Well, it’s safe to say the week didn’t necessarily start out great when you’re blocked for four days on Instagram for doing nothing but leaving a comment! Obviously, they were in error and when Instagram is part of your work for your blog brand, it sucks. And please my dear friends, if I didn’t return a comment or comment on your post, I am truly sorry! However, on an up note, not being on Insta was alas refreshing and I got to enjoy a 3 1/2 hour brunch on Tuesday with my dear friend Connie! I am not even going to go into why this was such a yucky month because I think the whole week just had a sad cloud over it because of the loss of legend Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter! All nine people on that helicopter were amazing and it was just such a tragedy. All tragedies are sad and matter but because Kobe was such a prominent figure and such an inspiration to so many people, his platform can move forward even in death. And I hope everyone has hugged their loved ones a little tighter.

1. Last Minute Day Date
Day Dates are always a good thing and sometimes even better when they’re last minute. We didn’t really have anything going on this past weekend and Mr. Nine said let’s go to Chicago, but I didn’t think he was serious so I kind of blew him off and then a little while later he hollered at me to go get a late lunch. At the last minute, he changed his mind where we would be going, and we took a little trek an hour and 20 minutes north to one of our favorite breweries. Little did we know, it was their 12th anniversary and they were offering free fries, yes! We also happened to drive right by Trader Joe’s so Mr. Nine indulged me in a quick stop and stock up!

2. The INKEY List Skincare
I talked about this amazing skin care on my Instagram stories last week and I just want to mention it here on the blog because the price point is so dang good! I first heard about the skin care line, The Inkey List, when my blog friends and I were on Windy City Live in December and I immediately ordered some from Sephora. All their single products are under $10 and so far, I’ve tried the Hyaluronic Acid, the Caffeine Eye Cream and the Retinol. I absolutely love all three. Sephora said they can’t keep the caffeine eye cream in stock, it’s that good! And these products are all part of the Clean at Sephora products with only clean ingredients. 

3. Week's Attire

Bralette HERE & HERE// Pants HERE // Sneakers HERE

Sweater HERE // Shoes HERE

4. Blush Pink Moto Jacket
Can you believe this is the first time I wore this beautiful blush color Moto jacket out in public? I remember showing it to you in the Maurice’s dressing room a few months ago and I can’t believe I wasn’t wearing it until now. It goes with my snakeskin booties so well.
BUY Similar Motos HEREHERE, and HERE // Snakeskin Booties HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Flow

My dear Shelly from The Queen In Between must’ve known I was in desperate need of something meaningful this week and it was this beautiful scripture cards to the rescue! Aren’t these the cutest thing where you can change your Bible verse each day for motivation and I’ve set them up in my office. Love the cute little gingham on the edge and reminders of God‘s grace and love. 

Look at the summer vibes these cute swimsuits give off! And here’s a cute story. My Mr. Nine saw these on Vneyard Vines Instagram page and immediately said there’s Annie right there, she could create this look up on vacation this summer at the beach. I thought that was the sweetest thing and when we found out that this collection drops at Vineyard Vines on February 24, Mr. Nine even told Alexa to remind us, LOL!

Helps me dream of NO MORE DREARINESS. So, here’s to all the sunny and sweet vibes this weekend!

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  1. I am so with you about noon being thankful January is over. I has been a hard month and I am excited for February to be here! You look so pretty in that WHBM dress and duster! You also influenced me this week...I bought my own pair of Adidas sneaks instead of just borrowing my daughters Ha! Thank you for being such a sweet friend. So grateful for you. Praying many blessings for you in February. xoxo Sharon

  2. Aww your date date sounds so fun!! And I love those personalized scripture cards! I hope you have a great weekend:) XO

  3. The pink jacket with the snakeskin boots is so on point and lovely just like you- have a great weekend Andrea!

  4. Your day date looked like fun and I just love you in that moto jacket! Such a pretty color on such a pretty lady! Cheers to the weekend!

  5. That sounds like a really fantastic day date! I love those.

  6. I am hoping February brings a little pep, January has been a long slog! But yay for a nice long brunch and day date with Mr. Nine! Have fun this weekend!

  7. I need to get my hands on that skincare asap! Love all your looks this week and so sorry about Insta. I've seen that happen to several blogger friends. Have a terrific weekend Andrea!

  8. I'm so ready to move onto February too! What a fun day date and YUM to those fries!! Yes to a quick TJ's stop too. :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Spontaneous day dates are the best! I'm so sorry you were banned on Insta but I bet it felt great to not have to deal with it for a few days! Loving those scripture cards! Have the best weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. Sorry you got blocked on instagram. I have seen that happening to a lot of people.

  11. What a bummer about Instagram blocking you! So frustrating but glad you had a great date with your friend and with Mr. Nine. And your blush moto is To die for!! Maurice's has some gems now and then!!

  12. That blush moto is calling to me, might have to put it on the birthday list! Glad you saw the upside to getting blocked and took a break. Have a fabulous weekend!

  13. I don’t understand how Instagram could block you! I wish they would block all the random sales people that try to friend and message me. No, I don’t want to hear about your diet leave me alone! Sounds like you had a great day date! Free fries is my love language. I miss them so much! Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh Andrea, I'm so sorry that your January has been crappy. I hope things start to look up from here! And I can't believe that IG blocked you for FOUR DAYS?! That's nuts! They obviously don't know you because there's no way you could have possibly done anything that deserved that. Have a good weekend!!

  15. My heart is broken over the whole helicopter situation. Life is so precious and so unfair at times. I have been hugging my boys like crazy and of course feeling a little uneasy that I'm going away this weekend. I love an impromptu day date. Free fries, yes please! Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. How sweet you got out on a DAY date!!! Those fries look delicious and you look as cute as ever. LOVE those personalized verse cards!

  17. That is the cutest story about Mr. Nine and that Vineyard Vines ad!!! He knows you well. :) Love the scripture cards, too. What a great present!

  18. Free fries and a day date...those are the Best!


  19. I love going on lunch dates and the one with your husband sounded so nice and yay for the free fries! You look great in all of your outfits. Have a nice weekend.

  20. Whatever Instagram! So glad y;all got a day date, so fun! I love that swimsuit! Have a fantastic weekend!

  21. Sending you lots of hugs Andrea. It's the worst when the month isn't good!! But a lunch day is the best remedy. Good thing your hubby is a good one.

  22. Next week - even TOMORROW! - is going to be AWESOME!! Hello February!! But that beach picture is making me COLD!!! Lol!

  23. That is so frustrating when blog or social media issues get in the way! Glad you got it all fixed, but enjoyed your time off of it too! Your date sounds amazing! Loving that pink moto jacket too!

  24. It seems like several bloggers have had issues with IG recently...ugh! The day date looks like lots of fun, and here's to a brighter February.

  25. Oh I love it when a man does that! Great job Mr. Nine! I am going to read more about that eye product! Sounds good anyway. Happy weekend!

  26. Mr. Nine is the sweetest! But I agree, you would totally rock that swimsuit. I love day dates! It's so rare that we have date nights but to be honest, day dates are better! Can you tell I am a morning person?! :) I am sorry about your IG account. I had that happen to me a few months ago and it was just not fun. I hope it all goes back to normal soon but in the meantime, happy Saturday Andrea!

    Maureen |

  27. This has seemed like the longest January ever! Even though we are in Arizona and nice weather it seems like blah. Loving your uplifting post! Now I want french fries!And I want to shop for swim suits!

  28. Here's hoping that February is much better than January!
    BTW how do you do your hair? I've tried to get mine up to look like yours and no success?

  29. The day date looks like fun and I really like your maxi dress outfit. the blush jacket is so cute on you too! Hope you get your Instagram account back soon, how frustrating!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  30. Sorry to hear about the mishap with Insta. I have noticed a couple of blogs have warning signs. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Your outfits are so darling on you. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  31. Sometimes getting a little break is all we need even if it's not exactly our decision. Your little day date sounds amazing. I love how you two always seem up for a good time. Hope the weekend was good for you.

  32. You have a really cool jacket there dear. Also, I love your dress, so chic and breezy.

    Jessica |


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