I have loved the cooler weather this week but alas back to 90’s by Sunday. All I know is..slow down September. Hope this month is starting off great for you all. Favorites time....  
1. Family Love

 What a day we had last Sunday! 13 hours straight with our kids and we loved every minute of it! We hopped all over lower West Michigan and ended up back in good old Notre Dame stopping grounds to watch the first half of that crazy game that went into overtime! I’m going to let most of the pictures do the talking and just savor the memories because like I said, we packed in a lot!


We did start the day with desserts because a new donut shop was closed so we ended up at the most charming bakery with homemade cannoli’s and they were amazing!

LOVE this the Beach Side Pizza Place.

Fun at the 5 and Dime!

When your drink matches your outfit

We reacted this photo that we did last year (below)

Last stop had the cutest Insta photo area, and the saying changes..

this night it was fitting for the Notre Dame game. 

2. HIS & HERS Colonoscopy Prep

I repeat, not a favorite! But the good and romantic news and that you’ve heard me mention for is that Mr. Nine are doing the prep together on Sunday with procedures back to back on Monday. Look, we’re all ready and no fears, we’ve got plenty of bathrooms, reading material and more liquids to drink! Chicken broth anyone? Prayers please..polyps run on both sides of my family.

3. Week's Attire

Ok, instead of through showing you three outfits from the week because they basically were pure comfies, I’m going to show you three ways I styled a cute drop waist dress for Fall.

Similar Dresses HEREHERE & HERE // Boots HERE

Sweater HERE // Booties HERE & HERE // Cuff HERE

Jacket HERE // Sneakers HERE

4. Lounge Set

I love a cute and comfy set! The short sleeve joggers set is perfect for around the house, and I added a touch of Fall with a light rust colored bralette. And of course, sneakers but slippers around the house, LOL! 

Size up one on the set.

Set HERE // Similar Shoes HERE // Bralette HERE & HERE// Earrings HERE // Glasses HERE


5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Mom and Me


Now that the temperatures have gotten away from those triple digits, my petunias are really starting to thrive again. This is one of my proven winners Super Vista Fuchsia Petunias in the corner of our front porch. I’m actually kind of sad I’m going to be replacing all this with moms in a couple weeks. 

White Blue Heron

I’ve showed you our blue heron at the pond many times but imagine my delight this past Monday when I saw one that was white. We think he’s a baby and he’s quite active and I literally took about 100 photos just to get a couple good ones.


9/11 Documentary

An amazing documentary about what our President and his staff went through on 9/11. I was riveted, so much I did not know. On Apple TV.


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  1. Girl, I feel ya on the colonoscopy prep. My day is coming this week as well. Praying for all of us! Love this chic dress and so glad you had a good time with your kids. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am glad you guys had an extra fun weekend last week to make up for what you have coming this weekend! At least you can both get it out of the way at the same time. Good luck!

  3. Loved seeing all the pictures and reading about your fun weekend, Andrea!
    The memes were hilarious. I never liked Kid Rock until I listened to him on the Joey & Rory Feek Show. He was SO kind and sensitive. I was wrong about him and now I am a fan.
    Regarding the 9-11 Documentry, I did not see the one from Apple, but saw on from Netflix. Took me back to that day instantly.
    You take care my friend and talk soon!

  4. At least you can prepare together! Good luck!

  5. I loved following along last weekend on your adventures with the grown kiddos! Looks like you guys had so much fun! Best wishes this weekend!

  6. Lookin' good, girl 🙂

    Giggled at the memes, Andrea 😜

  7. Sending prayers for your joint colonoscopies and hoping the prep isn't too bad! Been there, done that (twice)! Loved all the family photos. It looked so fun!

  8. Good luck with the prep, that drink tastes disgusting but it's tolerable and you'll be glad when it's all over. Thank goodness you are doing it together so one of you doesn't have to watch the other one eat!
    Loved all the pictures from last weekend, looked like the BEST day!

  9. Andrea... I have one suggestion for your colonoscopy - start your prep early so that you can have a good night sleep. I took a friend this week for one and she didn't listen to me and was up all night. It is such a relief when you wake up from it and know that you can check that off your list. Good luck!

  10. You are so cute in all those Michigan pictures. I pray everything goes well this weekend with the prep and test.

  11. How wonderful for the whole family to go out and have fun together. Good luck to you the both of you with the procedures on Monday. My husband had his done this morning and we are back home and everything went well. I hope you have a nice day and weekend.

  12. I absolutely adore your beautiful flowers! I wish you would do a post telling us your secrets to getting such amazingly huge and healthy plants and flowers. Have you had such a post already that I missed? Maybe your area of the country is more conducive to this kind of gardening success. Ive never seen anything like that down here in hot/humid Florida….lol

  13. Good luck on your procedures! Looks like y'all had a fun weekend.
    That's an Egret not a Great Blue Heron. I live by Reelfoot Lake in TN and we have both of those birds EVERYWHERE!!! They love eating the crawdads in our ditches.

  14. Best of luck for the colonoscopies - lifting prayers!!!! That prep is always the worst. Luckily my last one, I just had to drink one bottle of miralax & I didnt have to drink anything yucky. Mixed it in with Gatorade & it was all done. Take it easy, relax & let us know how it goes!

  15. I love how you're prepping for the colonoscopy together, that's a fantastic idea. Loving the memes - the clown one is so funny!

  16. Good luck on your test Monday! Sounds like you spent a wonderful family day together.

  17. That's so interesting that you do your colonoscopies together. Do you get your mom to drive you both home then?? I never thought about doing it that way.
    Sending prayers Andrea,

  18. Sending prayers that your procedure goes well for the both of you and they come up clean. I love all the family time! Have a great weekend!

  19. Oh, my! Colonoscopy prep is the worst but sooooo important. I've had 4-5 and never had any issues. Hoping that for you and Hubby as well. Good to see that you had some gals on your side in some of the pics. Looks like the perfect weekend!

  20. Aww sweetie, good luck on Monday. I'll be thinking of you and will say a mini prayer that all goes well for you both. My Dad just had his this week too. It's SO important to keep up on our health, even through these crazy Covid times. Love you!! xx


  21. Sending prayers your way that all will be fine. Thinking of you my beautiful friend xx

  22. It looks like the best family day in Michigan! Good luck on Monday. Will be thinking of you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  23. Good luck with your prep tomorrow! I hope it isn't as bad as I hear! Love that cozy jumper!

  24. Your day last Sunday looks like it was amazing!! So glad you got to spend that time with your boys. Good luck tomorrow... praying!

  25. Good luck to y'all! I hope everything goes well and that you both get clean bills of health!

  26. Just curious--who is going to drive the two of you home from the procedure?

  27. Good Luck to both of y'all!! love the lounge outfit!


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