It was back to our home away from home in Northern last weekend, and this time sweet Stella got to go! Here’s a little recap. The weekend was definitely a favorite. Lots of goodness plus some bonuses in this post!!


Stella and the Sunset

We could tell the Sunset was going to be beautiful our first night there and we were excited to get Stella out on the beach to see it.

Even better the 2nd night


Walks and Bike rides

Mr. Nine had gotten me a new bike from Coastline cycles, a great bike shop up there. I got the most darling basket to go on the front, but Stella did not like it so Mr. Nine found This Great One on Amazon and she went the 9 miles with us like a trooper! Of course, lots of walks too and Stella found that the beach with her litter box so to speak, lol.


OH, how Stella LOVED the Beach!

Coffee Breaks

I have a favorite coffee shop in town, and they had just made a batch of their homemade pumpkin spice syrup, so you know what I got, lol. 

St. Ambrose

Always such fun going to the big red barn and listening to music. Stella just loved all the people watching. Outfit from Title Pic today as it was believe it or not, my favorite outfit of the trip! Shirt HERE


THIS FAB AND AFFORDABLE PLAID SHIRT HERE // Sandals HERE // Shorts HERE (my fav denim shorts)

Furnace Street Distillery

It’s a fact that we love listening to live music so much that we went again another night and what a delight! Not only was the food truck there with wood fired pizzas and gelato but The cocktails were out of this world and just look how pretty!  The musician who performed was Jerome Forde, and his sweet wife was so precious, she is dancing & hula hooping the whole time behind him to all his songs! What a supportive wife! This is a new place that we will be going to a lot up there!

Watching the Notre Dame game of course

What I Wore
Top HERE // Jeans HERE // Sandals HERE

Top HERE // Joggers HERE // Sneakers HERE // Hat HERE

Lots of hats, it was windy, lol

Anything from SPANX Use code CLOUDNINEXSPANX for 10% off
Sweatshirt HERE // Bottoms HERE // Sneakers HERE (favorites)// Hat HERE



The day before we left, mom and I went to a local park with a small Dahlia Farm! Oh, my goodness; GORGEOUS! 

Look at my lil mama posing so cute!

Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friends!



  1. aww, this makes me miss Michigan. We have not been for a few years. It's divine in July and August. Yay for Stella, too! Beautiful maternity photos and I will say prayers!

  2. What a great looking time! I live in southern Michigan! It’s such a lovely state! You look lovely, as always!!!

  3. What a fun trip! It is nice that the crisp mornings are starting to feel like pumpkin spice time. Yum!

  4. That sounds like such a fun time up north! What beautiful maternity photos.

  5. It looks like such a beautiful area and a relaxing and fun time! Love the maternity photos too!

  6. What a fun weekend! Stella is living her best life and looks like she enjoyed the trip as much as you! Lauren's maternity photos are stunning!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. It looks so fun and I love that Stella goes everywhere with you.

  8. What a nice trip you took and able to bring Stella with you and those sunsets are gorgeous! I LOVE those gorgeous maternity photos. I hope everything goes well for the kids.

  9. Anonymous8.9.23

    Stella is the best! And the cutest! Your trip looks glorious and those maternity photos are beautiful! Xo, Caroline

  10. Now that we have Piper, I totally understand taking Stella and how cute she is in the bike basket and with all of her outfits.

  11. Awww, those maternity photos are just amazing! Your time at the Lake looks spectacular. I'm thinking how nice it would be to wear a sweatshirt during the summer!! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. What a fabulous time away! Love those sunsets and that pretty cocktail! This shots of your son and daughter in law are so precious. That last shot of Stella Mae is too cute!

  13. The maternity photos turned out gorgeous! It's getting close! So happy for this joyful time in your family. Happy weekend, sweet friend! xo


  14. Anonymous10.9.23

    Praying and sending my love. Stella is so cute. Many blessings. Regine

  15. Anonymous10.9.23

    It is so good to get away for a change of scenery. Loving the maternity photos🤩

  16. So jealous of the dahlia farm! I love dahlias, but I haven't been able to get out to the local gardens. That first maternity pic is downright ethereal! Gorgeous!

  17. What a fun weekend and even better that you got to take Stella! Those dahlias are beautiful! And the maternity photo shoot pics are stunning!

  18. Lovely pictures of up north and that flower farm and the maternity shoot. OK, all of the pictures were lovely! It's great you've found your happy place in MI ;).

  19. Stella is adorable.. love her little denim jacket.

  20. What a fun trip! Stella is just adorable.

  21. Those photos are stunning. I love shooting maternity! Stella on the bike and at the beach is just too cute! I guess I'm not supportive enough of my hubby's band, I've never hula hooped behind them!! ; ) lol!!

  22. What a trip! Those sunsets were incredible! And Stella is killing me in her little denim jacket. Soooo cute! Love those maternity photos, too! Such beautiful pictures!

  23. You know I'm praying so hard for those beautiful babies! Hope they cook a little longer! Those shots are gorgeous. Looks like Stella is living her best life! That bike basket is so cute!

  24. What a great trip!! Sweet Stella!!

  25. Stella is so cute in that bike basket! And wow, those maternity pictures are so gorgeous!

  26. Anonymous14.9.23

    What a fun getaway! Miss Stella looked like she had the time of her life! And those are beautiful sunsets. I haven’t seen one of those since I am out before it gets dark! Oops. Sending prayers to the expecting parents and babies. Those pictures are priceless!

    Maureen |


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