You get a car, you get a car, you get a car….not really but if I was as wealthy as Oprah, I would give you all a car! How I loved when Oprah did her favorite things show and gave everyone in the audience oodles of her favorite gifts! Remember when I told you about the Favorite Things Party I had one time, it was so much fun. Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite things to give and to get, lol! And lots of promo codes in today’s post as well! 

Serovital ~ Favorite Beauty Brand

Many of you ask about my skincare regimen and many of you love Serovital now just as much as I do! Of course, I want my favorite clean beauty brand as a gift! I’ve tried many but hands now, my now and FOREVER daily skincare regimen is with SEROVITAL. Below are my top 3 favorites and a little about what each can do for you!

Use my Code ANDREA15 for 15% off 

and trust me, you’ll never find another brand as good!


TriHydrate Concentrate is formulated with 3% purified hyaluronic acid in 3 forms. This includes a broad-spectrum combination to reach deeper into the epidermis and hydrate to noticeably firm and plump skin.


Get the benefits of a retinoid, without the irritation. The Suddenly Smooth RetinAll hydrates as it visibly lifts, brightens, and targets the appearance of even the most difficult wrinkles.


The ultimate dark spot, the VitaCorrect Solution visibly reduces existing dark spots, plus helps fight the emergence of future spots.

How do I stay looking 

as young as I can: Serovital


Fur Baby Sweatshirts 

Stella is a sweatshirt girl! She absolutely loves them and if they are within her reach, she will grab them and take them to the door because she knows if she puts on a sweatshirt she’s going somewhere, lol! All her Fufu clothes but the sweatshirts are the favorite. I too have a favorite brand for our fur babies and that is a seller on Etsy. I just ordered a third for her, the embroidered Name sweatshirt below, but isn’t the Santa Baby Sweatshirt terrific. A few of you have asked me for the link already so I thought I would share it here!

Victoria Emerson

I have a loved Victoria Emerson Cuffs for years! Their sales have been killing it lately for the holidays! At these prices, definitely pick up some for you too. Here are the ones I just got and are my favorites of the season.

Top to Bottom

Kendra Scott X’s Barbie Collection

I jumped for joy when I saw that Kendra Scott was partnering with Barbie to do a jewelry collection! I want them all!!

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Barbie Dreamhouse™ and Kendra Scott's 20th anniversary, this iconic collaboration has arrived just in time for the holiday season. AND Both brands empower women and get back!

GibsonLook ~ My Favorite Clothing Brand

This year the clothing brand Gibsonlook quickly became one of my favorites of all time! The price points are affordable styles so on trend, always including classics as well and the company is a dream to work with! They are having a huge Black Friday sale going on right now and you will not be sorry! Here are some of my recent favorites!

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Cranberry Cowl Neck HERE
5 Colors!
AND the Jeans
from Target, my FAV this season and only 

Black Cut Out Top HERE

Top HERE // Pants HERE
(My Favorite Outfit of the Year!)

Striped Sweater HERE

That Hot Pink Slip Dress in the first Picture is a BIG time favorite from Target and only $28

Dyson ~ 

My Favorite Household Tool

(AND the only one I'd be ok with getting 

for Christmas, lol)

This is the only household tool that I would be overjoyed with getting under the tree: The cordless DYSON V8 Original Vacuum!! Now, to be honest, I did not get this as a gift, Mr. Nine went out and got it when we first moved into our house but I have pretty much used it almost every day since then and I love it love it love it! Plus it is a major sale right now!

 Teddy Blake Bags

It’s no Secret that I love handbags by Teddy Blake! I own 8! Italian handcrafted luxury handbags without Price tags over $1000. Heck, Chanel is now even over 10,000. 

My mom is proof of a happy Teddy Blake bag gift recipient! She loves her Bella duo as much as I do!

USE CODE: TBANDREAN30 for $30 off a bag.

Favorite Perfumes

I love it when someone ask what perfume I’m wearing because I can never smell it on my self, lol! But I definitely have my top five favorites that have been my favorites for years! The top one being Chanel.

Favorite Coffee

If you are local, you do not want to miss one of my favorite holiday open houses at the Refinery Coffee. My friend Regina is the owner, and she is the best coffee roaster in all the land! At this open house (Dec 2 from 9am-2pm), she not only allows you to use your punch card but offers two dollars off every pound of coffee. I’ve already put my order in. Loved taking Stella in the other day, of course in her red sweatshirt! I am also a big fan of Peet's Coffee and their medium roast.

What is Your Favorite Gift to 
Give or Get??

I should do part two to this one because I have lots more, but I don’t want to make the post too long and I need to get prepping all my sides for tomorrow.


See you soon and Have a 

Happy Thanksgiving my loves!!



  1. So many amazing favorites! I adore all your Gibson look outfits and dying over the new TB bags that you and your mom have. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. I didn't know Kendra Scott had a Barbie collection - I am in LOVE!! All of your favorites are fabulous just like you. I love that TB bag in red - so festive and their leather is to die for!
    Have the happiest Thanksgiving sweet friend!

  3. So many good things here! I was just in KS a few weeks ago and didn't see the Barbie collection. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Fun things here! The dog sweatshirts are so cute.

  5. Anonymous23.11.22

    These are all lovely gift ideas. I love your Gibson Look outfits, especially that bright pink one! I also love you and your Mom's TB bags! Have a glorious day and Happy Thanksgiving my friend! XO, Caroline

  6. I love that Kendra Scott has a Barbi perfect is that??
    And I need those sweatshirts from my kitties. Rob won't let me clothe them, but maybe one of these days, LOL

  7. These are fabulous ideas! I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Those dog sweatshirts are so cute! Why do I always find more ideas for myself from these favorite lists than actual gift ideas. LOL. Off to check out that sweater... because apparently I think you can never have too many of them.

  9. I hosted a favorite things party several years ago too and we had a blast. We should do that again!

  10. These are fantastic suggestions! The sweatshirts for dogs are cute.

  11. Those fur baby sweatshirts are too cute! Love the Gibsonlook items too!

  12. I love that Stella Mae loves dressing up. I want to put something cute and Christmasy on my cat, but she's at least 10 and has had a hard life, so I don't know that she would love dressing up. I'm always like, "Hasn't she been through enough?" haha

  13. Stella's little shirt!! I think Maui might need one of those!

  14. So many good things. I want something from the Barbie/KS line.


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