I will be the first to admit, I used to be anti-dollar stores!! Words that came to mind were cheap, chintzy, plastic and poorly made. However, that all changed when I walked into a glorious new Dollar Tree in our town 4 years ago. Immediately greeted by a vast seasonal section, my arms were soon carrying so many items, I needed a cart. I have always been a comparison shopper so I knew what were good deals and what were not. I venture into the Dollar Tree about once a month and always find a little something new. It also can be hit or miss. However, these items are what I keep going back for more for, especially during the Christmas season. I visited Friday and this list filled my cart.

1. Jergens Soap
Jergens has been my favorite body bar soap for as long as I can remember. It is very hard to find. Wal-Green's doesn't even sell it anymore and online is is triple or quadruple this $1/3 price. I even take a bar of it on vacation with me. It is so gentle. I'm one who uses the bar first then the good smelling shower gels. I fell double clean. LOL. 

2. Cute Stickers
 I have loved stickers since I was a little girl. I had a sticker collection that would blow your mind...over 3000!! I absolutely love sticking a sticker on the back of an envelope or a note to the kids or even giving a pack like this as a gift in a card. How stinkin cute are these owls??

3. Christmas Goodie Containers
 I make a lot of treats at the Holidays and packaging can get expensive. My dad particularly loves a batch of my fudge so I found these little tin lunch boxes that the squares of fudge will fit perfectly in!
These foil tray with lids are the prefect size and come 3 to a pack. Add some jute or bakers twine in Christmas color and a printed tag and you're good to go to fill with your yummies.

Guess who is getting money and treats in this cutie? That's right, our mail lady!! Isn't it perfect, flag up and all!!

4. Christmas Decor Ideas
How gorgeous!! I love the sturdy gift boxes like the mailbox above and the oval and square ones hey have. Buy a roll of their wired ribbon to wrap them in and these candle holders for an elegant display, Yes, they ar plastic, but still looks pretty!
Lots of crafty ideas for decorating can begin from the most inexpensive items. 
Sorry blurry, I was under pressure to get a quick pic.

5. Mini Red Solo Cups
I had no idea til a couple months ago that you can get those cute little red solo cups here. I LOVE them. My mom gave me the idea of filling them with a little candy and wrapping up in cellophane for little treat gifts.
 Aren't they cute!!
 And what about a little sweet treat in them like edible cookie dough, a pudding mousse or any other mini dessert. Little spoons can be bought at the dollar tree too for  
gobbling them up.

6. Snacks like Whales, TGIFriday Potato Skins, 
Cream Cheese and Chive Crackers
With a houseful of hungry boys, I need cheap snacks for the pantry. While I still buy many of their favorite named brand chips and fruit snacks from the grocery store, favorites for a $1 include these plus peanut butter fulled pretzels, nuts, beef sticks and 
all kinds of name brand candy.

Not kidding you when I say our boys LOVE whales waaay better than Peppridge Farm Goldfish. So I did a mom poll and 6 out of 7 moms said their kiddos liked the Whales 
better too.

7. Cards and Party Supplies
Have you noticed how expensive cards have gotten? A Hallmark birthday card I bought recently was $4.99. That's crazy. The dollar tree has a great selection of cards, some 2/$1 and even more nice $1 ones. I stock up on Thank you, get well, sympathy. etc as I really like sending cards and it's great to have a stash to choose from.

Party supplies like gift bags, plates, cups, cute party decor are also great to buy here. However, not the wrapping paper, it rips so easy and I have just always been big on buying good wrapping paper.

These are the plain colors, but they have all kinds of themed products as well. There were 2 older ladies perusing those and I didn't want to interrupt them for a photo, lol.

8. Hair Spray
 Hair spray from a dollar store? Say what!!! I know, I know, it is somewhat controversial!! Let's talk about this. For years and I mean years White Rain has been around and it was my go to high school hair spray and not Aqua Net. "Gasp" you 80's girls. Anyway once I was older I started buying the "good" stuff and I do love it. However, I have boys who LOVE their hair and need those spike do's and slick backs to stay in place for the ladies. Ha! So enter unscented non aerosol White Rain. Works so good. Happy boys, Happy Mom.

9. Stocking Stuffers
Perfect to fill those stockings. Candy, glue, chap sticks, nail clippers, jerky, nuts, stickers, lanyards, etc. Great stop for cheap fillers.

Why let the larger tubes dry up? Enter one use mini tubes.We all love super glue around here so it is a perfect stocking stuffer!

See those lifesavers in the corner. Peppermint, green apple and cherry. Very festive and very yummy. A whole bag will even fit in the stocking or open it up and fill a apothecary jar with the pretty Christmas candy.

Just love that everything is a dollar! My total bill for all of this $29 + tax. Cannot beat it!!

Happy Monday beauties. Let's do this!!
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  1. I wish we had one in the city because I would definitely stock up on cards - you can't beat that price!!! There is a reason we all love the dollar spot in Target lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I always go to the dollar store first when I need party or craft supplies. There are so many great finds in there, especially for the holidays!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I hit up the Dollar Tree last week for all my Christmas decor stuff!! It's such a go-to for me because you can get so much!! =) I definitely need to stock up on my cute stickers too! =)

    Have a great week! Melanie | Toots + Dill

  4. Those stickers are super cute, and love the Christmas decor. Great finds <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. Dollar Tree is my #1 go-to place for party supplies - you simply can't beat them! Love all of their holiday decor, too!

  6. The dollar store seriously has some great stuff! And I was TOTALLY obsessed with Whales too! They're my favorite! Who knew the Dollar Store carried them?! Loved this post! Happy Monday!!


  7. I have gone there to get holiday decorations, its great! I hope that you had wonderful weekend and a lovely day today!! :-)

  8. I love the dollar store. I love love those whale crackers. They are so good. I had to stop buying them because I literally couldn't stop eating them. haha. OK, now I wish I had a box of them.

  9. Bwahaha!! I thought those mini red solo cups were SHOT GLASSES!! At least the ones I've seen look like shot glasses! And what is it about bar soap that just makes you feel like you've actually "bathed?" I mean, I love all my shower gels {Philosophy is my favorite}, but there's something about a bar of soap! Remember soap on a rope? HAHA! Anyway, I love all your finds, but I don't go into Dollar Tree that much. It's on the wrong part of town where I live and several women have had their purses stolen right in the freakin' parking lot! It's awful. Enjoy your Monday, Babe!

  10. WOW! Holy crap, you did good!!!! I need to check ours out - I always thought they were cheap/crap too, but I would love some of those baking tins!!

  11. These are some great finds! Who knew Dollar Tree had so much! I love the Christmas Goodie Containers. Those will definitely be useful with all the Christmas baking! Happy Monday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  12. I love the owl stickers!!!

  13. They seriously have the best holiday decor!! I get a lot of my little things for the house from there :) Happy Monday!



  14. I haven't been to our dollar tree in awhile but I love grabbing gift wrap supplies there and they are certainly a place to check holiday decor for sure!!! Love your list!

  15. I hated dollar store for the longest time too....BUT I've recently discovered the great floral and seasonal section they have! Now I love it!

  16. Happy Monday, Andrea! Agreed, you can find some awesome finds at the Dollar Tree! I used to take my son for arts and crafts and we might how before the Holiday's for some amazing crafts! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  17. I always opt to buy their party supplies before paying triple at the party stores. Thanks for reminding me I'm due for a trip to get some holiday cards and random decor. The mini solo cups are also very cute.

  18. DollarTree is the best!!!

  19. Anonymous16.11.15

    Ok, first off, I love Dollar Tree too...but wait, I did not know they even made single-use super glue. Where have I been???? Hope your week is off to a great start!

  20. Love Dollar Tree for inexpensive holiday crafting ideas.

  21. I was at Dollar Tree yesterday to pick up stocking items for the Salvation Army's stuff a stocking program and got some of those foil pans. They will be perfect for sending home Thanksgiving leftovers with folks!!

  22. Anonymous17.11.15

    I love Dollar Tree, it's been WAY too long since I've been though. I think a trip is in order...

  23. Cute and festive! Thanks for sharing such a fun haul.

  24. You are spot on with your picks!! I love the to go containers, straws, party supplies, holiday crafts, stickers, birthday/thank you cards and their tin holiday plates. I also love their kitchen counter spray, candy aisle and seasonal flowers. You can really find some great things there. Thanks for linking up with us this week!

  25. Good dollar stores are hard to find. I love your ideas for the tins and the cups with cellophane paper on top. We are identically the same on #2. I have always loved stickers and adding them to envelopes. I found a huge stack from my collection and gave them to my daughter who likes them. I also buy cards and gift bags from the dollar store, all the time. I need to find a decent dollar store nearby.

  26. I was just at dollar tree and I never even went into the container aisle. I totally should have. Love the idea of the containers for food gifts. Simple, cheap and looks great too. Thanks :)

  27. I love Dollar Tree! Time to go shopping again :)

  28. Anonymous18.11.15

    Those cards are not just Dollar Tree cards, they are American Greetings cards. Some of them are really nice cards and just like the cards you get at Walmart, Target, CVS, etc.

  29. Great ideas! Thanks for putting in the time for this post! I love the idea of those tins!

  30. I love that store!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  31. Dollar Tree has also had a lot of great exercise DVDs lately. They have great things!

  32. Great tips, I figured out the great card deals a couple of years ago. And yes it IS crazy how much we can spend on a card at a regular drugstore. Love those presents on the candle holders, so cute!

  33. Saw your post on Cindy's blog and you're right - all great buys. I'll have to try Whales. Also toothpaste and Awesome (it's a cleaning product). If you've never tried, it really is awesome.
    Rita C at Panoply

  34. Great suggestions!

  35. I like getting containers for Christmas cookies at the dollar store. Thanks for posting. Hello from Wonderful Wednesday.


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