fashion? I think so! Buttercream eggs?!?! I am missing out!!! Love you sweet girl!

  31. The Fannie May Vanilla Buttercream eggs look so good! Hope you have a wonderful Easter :)

  32. Have a great Easter weekend- sure hope you could find some peace in this week.

  33. That clover ring and poem is such a sweet way to remember and honor your grandma. I'm sure that was a special moment for you and your mom. I love all of your outfit inspo and now I feel like I need to go check out those sneaker from Macy's. I hope you and the family have a very happy and blessed Easter <3

  34. I'm in need of the Target top you are wearing above!! (and a few of the other pieces). I also love that clover ring. My paternal grandmother was one of those individuals who could walk outside and find multiple four leaf clovers. Your posts always make me happy. Happy Easter my friend!

  35. Sorry you were sick, friend! Enjoy Easter with your family. Your son is adorable in pink and so are you!

  36. Isn't Easter candy the best?! Ugh I have been eating too much of it. I am glad you got to do something special to remember your sweet grandmother.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  37. What a beautiful remembrance for your mom. Sorry you were puny but glad you are better! Oh, where to start, everything looks so pretty (your outfits) and that son of yours is just adorable. Love the necklace with the Meijer top. We are headed down there so I may have to detour through ladies' clothing. Enjoy your Easter Sunday...hope the rain holds off. xoxo

  38. Love the Little House On The Prairie can you not love a sweatshirt with ruffles?! Have a fabulous Easter gorgeous!

  39. I love Easter candy! Love that sweatshirt with ruffles! Have a great Easter!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  40. Love that pink sweatshirt! And how handsome is your son? Hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend friend!

  41. Happy Easter, Andrea! I just know your mom is going to love that poem and ring in memory of your grandmother! I'm so glad you're feeling better, Girlie, and I don't like Peeps, either! Bleh! But please give me all the chocolate! xoxo

  42. Happy Easter! That poem and little ring is such a great idea. How sweet and I'm sure your Mom loved it. I'm not a peep girl, but my girls are so they get the peeps and I just pass on them...

  43. I love your outfit with the ruffled sweatshirt!

  44. I absolutely love the ring and poem--so meaningful and precious. And happy belated birthday, gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for linking up with us for High Five for Friday!


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