Hi friends, well we had one rainy day this week but every other day has been picture perfect here in Indiana EXCEPT What originally was supposed to be an 80° weekend is now a Sunday high of 58, boo to that. We were going to take Stella on a day trip to establishments that allow dogs around Lake Michigan, darn it. We’ll figure something else out and I sure hope y’all figure out a great weekend! Inching into total summer mode!

OH and big news, I went to COSTCO for the first time with my friend Kim yesterday. I'm SOLD!

1. Stella the Swimmer


Last weekend it was all warmth and sunshine! We blew up the Big Flamingo from my friend Kate and Miss Stella had her first swim! How cute does she look in her teeny weenie pink Polka Dot Bikini! She just loved floating on that flamingo and of course was a natural swimmer, LOL! We have such an outdoor lover on her hands!

Our teeny swimmer

Get that Flamingo HERE and Doggie Bikini HERE // 
her Hair Bows HERE 

2. J.Crew Factory 

I don’t know why it is but I really only tend to shop J.Crew and J.Crew Factory in the warmer weather months! So much cuteness to be had and summer frocks! J.Crew factory always has much better prices but the exact same quality! Look how cute these pieces are!

3. Back Porch

Getting the Back Porch cleaned up and ready for Summer Sittin makes me so happy. New Pillows arrived this year and I painted the accent table and lanterns a deeper teal. I did an entire Blog Post when we first put together this look of the porch and now on our 5th summer, it's going strong. I may change colors next year but I love the blue hues with the green.

Newer Version of our exact Sectional HERE
Comes with an extra set of cushion coves which we finally 
switched to this year.

4. Azalea

I only have one azalea and it blooms every spring to only last for about a week, so I made sure I snapped a picture. Such a beautiful lavender shade.

5. Misc. Fun


Wednesday ~ What I'm Wearing


Here's the Ice Cream SCOOP Collection!!

So many pretty shades, 

I got the ones shown, so cute!!



Meeee too!!

Have a wonderful weekend, be kind and 

do things that make you SMILE!!!!!!!

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  1. Stella is adorable on that flamingo!! And, I am also a J Crew shopper during the summer months. Happy Friday!!

  2. Stella is such a bathing beauty! She has the best wardrobe ever. I love that pretty azalea of yours, we have several but they don't bloom that beautifully. I know y'all will figure out something fun for the weekend and you'll look amazing while doing whatever it is! Love ya!

  3. Your back porch looks so amazing! Stella Mae is too cute in her suit and loving the azaleas. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  4. Oh my gosh- Stella is SO ADORABLE- I laughed out loud at her bathing suit- precious! Have a wonderful weekend XO

  5. Oh my goodness, Stella swimming is darling! I hope you have a good weekend, even if Mother Nature isn't cooperating with your plans!

  6. Had to laugh about the meme about men putting food away! It's so true! Haha! Your back porch is looking fabulous and inviting! Love the colors of pillows you added!

  7. Cannot handle Stella in her bikini. Too cute!!! Love your back porch area! I was just at J Crew Factory earlier this week. I almost got a color block dress but decided against it. Still trying to decide if I regret that decision or not lol. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Stella is so cute in the pool! I love what you shared from J Crew. I haven't shopped there in so long!

  9. Anonymous20.5.22

    Your back porch looks beautiful and Stella looks so cute on her flamingo float and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  10. Stella is just too cute in her little bikini! Love these J.Crew finds and your outfits this week! Have the best weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  11. J Crew Factory definitely has some cute pieces right now. The pots in the freezer. I sooo wish I could do that. Ha. Stella is so cute on the flamingo. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Miss Stella is super cute! I just want to hug her. Boo to being 58 on Sunday. We can trade weathers (if only) because it’s scorching where I live. It’s been in the high 90s and I am not happy! I am so not a summer girl. :( J.Crew has the cutest dresses. I want the white and blue one. It is perfection! Happy Friday!

    Maureen |

  13. OMG I cannot EVEN with that tiny swimsuit on Stella! Absolutely precious! I can't believe she likes getting wet! Maui freaks out any time we put her anywhere near water! Haha.

  14. I just love seeing Stella in your posts!!!
    It's going to be cold in Denver this weekend too, which makes me very glad we live in AZ now, haha.

  15. Boo for the weather; ours has decided to go the exact opposite way and we actually have a heat advisory in effect! The pool looks so inviting and I love your back porch area; what a beautiful color scheme.

  16. DYING over Stella Mae just chilling on the pink flamingo! Also, your back porch looks so cozy and inviting! Love it! And one of our neighbors has a huge azalea in that gorgeous shade of neon lavender, and I look forward to it blooming every year! :)

  17. Wait this was your first trip to Costco? Ever? ;0) Had to giggle on how men load the fridge. The lid would be a bonus at our house! Ha! We had snow yesterday! I was out there covering my tomato plants! We always need the moisture so all good! But we had our fireplace on last night while watching Three Mile Island.

  18. Costco is the best!! glad to hear you loved it. I really love your back porch! It's so fun getting ready for long Summer days. We're going into winter soon so we are bringing out all the layers!!

  19. We had a few very lovely warm weeks here and I fully enjoyed eating outside and reading in the sun. Your porch looks very cozy. We sit at ours a lot, I love it.

  20. Stella looks cute in her bikini. Love that color block dress from J.crew.

  21. Stella is just precious!

  22. We've put Riley on our swan before, and he is not a fan lol! He's so scared of we should have known better :) Enjoy the long weekend, beauty!


  23. Stella is a cutie pie. We have that same flamingo float.


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