Happy Friday and crazy to say the last one in July. This week has been uneventful. Gearing up for Back to school and college while still soaking up Summer. Hope you’re enjoying the season and like many of us, looking forward to Fall and cooler temps after Mother Nature went Crazy again! Should be cool enough here to sit out on the Lanai that I shared with you on Monday. Now, Let’s Talk Favorites!

Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side
On Wednesday, I showed you my adorable On Cloud Wine sweatshirt. Well, I’m excited to tell you more about the sweet bloggy friend who gave it to me. It's Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side! LOVE this girl! This amazing southern California beauty is not only sweet, funny and gorgeous but she is super smart and let's just say VERY important but "It's Classified!" She is also a Blended Blog Sister, crafty, can cook and oh so domestic! She is a Go Go Go girl like me and the light of the lives of her family and friends! 
This girl is one of the BEST organizers I know. LOVED her post on Organizing your home. Sarah’s family is the absolute cutest. See her awesome post on Picking Family Photoshoot Outfits because their family photos are precious. Another fun post of Sarah's is How to Make Mom Friends. It's such a goodie because Sarah is one of the most genuine, happy friends I know. Sarah and her hubby are a pure joy and I love that their anniversary is on my birthday! They are the epitome of a strong and sweet marriage and she wrote a great post about Love Being a Choice HEREShe has the most beautiful hair, can style and braid it a million different ways and is a beauty product expert in my opinion. Trust me when I say you come away happy from reading Sarah’s BLOG and even luckier if you get to meet her. 
Just look at this gorgeousness!

Sarah and I in Toronto, May 2017

Cheers and Thank you for my Sweatshirt
sweet friend! 
Outfit from Wednesday
ON Cloud Wine Stemless Glasses HERE

2. Favorite Summer Foods
I always love seeing what other people eat so here is some of my summer goodness this week. Each one with some fresh fruit or veggie.
Peaches and Greek vanilla yogurt with a little of my homemade Crunch 

My Homemade Pasta Salad

Ice Cold Watermelon and Feta Cheese 

Guess it’s Graphic Tee week, lol. Especially Love the saying “LOVE WINS!”….because it truly does!! This reminded me of Sarah too because she had a similar Love tee on her BLOG this week. This Rock and Roll All Night one has my heart And My Mom is totally in Love with this Beatles Graphic Tee.
BUY TEE HERE // Sandals HERE // 
Capri's HERE // Headband HERE

Buy TEE HERE // Shorts HERE // Gingham Slide Sandals HERE

4. Another Cute Sweatshirt 
  Sweatshirts are just so easy to throw on. Before vacation, I got this Striped One from Old Navy. Only wore it for this picture because never got cool enough but these evenings here are cooling down so I'll be wearing it a lot. It’s on major sale right now and the colors in the little pineapple are so cute! 

5. Misc. Fun
Sunflowers from a Friend
A friend came over for lunch this week and brought me these gorgeous sunflowers.

Future Lake House? 
It’s no secret that Mr. Nine and I hope to live in Northern Michigan part time on the Lake someday. He found a GREAT house plan we are filing away for when that time comes. With closet modifications of course, lol. Isn’t it cool! 

 Happy Birthday J-LO
And a BIG Birthday Cheers to my homegirl, Jenny from the Block. Here she is celebrating her 49th birthday this week. Look how happy A-Rod looks...and I mean come on-49!!! Major Life Body goals as I am not far behind her! 

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HAPPY WEEKEND...Dance the nights and days away or just chill on the Lanai!

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  1. Those peaches and yogurt have just inspired my breakfast!! Hard to believe she's 49! Have a wonderful weekend...I'm glad to catch up on blog land after my trip. :)

  2. I'm thinking of changing up my breakfast after those delicious summer dishes! A lake house is a great idea in my book #lakelife rules and that house looks awesome. Happy Friday friend!!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. That Lake house looks amazing just like J Lo and that body - holy moly! I'm lovin' all those graphic tees. Hope you have a wonderful weekend beautiful!

  4. I just love Sarah; always with that big adorable smile on her face. She's so sweet and made you the perfect top. I love fresh fruit with my yogurt in the morning. Such a yummy, summary way to start the day!

  5. I love the lake house design!!!! Your graphic tees are so cute too! Gotta love a fresh and beautiful pasta salad like yours!!! Have a gorgeous weekend!!! -

  6. That lake house is amazing! That would be so much fun and I'm totally coming to visit once you get it done!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Sarah is a beauty! Love the sunflowers. You have some sweet friends for sure. You know I want that camper shirt. I was just talking about J Lo yesterday and how good she looks at age!!! I better get to working out more.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. So much beauty and deliciousness here, as always! :) So sweet of your friend to bring that cheery bouquet of flowers for you! Wishing you a weekend that's as lovely as you are, darling friend! xoxo!

  9. That would be such a gorgeous lake house!

  10. Have a great weekend Andrea xx

  11. You make retired before 50 look so damn hot. Love ya, sis! That house plan is wonderful.

  12. What a great intro to Sarah....doesn't she have the best hair??
    That striped sweatshirt takes stripes to a new level...what's not to love??

  13. I’ve got to contact Sarah for a sweatshirt like that! Absolutely love that off the shoulder look! I’ve got dips on the Lake House!! Soooo Beautiful!! And you are, too! Have a great weekend, Love.

  14. Body goals for real!!!! I love the look of that lake house!!! That striped sweatshirt is so fabulous, though thinking of long sleeves right now has me breaking out in a sweat haha. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Love that sweatshirt and the sunflowers. My daughter was all Mommy, Jennifer Lopez is older than you! (shocked voice). LOL, yeah, by 9 years!

  16. Ahhh, your Lanai is like a dream. I hope you get to enjoy some cooler nights out there. Sarah is so sweet and I love the picture of you two together. Your yummy treats look so delicious. That pineapple sweatshirt is adorable! Having a lake house would be amazing! I hope your dream comes true sooner than later. That house plan would be perfect for a lake house! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  17. Wine edition sounds right up my alley! Love that cute sweatshirt and all of your graphic tees. So fun!! That lake house plan is amaze-balls! YES!! It's fun to plan and dream for the future. I can't say no to a striped shirt, ever! I've been doing really well at Old Navy with their sales lately. Those sunflowers are gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Wow that lake house plan looks amazing! I love your sunflowers they are so pretty. Just like you! Have a fantastic weekend!

  19. All the windows in that lake house - YESSSS!!!
    J-Lo is my fav - I always say I know we'd be best friends :) haha
    I love Sarah - she is truly the cutest. I can just envision the two of you together

  20. All of that food looks great. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Awww, thank you so much for the feature! You are so dang cute! And sweet! Bummed that tee is already sold out! But need to get that sweatshirt from ON. Lake House living, then I'll need to come visit two places with you! :) Hope you have a fab weekend lady!

  22. hmm, you made me really wonder what Sarah does for a living, haha! Love your graphic tees, and that house plan, WOW! love it!

  23. My goodness, Andrea, you're so fashionable! I love how you feature your sweet blogger friends - it always gives me fantastic new ladies to follow! And I'm just SWOONING over that lake house...look at all the windows! My goodness! Have the BEST weekend!

  24. I love JLO! When she was on American Idol she was just SO geninue and kind. She also looks incredibe and has amazing style. That lake house is pretty cool. We won't be moving until Chris retires. Your graphic shirts are super cute and yes girl love always does win!! Your blogger friend is so pretty and since she lives in California like my sister I'll check out her blog! :-) Have a fantastic weekend friend! :-)

  25. What a fun roundup of favorites. That sweatshirt from Old Navy is the cutest. I love sunflowers. So fun to see Sarah as your spotlight, I love her blog. Happy Friday!

  26. Love everything about this post!! And I saw JLo's post on her birthday and my jaw dropped! I hope to look half as good as her at some point in my life hahaha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  27. My son just bought a house on Lake Michigan on Long Beach in New Buffalo. He rents it out. It's a monster so it's the kind of place you want to go in on with a few families/couples. Keep it in mind!


  28. Always lovely to Read your Friday Favorites! Have a great weekend!

  29. Ice Cold Watermelon and Feta Cheese!! Yum! Panera had a watermelon and feta salad last summer and I was hoping they'd bring it back this summer, but NOPE. So bummed still about that. Dang, J-Lo looks amazing. #goals A house on the lake sounds so nice!!


  30. How gorgeous is that lake house? And I cannot BELIEVE JLO- she is such a goddess!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  31. How did you know what I have been eating/ hehe. LOve ice cold watermellon! have to try it with the feta, yum. I have been eating Yogurt flips, and love the peavhes with crunch :-) Cute sweatshirt, you look great!
    enjoy the weekend friend!
    jess xx

  32. That's cool that you got to meet Foxy. There's a few bloggers in my area that I hope to meet sometime. I love sunflowers.

  33. That house looks like the perfect lake house! I love the wall of windows! Your Old Navy sweatshirt is super cute too!

  34. JLO is gorgeous!! Love her. PS have the best weekend :)

  35. Love your super blogger friend's kindness. Love your summer food ideas. Love your dream house. Love your outfits. Love YOU! Hugs, x.

  36. You have way too many cute things on this weeks favorites. I didn't know that Sarah gave you that shirt. So cool. I love the stripped sweater with the pineapple. Yes! And the Love Wins shirt is amazing!


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