Here is my first Friday favorites of 2020. Friday favorites are usually my favorite kind of blog post to do because they are the things that have brought me pure joy. Something else that brings me pure joy is that this is one of my favorite Fridays of the year because this is the night the family goes to Ruth's Chris. It will be the only time the entire year that I have a steak and I savor every moment of it! 
 We will be -1 as our youngest had to go back to school last week but it always makes for such a fun night of kicking off the year in celebration! And unfortunately, things will get super quiet again come Sunday when the nest is empty yet again. I have no doubt I’ll find things to keep busy! Here we go!

1. CookCraftCo Recipe Feature
Remember last month when I Shared with you my exciting cookware win on Windy City Live with the 12-piece cookware set by Candace from cook craft company. Well, since that time the sweet lovely CookCraftCo darlings and I have corresponded, and they asked to feature a recipe of mine on their website. I had so much fun making one of my favorite dishes in their 12 inch dual handle pan and sharing it on their site! Make sure you go check it out, browse their fabulous cookware and notice all the wonderful places where you can buy this amazing kitchen cookware.

See Recipe HERE

2. Caroline Herrera Good Girl Perfume: 
Glorious Gold Edition
This beautiful Perfume Gift kind of goes along with the cookware favorite. Reason being, when we were on Windy City live, they were giving these away, but they ran out. So, my sweet Mr. Nine to the rescue with getting me this beautiful and great smelling perfume! It is a glitter gold and black shoe, looks so cute sitting in my closet and smells amazing! And new top three perfume for sure and this Glorious Gold Edition is still readily available.

3. Week's Attire

Sweater Coat HERE...runs big 

Turtleneck Sweater fav!!

4. Plaid Flannel Dress & Jean Jacket
I am crazy about plaid and about flannels! I have a drawstring flannel dress that I have loved for years but I was super happy to find this flannel shirt dress in such a pretty rich colors! I love it with or without a Jean jacket!

Shirtdresses HEREHERE & HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Posts of the Week 

Baby Yoda Cocktail 
My sweet friend Laura Horton knows me so well and knows that I have a strong affection for baby Yoda and cute, yummy cocktails! Just look at this fabulous meme she sent me! 

My Gal Pal Val
I don’t know about you, but I love Valerie Bertinelli! Always have and the new chapter in her life with her cooking show has become one of my favorites! I don’t know if you saw her on the Today show this week where she was so open about how this past year and the past few have really had her struggling, especially with her weight and mindset. The inspiration she gave is some of the best I have heard so far for 2020 so I shared it in my Instagram story. Well, that sweetheart actually re-posted it and responded to my encouragement to her. She’s asking her Today show viewers to help her get healthy and make better choices in 2020. Let’s help Valerie and each other this decade, always lifting and raising each other up!

I’m good with my cardio but one thing I intend to be better about in 2020 is doing yoga regularly! My mom got me this mat and I got her and I both this DVD that had fabulous reviews. AND it's only $10! I have not done it yet, but my mom said that it is absolutely amazing, and she felt better just after one session! no one word for the year or the decade, just lots of good and strong intentions.

Wishing you a winter weekend filled with JOY!

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  1. Have the best time tonight! Ours is a quiet house too now and as much as my miss those boys, is it so clean around here - ha!!! I saw Valerie on Today too and loved her, always have and always will!

  2. Enjoy your night! I have always intended to do yoga and never have.

  3. Oooh that recipe sounds soooo Good! I think I am going to give it a try over the next few weeks. Have the Best weekend beautiful!


  4. So much fun going on in this post. From cookware - I still can't believe you won that and still laugh thinking about you having to buy luggage to take it home with you. But what a blessing that has been! That stiletto perfume bottle is amazing and suits you so well. I love that you and your momma are gonna do some yoga together. Let me know how you like that DVD.

  5. That recipe looks delish and I wish there was a scratch n sniff option for the perfume- ha ha! I definitely want to smell it because the bottle is so beautiful- so you! Have a great weekend Andrea :)

  6. So many fun things! Enjoy your night out tonight and every second of that steak. I love that so many doors have been opening up for you lately, you deserve every last bit of good stuff coming your way. Have a great weekend and enjoy those boys while you have them! xoxox

  7. Congratulations on the recipe feature - very well deserved!! Can't wait to hear how you do with Yoga, that is one thing I have not been able to get into! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. What a great list of favorites and an exciting week for you! You are looking fab as usual in all of your darling plaid outfits. Enjoy your steak this weekend!

  9. I love plaid shirtdresses - and that one you have paired with the denim jacket is great - and I love the suede boot, too. I hope you have a great Friday!

    Daily Style Finds

  10. Hope you enjoy your family steak night!

  11. My body needs yoga so badly... I just wish I enjoyed it. UGH - the struggle
    I love me some Valerie too - I'll have to check out that interview. I love her on all the Kid's Baking show competitions as a judge - she's so sweet with them.
    That perfume bottle... a gorgeous art piece - or a weapon if an intruder breaks in :) LOL
    Happy weekend friend!

  12. I hope you have the best time with your guys and enjoying that yummy steak! Congratulations on the feature! I need to focus more on stretching and working in some yoga. I always feel better after doing it. I hope you have a great weekend!

  13. The Yodarita made me laugh. How cute is that?!

  14. You're killing me with all the cute checks and plaids, lady! That's so awesome about your recipe being featured! I'm smitten with Baby Yoda too, Disney already has a real cocktail! Are you watching The Mandalorian? You will love yoga. It's a big part of my life! Have a great weekend!

  15. Ummm, hello! How about Valerie responding. I bet you were jumping up and down with excitement. Enjoy our RC dinner. They've had an awesome surf and turf special the last 2 times we've gone that we get. Have the best weekend with your men before the other boys go back to school. XOXO

  16. So cool that Valerie shared your story! And that CookCraft shared your recipe! I hope you have the best time tonight! I'll be interested in hearing how you like the yoga DVD too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  17. I need to get back into yoga too. I have an online subscription that makes it so easy!!
    And that perfume bottle...OMG!!

  18. I enjoyed your jammed packed post today. Have a fun time going out tonight for steak. It will be fun for you and your mom to do the yoga together. I will be sad after Sunday when my daughter goes back to school too.

  19. I should be doing some cardio right this minutes but instead I had some apple slices and some aged white cheddar. Hopefully later today! I love the dress with the denim jacket: very cute! Fun feature with your recipe!

  20. Enjoy your dinner out! It's so fun to have these type of traditions!

  21. That's is so awesome that you got featured by Valerie Bertinelli AND Cook Craft. I'm so lucky to have such a famous friend. ;) Enjoy the RC steak night...what a great tradition!

  22. Enjoy your night out! How fun to have a featured recipe. It looks so yummy too.

  23. That perfume is too cute! Go Mr. Nine for getting it for you! I'm so excited you got your recipe published too! It looks delicious!

  24. That skillet looks so good! That meme at the end is great. Love that perfume and how it looks! Have a fab weekend my sweet!

  25. Love the flannel dress, so cute on you! Congrats on being featured for your recipe too! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) It's rainy here but the rain is so welcome!

    Away From Blue

  26. Yoga and Yoda! What's the deal, Sister!!?? LOL! How did I miss the story about the Valerie repost! How neat! Hope you're enjoying your Saturday and I hope that steak was oh-so yummy!

  27. The CookCraftCo recipe looks amazing...I must be getting hungry. I also love the plaid shirtdress outfit on you. It's such a classic piece that comes back every winter. (Being petite, I haven't found the perfect one yet - I'm also a little picky about plaid prints and colors.) You styled it so perfectly with the black boots and denim jacket - so on point! Have a fabulous weekend!

  28. How fun to share your awesome recipe on their site! I always think your food looks so good. I also love a good cooking show. I will have to watch Valerie.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  29. I can't believe you only have steak once a year. That is some serious self control! Steak is my favorite meat EVER and I definitely indulge at least a few times per year. I hope y'all enjoyed!

  30. That perfume bottle is super sassy! Love it!
    Jessica |

  31. That recipe looks so good! That's awesome that you were featured!


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