Happy Friday my friends! I don’t know about you, but September is going way too fast, but the good news is, we are finally getting a cool down. Fall is officially here, and I hope you can enjoy some Fall weekend fun!

1. Support Local: GRAZE

I had to share with you the cutest new shop in town! You may remember back in February when I posted about my dear friend Erica and her incredible charcuterie boards! Well, this savvy businesswoman has got the ball rolling and now has her own GRAZE shop in downtown! You can get Grab n Graze mini type charcuterie boards; you can order your boards for yourself and special events and she’s got all kinds of neat gift ideas and super cool swag! It is the cutest place! I just had to share the decor with you!

2. Abercrombie New Arrivals

Isn’t it funny, I always associated Abercrombie with our boys when they were in middle school and high school because they loved it but all the girls clothing always seem so small? They have completely revamped their clothes to fit real women, everything from XXS to plus sizes and they have lots of cuteness. The LOVE T-SHIRT is on its way to me, and I especially want those jeans! And let’s talk about the cuteness of that fleece!


3. Week's Attire
Similar Cardigan HERE // Dress HERE & HERE // Boots HERE

Sweater HERE // Spanx Leggings HERE // Boots HERE // Similar Purse HERE

4. Salty Crush
Another great piece from Salty Crush! This adorable Chloe Top, I love the bohemian flow and it was fun to wear this to a local Amish tourist town where they had everything decorated for Fall. Mom joined me in a photo as well I thought she wasn’t expecting to be photographed that day she looks so darling in her mustard and black.

Top HERE // Jeans // Hat HERE // Boots HERE

5. Misc. Fun


It was so fun on Sunday night to see a hot air balloon land in our neighborhood!


This is such a great idea when taking a casserole or dish to someone and then they don’t have to worry about giving it back. You can do the same thing with vases, buy them at garage sales or thrift shops to take someone a bouquet of flowers in. You save so much money as well.


A couple hair ones because they’re so good

If you are a Seinfeld Fan, you know!

Enjoy the Weekend My Loves!!
I'll be Back Monday

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  1. Graze looks amazing, I loved watching your stories the other day. It all looks so scrumptious and you know how I feel about my charcuterie!! I love that bohemian blouse of yours - right up my alley and of course that sweet photo of you and your mom makes my heart happy.
    Have the best weekend my sweet friend - love you to pieces!

  2. Graze looks like such a cute shop and her boards are beautiful!! It's probably a good thing it's not closer to us, we'd probably have boards for dinner every night ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Again...the memes! That one about the casserole dishes is actually such a good idea. I am so bummed, I ordered the long sleeve tees from AF and there was a problem with my billing (that's been happening a lot with the billing and shipping addresses being different). They cancelled it and by the time I got the email they were sold out. 😩Have a great weekend! XOXO

  4. Happy fall, sweet friend! Love seeing you and your sweet mama surrounded by pumpkins! Makes my heart smile! Enjoy your first weekend of this wonderful season too! xoxo!

  5. Happy Friday! September is a hard month to say goodbye to. I just realized this is the last Friday we have in the month. Loving all of your fall outfits, and Graze looks like a great place to check out! How cool a hot air balloon was in your neighborhood. I hope you have a great fall weekend!

  6. Your friend's shop looks amazing! Wish we had a place like that here. Love all these fall looks! See you soon! XO

  7. I love that GRAZE store and the boards are just great. I love that boho top you are wearing. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  8. I like that long cardigan! Your friend's store looks so cute!

  9. How cute is GRAZE! I always associated Abercrombie with tweens/teens too. I really need to check them out! All of these pieces are super cute! That casserole dish idea is a good one!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. You're getting me excited about fall and some cute sweaters and booties! I love that casserole dish idea! Good to know about Ambercrombie, I had the same thoughts about them! Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Oh, that shop is absolutely adorable!! We have a friend here in town who just opened something similar and it's darling! She makes charcuterie boards and bakery items and I just want to go there every day and eat all the things! Congratulations to your friend! I hope she is very successful!

  12. I love all things Abercrombie right now. That Graze shop looks like it is right up my alley. So many beautiful things. I saw that idea to use old tuberware and corning dishes to make people meals. We just went through my grandmothers things and found a ton of those. I want to use them for that.

  13. We are enjoying a cool down here too, and my fall-loving heart is enjoying every second of it!! It's such a treat for us right now! And all of your pumpkin pics make me so darn happy too! Enjoy your weekend, beauty!


  14. I am such a summer sunshine beach bum lover...I always find it so difficult to move onto autumn. But you make it all look so beautiful and fun all the time my gorgeous friend! It helps make the season warmer and joyful xx

  15. I bought a few things from Abercrombie over the summer. I just ordered a houndstooth sweater vest....but that one from Abercrombie is cute too! That Graze place looks amazing. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  16. I haven't shopped at Abercrombie in forever. It's a good reminder that we should check out all stores.
    How cool with the hot air balloon.

  17. Oh I do love summer but fall is so beautiful. Love those pumpkin photos! Happy weekend!

  18. I don't think I've been in an Abercrombie store since I was in high school but those are some cute finds.

  19. Love your Abercrombie picks! Your fall photos and outfits are so cute! It was so fun seeing you this weekend!

  20. I can copy that fall look with the boho top I bought from your closet last year... just waiting for the weather to cool off! Praying for you this week!

  21. These fall looks are so cute and perfect for the changing season, Andrea!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!



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