Happy Friday my precious friends! What a week it has been. I have had one of the best birthday weeks in a long time and I can think many of you for that! I had to laugh however because I felt like most of my birthday during the day was spent on Instagram because of all your sweet interaction but I loved every second of it! One bittersweet note it is my poor mom is still very sore from the accident so continue to keep her in your thoughts and pray she improves with each day! Let’s get to some favorites at the busy week.

1. Birthday Dinner
As you may know, I was super excited to go to dinner at one of the best restaurants in the state! Mr. Nine had been there once and he wasn’t really sure what I would think. We sure are lucky to have it be only 10 minutes from our house and probably a bad thing for us is that I absolutely loved it! Now hubby is worried I want to go there all the time and I just might after that delicious meal! The best thing about the entire experience is the service, we’ve eaten in many restaurants and I don’t ever think we’ve had as good a service as we had that night!  And another really cool thing is that my sweet friend and neighbor, Sam, was there and treated me to a video of me being sung Happy Birthday to! Such a fun night!

Top right: Most unique and tasty creme brûlée ever!

2. The Love of my Friends and Family 
My sweet friends and family, you have made my heart so extra full with all your love and precious gifts you picked out just for little old me! I could literally write entire blog posts gushing on my love for EACH ONE OF YOU but I will try not to make this one too long and just give you a sentence about each of you, my sweet sweet people in my life! If you're not already following the ones who are bloggers, DO IT!!! THE BEST LADIES in Blog and Instagram land!!
From My Precious FAVORITE woman on the planet!
The roses made it through the accident too!

From my amazing, compassionate and sweet friend Laura from The Horton Family who knows me so very well and gets pure joy from giving just the perfect and heartfelt gifts. Sweeeeet. 
And those candle holders she got have a story add look AMAZING in my glam space! This angel even did a post this week in my honor (here) bless her heart!

Lisa and I share such parallel lives and her fierce loyalty, along with her beauty and talents, inspire me and will you too.
Kellyann is the most compassionate caring light. She radiates beauty and warmth and has the BEST laugh. 

From the gorgeous Shelly from The Queen In Between. This amazing woman will inspire you. She gives so freely and sweetly and loves you fiercely!

My first two gifts to arrive were these sweet necklaces from Emelia from Dream Big and Buy the Shoes and Brenda from Chatting Over Chocolate. These ladies have ginormous hearts and would do anything for you!
Emelia is writing her best blog posts yet, so relatable and from the heart. Make sure to read an extra special one Today!
Brenda's zest for life, the Hallmark Channel and Disney is contagious and pure magic! 

From the darling Sierra from Beautifully Candid. This girl is a light and a wonder. She is amazing at all she does including renovating a house!!

From the beautiful and fun Emily from Martinis and Bikinis! Look at that pretty swimsuit. Not only does Emily have an awesome blog, but she is so talented, making beautiful wine charms. Make sure to check out her site Lola Wine Designs named so lovingly after her fur baby!

From my precious friend and neighbor, Sam, whom I mentioned above and gushed about last Friday.

From my sweet friend Jenn, who I got to share mimosas, brunch and shopping with on Wednesday!

From my amazing sister-in-law Beth and family. Another great gift giver in the family.

AND Sweet and Encouraging Lisa from Life Away from The Office Chairwho is so good at creating the coolest stuff sent me a Starbucks card. Precious Gina from On The Daily Express sent me the coolest Donny Osmond Personalized ecard! Shopping Mula from my sweet Dad. And what did Mr. Nine get me you ask? Well, besides our upcoming trip...TB Miller sandals and arriving on Monday…a new MAC computer, which I desperately needed. So excited!

3. Week's Attire
Dress HERE // Earrings HERE

Jeans HERE// Sandals HERE

Buy Earrings HERE

4. "The" Jumpsuit Winner
Here it is, the outfit that won the polls for the birthday dinner! It may look red in some pictures but it is literally the most gorgeous tangerine color! It fits great had the sexy open slits in the front and the snakeskin sandals were great as well! Thanks to many of you for your help on selecting this awesome outfit and best thing, with the coupon it was under $40 which I literally cannot believe. It’s from JCPenney but at somewhere like Nordstrom this would be $150 jumpsuit!

BUY JUMPSUIT HERE // Similar Shoes HERE and HERE // Earrings HERE // Buffalo Checked Doormat HERE // Home Sweet Home Doormat HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun 
Post of the Week:

Literally one of my favorite weeks of posts as I also really loved the red jumpsuit. 

Wednesday~ Ravishing Red Jumpsuit

Kathie Lee & Hoda
Kathie Lee's Last Day
There will probably be a few tears when I watch the Kathie Lee and Hoda hour of the Today Show this morning! Who am I kidding, I’ve already cried bucket loads of tears just watching the tribute to KLG this week. It’s Kathie Lee’s last day. These two ladies have been a huge part of my life and huge inspiration to watch their chemistry together! They are both the most amazing ladies and it will be sad not to see them co-host together anymore.

You know, I did talk a lot on here about the sweet gifts from my friends and family but especially after hearing the things Katie Lee had to say this week, I just want you to know that it’s your heart and it’s your friendship that mean the most to me, gifts are icing on the cake but the things that you bring to my life; the inspiration, the enrichment, the compassion, the style, the talent, it makes my life a more beautiful ride to know and treasure each and every one of you! BIG HUGS!!!

We are finally going to get a streak of warm sunshiny luck here in Indiana with temperatures from 65 to 70. Our plan is to go to some friend’s house on the lake and have a wonderful grilled meal after our husbands have their first golf outing of the year! 

I hope you have the most awesome weekend possible! 


  1. Oh my goodness, you are the most loved woman on the internet! I love seeing all of your birthday goodness and I know how much fun you will have with all of it! I love that bathing suit!
    Your jumpsuit is pure perfection and was the perfect outfit for your special night out.
    I will be so sad too today when KLG signs off - ugh, it's been hard watching it all this week - I love her and Hoda!!!
    Have the best weekend precious friend!

  2. It looks like you were spoiled rotten for your birthday, just the way it should be. With all of the love you put out into the world, it is nice to see you get some back! Have a wonderful weekend sweets!

  3. Andrea-you look beautiful and I am so glad you loved your bday dinner! Have a great weekend!

  4. Aw glad to hear you've had a fabulous birthday week! and that your mama is doing better! I love that jumpsuit and what a week to rock it! Have the best weekend birthday friend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. What a special birthday for you and to be showered with lots of love and gifts by the people you love is so incredible! I hope the celebration continues this weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Happy Friday and Happy Birthday Week!! Again, I can't help but say how overjoyed I am that you were so well celebrated!!! Love you with my whole heart, sweet friend!! I'm so glad that this fresh new year of life is off to such a special start for you! I will continue to pray for your precious mama as she recovers from her accident. I saw a dump truck sitting in the parking lot of a shopping center we visited last night and I told my family (again) how thankful I am that your mom is alive & well today. <3 So scary and such a reason to celebrate life, especially after hearing in your insta stories that when she saw it coming she thought it may be the end for her. I'm so glad she, and even those gorgeous roses, made it safely on to celebrate you, her beautiful daughter, for another birthday! God is good!! All my love and the biggest hugs to you and your mama too! xoxo!!

  7. What a special birthday week! I love seeing all of the sweet goodies you got from your friends and family! You look stunning in your red jumpsuit! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. You have special friends - and had one special birthday week! Enjoy your new computer - that is a wonderful gift! Hope you have an amazing weekend.

    Daily Style Finds

  9. You got so many great gifts! Glad you had a wonderful dinner and birthday overall!

  10. It's so sweet to see how well-loved you are in this community. You are so kind and sweet to everyone and I'm glad you got a small piece of that love back on your birthday! It looks like it was an amazing day with some fabulous gifts!! I'm excited for you to get your new Millers!!!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  11. Absolutely LOVE Kathy Lee!!! She’s an amazing human and such an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️ So happy you had a wonderful birthday. I loved all the IG stories!

  12. You deserve the best birthday ever because you give so much yourself, Andrea!!
    That jumpsuit is amazing. Your shopping skills are definitely second to none.
    Have a fabulous weekend,

  13. Happy Birthday. Happy day.

  14. I'm glad you were spoiled and enjoyed all your gifts- it's a true testament to the wonderful person you are. You SO deserve it. I totally enjoy a great restaurant and it really is wonderful when you have top notch service, it sets the bar!Enjoy your weekend lovely!

  15. I am so sad that it's Kathie Lee's last day! I watch the Today Show religiously in the summer but because I don't have regular TV I don't get to watch it unless I'm at my parents'. I'm sad she's leaving & that I'm missing it. You looked stunning on your birthday!

  16. Andrea, you are the nicest and most caring woman, so it's no surprise that you were showered with so many gifts on your birthday! Everyone loves you and we can't help but love you because you are so kind to everyone!!! I hope your weekend is wonderful and enjoy the great weather!!

  17. So wonderful that you enjoyed your birthday and the lovely gifts that you received. I do love those KS earrings. You are a knockout in your red outfit! It sounded like a wonderful dinner and celebration. Enjoy it all!
    jess xx

  18. What a lovely birthday you had! You are blessed with so many sweet friends.
    Cheers to another great year.

  19. I'm so glad you've had the best birthday week! Keep on celebrating this weekend, lady! And your sweet momma has been in my prayers. I hope she feels better soon!

  20. How celebrated you are!!!! & totally should be!!! It says a lot about a person who is so well loved by others.
    Glad your birthday was full of surprises for you!

  21. So much birthday love for you dear friend. I haven't been watching Kathie Lee & Hoda regularly for a while, but I've been watching it this week some. The end of an era. Have the best weekend! XO

  22. What a week and holy moly were you showered BIG! I love those KS earrings and those ones from alter'd state! so cute! Hope you have a super weekend.

  23. Best birthday week ever!!! The meal you had looks so delicious and you look gorgeous! I hope that your mom feels better soon! Have a great weekend!

  24. Wowza... what spectacular gifts Miss Andrea!! You are truly loved. Happy, happy bday!!! So mad at myself that I didn't tape Hoday & KLG!! Just as well, I probably would have been a basket case. Love that red jumpsuit on you. Hope you're birthday goes for another week!!!!

  25. Happiest of birthdays to the sweetest!! I am so glad you had such a fun dinner out with your hubby and were showed so much love! You deserve it! Wishing you the best weekend!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  26. I'm glad you were so showered with love for your birthday. That jumpsuit is awesome!

  27. SO many wonderful gifts for a lovely lady! Happy birthday.

  28. Happy belated birthday, Andrea! You are clearly loved by many. That red jumpsuit is absolutely gorgeous on you!

    xx Darlene

  29. You received some very special birthday gifts, and I'm glad you had a day full of celebrations! Hope your mom recovers soon.

  30. Seriously that jumpsuit is killer on you! It looks like you had an absolutely amazing birthday! You got some fun gifts! I love those Kendra Scott earrings! Can't wait to see them on you!

  31. Happy belated birthday! Wow, you were spoiled! That is so fantastic. Enjoy your weekend!

  32. Oh my wow! You got so spoiled from your friends and family. So many cute and thoughtful gifts and your birthday dinner with the Mr. looks delicious! LOVE your outfit! So so pretty and I'm so glad to see you getting all the well-deserved love! xoxo

  33. My beautiful Birthday Girl! What a week you have had and I can't think of anyone more deserving! xoxo

  34. Looks like you had a fantastic birthday week! Happy Birthday!

  35. Happy Birthday! You sure got spoiled! Love all your gifts! ... and the red jumpsuit! You look awesome.

  36. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great one and you received some very nice gifts.

  37. I love all your birthday gifts! So much fun! I just love this tribe! You look amazing in red.

  38. You had an amazing birthday week! So many fun gifts!

  39. I'm so glad you had such a great birthday week! That dinner looks so good and you deserve all the best and to get spoiled for the day.


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