HAPPY FRIDAY BEAUTIES!! We made it and boy, this week flew. Despite having a little dental work done yesterday, the week was Grand. Al Roker came to town for his Indiana Rokerthon stop, Notre Dame has risen to 4th in the Polls, my holiday decor is slowly coming out and the Sephora VIP sale starts today!! This weekend, more balls will be hung, lights will be strung and things are gonna get a lot more festive around the Nine house whether the men in said house are ready for it or not, mama says!!

While I adore Booties, Flats, Boots, Heels, etc, occasionally and when working out, a good tennis shoe is fun. My favorite color in the Nike family is Volt Yellow, so I was super excited to see these Old School polka dot Nike Roshe's at Nike Town!! Super retro and Super cute!!

Want these too, to go with Notre Dame gear..

My friends, listen to your gut, that small voice inside you that says something is not right. Thanks to a dear friend who did this, a potential scary situation on a walk I took was avoided. And so what was on an art image in our Hotel Lobby? The advice below~listen to it!!

I saw this lip crayon in my mom's bag and was like what is this? It was a Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Color in Broadest Berry!! Loved it and my lips stayed moist all day. Hmmm 20% off at Sephora anyone?

 Clinique Lipstick HERE

Oh friends, if you can get to Chicago or New York, this place is amazing. Made me miss the streets of Rome but made my taste buds explode in happiness from the chocolate, gelato, cheese, bread, olive oil and wine we consumed there. It is an Italian SUPER store with tons of restaurants and every Italian food and wine imaginable. You will LOVE it!! 

How cute is this!!

Buy this Mug HERE
Speaking of Starbucks, a NOT so favorite this week was all the hype about the plain red cups! Who freaking cares. Happy Holiday coffee season, Merry Christmas, Fa la la la la la and
just give me my "correct ordered" drink. End.of.Story. Thank you!!




  1. We are getting our very own Eatly here in Boston next year and I'm so excited - I love me some cheese, wine and italian food!! That lipstick color looks great on you - totally get it at Sephora!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Eatly is so fun! I love that lip color on you! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  3. The mug and shoes are too cute! That mix of restaurants sounds so awesome. And glad the situation was avoided. Have a great weekend, lovely!!!


  4. Happy Friday, sweet friend!! Those yellow Nikes with polka dots are so much fun! Eataly sounds amazing!! Loved your description of it and the fab photos you included of your adventures in delicious there too! ...and how cute is that mug?! Love it!! Have a fun and festive weekend ahead!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  5. The food in Eataly looks AMAZING! I love markets like this! AND that Starbucks mug is the cutest! I am obsessed with buying mugs and I need this one! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. oh girl. everything you wrote! i'm such a sucker for running shoes. i want new ones every two months. problems! and i love that you can pull off lip color...i cannot. i look like...i don't know what. it's not good. so you keep rocking it! that color is gorgeous! thank you so much for linking up!

  7. They are opening an Eataly here in Boston and I cannot wait!! You look fab in that outfit, so stylish as always. That starbucks mug is too cute. I go the travel mug with the lips on it. I couldn't resist. So cute. Have a fab weekend.

  8. Love this list!


  9. That lipstick looks gorgeous on you and I am totally doing some holiday decorating this weekend! YAY for the holidays! Hope you have an amazing weekend my gorgeous friend! XO -Kim

  10. So fun! Those yellow Nikes are ADORABLE!!! I want!! And I also love that Starbucks mug - SO cute! I may need that too, lol! Yikes on the scary situation, hope all is well, but yes, listening to your gut is always the way to go. Have a great weekend!! XO

  11. LOVING the color of the first pair of Nikes - so much fun! And YUM to Eataly!

    Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  12. Okay first off glad you followed you instincts and you are okay! Second, I'm in love with those yellow polka dot sneakers! How cute are they?! Third, that lip color looks amazing on you. Fourth, Eatly is so good, I one time had the best butternut squash ravioli with Bill there. And fifth, I hope you have a great weekend decorating!


  13. I LOVE Nikes! I swear they make the cutest tennies!

  14. Happy Friday, Andrea! Loving those gym shoes and the red lips!! Sending you much love!
    Happy weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  15. Eataly is amazing and I've gone there quite a few times!! Glad that you and your mom enjoyed it so much. Love those polka dot Nikes and that lipstick too!! I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!! :-)

  16. Happy Friday to my favorite BLOND BLOG friend!! Thank God, right? Another great pic of you and your mom! I am so glad you'll be decorating this weekend! Me too!! The tree is up in the living room with the lights and garland and I'll finish it off tonight! With a glass of wine, of course. Or two! Enjoy your weekend!! Three cheers to the Crimson Tide and the Fighting Irish!!

    1. You know I can spell, right? I meant BLONDE!!

  17. Happy Friday to you! Loving those gorgeous gym shoes!! And I'm easily obsessed with those gorgeous Starbucks cups. Happy weekend to you!!!

  18. Eataly - oh do I so want to visit there. Looks, sounds and I can taste the goodness. My grandmother would be impressed. Adding to my bucket list (or my imaginery one in my head).

  19. I'm so close to NY yet I've never been Eatly!!! I have to go!! =)

    Happy Friday! I definitely have to make a run to Starbucks soon!! =)

    Have a great weekend! Melanie | Toots + Dill

  20. Isn't Eataly fantastic? I went last year while we were in Chicago and loved walking around. I should of done a wine tasting but didn't even think of it. Have fun decorating this weekend and hope the guys help out with odds and ends!

  21. I can't wait for the weekend either! I love those Nike's! So cute! Have a wonderful weekend!


  22. you had me at wine lol that all looks and sounds so delish and fun!
    love that mug, I swear, drinking coffee out of a fun mug just makes it tastes better :)

  23. Wow, Eataly looks heavenly!

  24. i love those clinique lippies. def get one or two! ;) i'm so glad you are ok! that is so true about the inner voice.

  25. I am with you on listening to your gut!!! Some people think I am crazy or dramatic when I say I have a bad feeling about this....but I am more often right than not. Glad you are ok!! Those chubby sticks are awesome. I should have grabbed one during the sale!

  26. Hey I am just catching up. I have loved Eataly the only time I was there I miss it. I love Clinique lipsticks and makeup so I have to give that one a try. I also want the neon Nikes and gold leopard mug - soooo cute. I also agree that you have to listen to your gut.

    I will get out some Chistmas decorations today. I am with you. I cannot wait to see how you decorate.


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