I think we can all agree that Fall is already going way too fast! I literally blinked and September was over. But I must admit I’m excited for next month, lots of fun activities going on, and last year I was somewhat robbed of my October because of my surgery recuperation. So, let’s embrace Fall y’all and get to favorites!


Side note before I get going, not a favorite but glad to have it over with is Stella's surgery to get spayed. She had it done on Tuesday and seems to be recouping nicely. This pic was on the way home from the Vet.

1. Family Fun Day

What a joy last weekend was! I had been thinking for the past few weeks that I would have all three of my boys in one spot at the same time and we were going to do family photos since it may be the only time our one son was home from Baltimore before the holidays. However, our youngest was unable to come home due to an important exam and car trouble and we weren’t able to finagle anything soon enough. But so great having a day with dad and I to buzz around the lower Michigan area and what fun we had we tried several new places which was a blast.

The most fun of the day was an old bowling alley that they have refurbished and turn into not only bowling but a hard cider taproom called Peat's Cider Social! It was so awesome for Mr. Nine and I because it was like walking back into the 80s. Bowling sucked of course but boy did we have a good time!


Then the next morning they got to have breakfast with Giga!

2. In My Element 
It’s no secret I love me some mums and pumpkins and this day at one of our local farmers markets, I was in my element. All the mums were blooming, (although I buy them closed to keep them longer) and it was a beautiful day to snap some cute pictures in my Gibson Look mock neck luxe top! The sleeves and neck ruffly details are so cute and I just love this color! Great seasonal transition Top HERE
Use code: ANDREA10 for 10% off everything a Gibson Look.

3. Cozy Earth

All my favorite brands today! It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Cozy Earth and own lots of their pajamas, loungewear, and bedding!! This week they launched two new colors in their bamboo sheets and are they ever beautiful and LUXE! Navy, which I got in an olive green shade. also, I cannot believe I never had one of their fabulous robes! It is so soft and flows on the skin just so sweetly just like all of their garments. As always, you can use code:

CLOUDNINE40 for 40% off everything 

on the Cozy Earth website here, one of Oprah‘s favorite things ever!

4. Chunky Sweater

The Free Assembly line at Walmart is one of my favorites and it has been touted as one of the best well-made lines there and very equivalent to couple big name brands like Madewell. This Chunky Sweater is a cozy Fall favorite, and the cool color way is unexpected. There are some other great options as well.

5. Misc. Fun


BOGO BABY! Let me tell you, I love these BOOTS, under $45 and even less with the sale going on this week! Then, I shared it over on TikTok and it got almost 110,000 views, people love these boots, they keep selling out but they keep restocking, they come in five colors!



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  1. You are adorable in those pumpkin patch photos. Those boots are amazing too. Have a great weekend.

  2. So much goodness in this post! So glad Stella is doing well after her surgery. Your family always has so much fun. I want to become an honorary member. :) Love that orange sweater!

  3. The weekend with your boys looks like a blast! Too bad the youngest couldn't join in, but hopefully you'll have them all together soon enough. Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

  4. What a great wrap up - so glad Miss Stella Mae is on the mend and that is over. Looks like your weekend with the boys was wonderful too and you are the pumpkin patch Princess! Definitely in your element!

  5. Love the sweater and the pumpkins and mums are great!

  6. What a bummer the whole family didn't manage to get together and have family photos taken but it definitely looks like you had a great weekend! I like to buy my mums closed too and watch them bloom slowly at home.

  7. Anonymous30.9.22

    I am happy that you had a fun weekend with your boys, but that is a bummer about the youngest not being able to make it. So happy that Stella is OK too. Anyway! I love the photos of you with the mums and pumpkins and you are rocking those boots! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Xo, Caroline

  8. I'm so glad to hear that Stella is doing well after her surgery! Y'all have the best weekend, Andrea!

  9. Those boots look great on you! Happy Friday!

  10. How nice to have the get together will your boys and it's too bad about your other son. I'm glad Stella is ok and wishing her a speedy recovery. I love the mums and the fashion. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  11. September flew by in the wink of an eye! We are just now getting some fall weather here - but only in the mornings and evenings. Looks like y'all had some great family fun! I will have to check out that Free Assembly line!

  12. Those boots are super cute! I love all those gorgeous mums too! Bowling looks like a lot of fun!

  13. That pumpkin color is perfect on you. You wear it well. I do well in that color also. Have a wonderful weekend Andrea!

  14. Sounds like you had a great weekend with the older two boys! Hate the yongest wasn't able to join you. Love everything I have tried from Free Assembly. Definitely good quality pieces for the price. HOpe you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I'm with you on those boots. They are the cat's meow, right??
    And how wonderful to at least have two of the boys home.

  16. We got our mums this past weekend, and thanks to your recommendation, I just sprayed them with the Bloom Booster. I'll send you pic once they start to open up! Happy weekend love!


  17. Anonymous30.9.22

    I had a good laugh at the elderly couple measuring

  18. I love the pumpkin patch pictures and the chrysanthemums look absolutely beautiful. It's s funny, I had to google what mums were. In Australia we call our mothers mum.

  19. You are a fall dream with all the mums and pumpkins!!

  20. I haven't bowled in years! That taproom sounds so fun! I'm still waiting for those boots to come back in stock in my size!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  21. Oh bowling, that's a while ago. Used to love it a lot. And your boots!!

  22. What a fun post! You should be in the ad for that pumpkin patch!


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