Mee-Ta-BALL-Zas, basil, and bowtie pasta…YUMMY! The CUTEST appetizers around! AND only 4 ingredients my friends..4, plus the little wooden skewers.

Perfect for a tailgate party, with the meatballs to even make a meal, nice addition to an appetizer and cocktail party.. and with the red sauce and green basil, I think they be pretty at the holidays too. Heck they were so good I eat them any day, lol. 



The older I get, the more I like easy and these are easy indeed. Now for time sake I did use prepackaged meatballs but I need to admit something to you. This is probably the first time in my life I’ve ever bought prepackaged meatballs, I always make my own homemade meatballs. In fact these were just a little bit too big for my taste for the appetizers so I cannot wait to try these with my own.

I like to make 12-24 of these, 24 max for one jar of sauce, the amount is endless for big parties, just add a jar of sauce per 2 dozen.



Bowtie Pasta

Meatballs (frozen or homemade)

Marinara or Pasta Sauce

Basil leaves

Cocktail Tasting Forks (BUY HERE)


1. Boil water and cook your bowtie pasta as directed and drain. 

2. Simmer a jar of your favorite marinara sauce and the meatballs on the stove top until warmed through. 

Now time to assemble. 

3. Spread out your basil leaves out. carefully put your skewer through the pinched part of the bowtie pasta. Place a basil leaf on top of a Meatball, (wipe off any excess marinara back in the pot) and put those through the skewer with the basil on top and you’re done! So Simple

4.Put on a pretty plate for serving

I found that these are even good cold. However, so incredibly easy to assemble right before a party.

Aren’t they just the cutest? Watch the video how I assembled these HERE

And don't forget my recipe for Bowtie Lasagne!
It was a huge hit too!

Until next time my beauties. Heading to the airport today to pick up someone very special!!

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  1. These are so cute and look delicious! I'm going to make the next time we have a get together!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Such a cute appetizer and I already know it's tasty too. Love it!

  3. I am definitely making these soon - my family will love them and they are so cute!! Funny - I am headed to the airport today too!
    Love ya!!

  4. I say this on your Insta and thought they look so tasty! I need to make these soon. Enjoy your guest and can't wait to see you this week!

  5. These are so cute! They make the perfect appetizer! And they look yummy too!

  6. Those look adorable and delish- perfect for a party!

  7. Andrea, this cute appetizer would be great to serve around the holidays. Thanks for this appetizer recipe idea.

  8. Anonymous19.9.22

    This is the cutest appetizer ever! Looks so delicious too, I am hungry now lol. Have a glorious day my friend! XO, Caroline

  9. These are too cute too eat! I am a fan of easy recipes and can't wait to try this!

    Maureen |

  10. These are so cute and look super easy to make as well!

  11. What a perfect little appetizer!!!!

  12. These are so good looking and I like how you could have them ready ahead of time,

  13. Well these are just darling! And who doesn't love a meatball?! Meatballs are one of our kiddos' favorite things!

  14. Well aren't these just as pretty as they are tasty! Thank you for sharing with us!

    New post featuring a fun pinstripe blazer is up!


  15. These look amazing and sound pretty easy to make as well.

  16. how perfect for a party!


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