FRIDAY FAVORITES...January Go Away Edition

Friday whoohoo!! What a dreary week. January, go away, lol. Going to sound like a repeat of last week but this cold yucky weather has me just wanting to curl up in my soft fur blankie.  So hard to get motivated but alas, the weekend is here so let's celebrate life and a few favorites of course!

1. Cake Batter Martini
How cute and yummy looking is this? You'll wow your guests and your mouth for sure!!
6 ounces Pinnacle cupcake-flavored vodka
2-1/2 ounces white chocolate liqueur like Godiva
4 ounces heavy whipping cream
4 ounces white creme de cacao
4 ounces amaretto
Vanilla Frosting

Using your finger, coat the rim of your glass with frosting - make sure not to miss any spots! Dump sprinkles on a plate and press glass rim into sprinkles, pressing to adhere. Repeat until each glass has a sprinkled rim. Then, combine all ingredients in a large martini shaker filled one-third of the way full with ice. Add a shake of sprinkles into the mixture then shake vigorously. Strain the mixture into your sprinkle-lined glasses and enjoy! Sprinkle with a little Cinnamon if desired

2. Boulangerie Candles
Isn't the jar in itself romantic? Yep, that's why I like to by-pass beloved Bath and Body 3 wicks at Valentine's day and burn this "Smells like Anthropologie" candle. So sweet and fragrant, a little more pricey that B&B but very worth it. Scents often sell out. Keep checking the Anthropologie Website. Right now they have one called Angel Food~delightful!!

3. Week's Attire
Lots of Leopard and scarves going on this chilly week
Kohl's tunic and leopard pants, Macy's tassel necklace, Steve Madden boots

Kohl's Blazer, Old Navy scarf

Boho Boutique Cardigan, Charming Charlie scarf

Kohl's Blazer, Charming Charlie scarf

4. Off The Shoulder Inspiration
There is something about off the shoulder that is just so sexy and chic! These are great inspirations that I'd love to re-create. Sometimes I'm self-conscious about pulling this off but I gave it a whirl in this Trends Revisited Post

I've searched for this love tee but can't find it. If you have a link or know where I can get one send it my way.

Something about this one is so soft and feminine.

Hello comfy!!

Look at the ties on the cute!!

5. My Stepper
People, hear me when I tell you BEST $37 ever from Amazon!! When it is too cold to run or walk outside, this stepper saves my workout sanity!! I can literally tote it to any room in the house, walk on it for an hour and catch up on all my DVR-ed TV shows. I have already worn out one so hubs bought me another. LOVE it and no $1000-$2000 for an elliptical or treadmill and it takes up no room, slide it under the bed or in a closet and good to go!! 
Buy this Stepper HERE

Happy Weekend, Hugs to you all!!
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Looks like Maxine is drinking a Cake Batter Martini!!


  1. That cake batter martini looks so good.. Can you bring me one!? Loving the leopard on you, as always. It's such a great print that goes with everything. Have a great weekend!!
    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Hi Andrea - Love your blog! The stepper - so I looked at it on Amazon - do you use it with or without the resistance bands? Like you - looking for an alternative when I can't get outside or to the gym. However, I know how uncoordinated I am and wondering if I will just fall off of it.... Thanks! Kristin

  3. So i was telling Gary about a similar stepper and I'm so glad to hear that it's actually a good workout!!! My work wear was not nearly as cute as your this week - boring suits this week :( Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I had that stepper too for when I'm watching stupid TV least I'm working out..but then I must've used it too much because it broke. I should really replace it.

  5. That stepper looks so neat! I need to get my butt back in gear and get to the gym again! And I NEED those candles--I just LOVE the packaging and that scent sounds amazing! Happy Friday love!

  6. OMG Girl! That stepper! I did not know they existed but I need one and only $37??? Guess what I'm buying! That candle's label is enticing. LOVING all the leopard print this week. Stay warm and cozy this weekend, gorgeous! xo Amanda

  7. I believe that martini has my name written all over it, Girlie! So yummy! Also, I'm kinda in to the off-the-shoulder look right now, too. The Tee Kee sweatshirt (very thin) that I bought has a wide neck and tends to fall off the shoulder. I love it! Stay warm and cozy this weekend, Andrea!

  8. a cake batter martini?! WHAT. That sounds all sorts of amazing!

  9. Seriously it has been Dreary City here too!! Boo to that. Cake batter martini?! I'll be over later for one haha. You look fab in that off-the-shoulder top too! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  10. I don't even drink and that cake batter martini looks amazing!-haha Love all the scarves you've been wearing. Have a great weekend!

  11. Great Friday list, and I hear you about the leopard print! It's my personal fave and those leopard print scarf are stunning on you! You are one chic mama!
    Love you!
    Happy Friday, my gorgeous friend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  12. Obsessing over this Friday list! I am loving those outfits! And that cake batter martini looks divine!

  13. Loving your leopard theme this week and that martini looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

    Kids and Cabernet

  14. I've literally been debating about that same stepper!! It's just so cold here and we don't have room for a big machine. You may have convinced me to pull the trigger. Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. How yummy does this cake batter martini look?! So pretty too! Since we will likely be snowed in for days, I will have to try this! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

    P.S. Thank you for your concern, you are too sweet! We are in and don't have plans to go anywhere until at least Monday haha!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  16. Loving all your outfits! And yes January needs to go away and take her cold and gloominess with her! Those candles look amazing, and I need one of those martinis - YUM! Happy Friday sweet friend <3

    Green Fashionista

  17. That martini and that off-the-shoulder top are divine! You look gorgeous in that outfit, Andrea.

  18. Stay warm in this dismal weather! Thank you so much for sharing that Angel Food candle at Anthro! I have a gift card for that store that is burning a hole in my pocket! I am definitely going to buy one!

  19. That martini looks delightful! I will definitely check out the candles! Love adding to my candle addiction.

  20. That cake batter martini looks amazing! I have only had a martini once in my life and I didn't like it. I wonder if I would like this one or if I would be better off making a cake instead. Hmm... ;) Have an awesome weekend!

  21. Love the leopard print scarf from Old Navy....I might just need to make a trip there this weekend. The off-the-shoulder look is also so darling. I don't own nearly enough of tops like that.

  22. That drink looks amazing!!! Love all your outfits, I am a fan of the off the shoulder look. Especially since I have been working so hard on defining mine :) Love that you take that stepper all over your house! Maybe I need one haha. Have a great weekend!

  23. OHHHH MYYYY GOODNESSSS, that cake batter martini sounds like a dream! I am a sucker for cake batter flavored anything!

    And I LOVE that love tee... if anybody does find it for you, let me know because I want one, too!!!!

  24. I made a very similar cake batter martini awhile back but forgot to take pictures to blog about it, so thanks for the reminder! Sounds like I'll have to mix up another batch this weekend ;)

  25. When I saw that the rim on that martini was FROSTING I decided I absolutely need it! Yum!! That stepper is awesome! I'm always jealous of people who watch their shows on their treadmill because I could never afford one! I might have to check that out so I can feel less guilty when we're watching TV at night!

  26. That martini sounds delicious! I don't know what size you are but here's a link to that shirt available in small.

  27. It has been too cold I agree but yeah January is so close to being gone, unfortunately. Time flies. I love all your outfits with the leopard scarves. I am a leopard scarf hoarder myself. And that cookie batter martini looks gorgeous and I bet tastes sweet and delightful.

    Enjoy the weekend, gorgeous!

  28. Thanks for the candle tip! I'll have to check them out!

    Cute outfits! And I love the off-the-shoulder inspirations!

    And I'll definitely look into the stepper! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Happy weekend!!! That cake martini sure is pretty but probably too sweet for me! I would love to make it for some friends though :) Love the Boulangerie Candles, both the look and smell. And off the shoulder anything is the best.

  30. That sounds like a fabulous candle, and I love your scarves!

  31. I'm thinking the cake batter martini might be perfect for my birthday next week! Also, I think I need to grab that stepper for my Netflix marathons. Jess at Just Jess

  32. That cake batter martini looks delicious! I'm loving all the leopard in your outfits this week! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  33. Oh that martini looks like something that could get me in lots of trouble! Have a super weekend pretty lady.

  34. Love the martini! The leopard print catches my eye. Super sexy.
    I found your tee at Amazon. unjune-Womens-Printing-Shoulder-T-shirt

  35. That cake batter martini is a DREAM!!!

  36. That stepper looks so awesome! I a treadmill by Sunny! It works great, too!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  37. Cake Batter Martinis?!?! I am definitely for sure trying that out! xx

  38. That martini looks divine! I need that grey sweater in my life. :-)

  39. LOVE off the shoulder looks!! Subtly sexy!
    I want that martini, it sounds delish! It's probably a good thing I can't have milk right now cause I feel like I'd drink a TON of them lol
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  40. I hear you - January can go away anytime now. I've never been able to pull off the "off the shoulder" look, but it's great on you! And leopard makes everything better!

  41. I need that cake batter martini in my life STAT!

  42. That martini looks awesome!

    S .x


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