"Play it Again, Play it Again, Play it Again" X's umpteen million...

Yep, probably how many times I sang Luke's Country Anthem. I'm sure my family was getting sick of it. My kids always say I hold onto hit songs way too long, til they are no longer "current"! So what, I'll belt out any ole' tune I want, like how I still occasionally still sing Tanya Tucker's "Delta Dawn" from the 70's or Journey's Don't Stop Believin'.
I love ALL music. It's all current in my mind! 

My sweet husband knew the only way to tame my wild and crazy Luke obsession was to take me to see him in the flesh. So lo and behold my sweet anniversary gift was tickets to Luke at Soldier Field in Chicago. Whoop whoop, I had 3 months to contemplate my outfit, and plan for getting Luke to notice me!! Plus we were getting Lee Brice, Dierks Bentley and another fav, Cole Swindell. So much hotness, so little time!
I also knew I would be scrap-booking this concert party so I already had layout ideas in my and Luke, Luke and me............

Luke did not disappoint. At one point I said "If Luke comes into the audience and touches me, I swear I'll die!" My over dramatic concert excitement just elicited a "You'll be okay babe" because I am sure my husband knew LB wouldn't be pawing his old lady anytime soon. 

I'm still dreaming about that backwards baseball cap and tight jeans!!


 "Gonna watch you make me fall in love-"
~Luke Bryan


  1. Oh you just made my monday love this!!! you look so stinkin cute in your boots lol

  2. Oh Julie, you made my Monday!!! I love it when you call me "stinkin cute!" Love ya girl!


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