So much goodness going at cha this weekend!! April is arriving and my Birthday on Monday and please tell me, warm temps with it! Easter is here to celebrate the greatest gift of all! Unfortunately Mr. Nine and I had to postpone our Chicago trip until May. Lots of factors and while I'm a little sad, one night is a little short. We planned it before realizing it was Easter and the weather looks horrid and since we like to be outside most of the time we are there, It'll be smart to wait until alfresco dining type temps the end of May. Brunch on Easter at our favorite swanky establishment (one of the very few swanky establishments) will do instead. Hope no one is on my way at the Mimosa Bar!! LOL!! 
1. Birthday's Past
My Birthday always has me reminiscing on the past and how they were spent. One of my favorite pictures of all time, my 2nd birthday on April 2nd also happened to Fall near Easter that year so our relatives were up to visit including my Aunt Robin, my mom’s baby sister who is almost exactly a decade older than me (Her Birthday was Monday). 
Notice my cake was a bunny!


 "21" ~ I got a Hope Chest, do you remember those? 

"45" in the city often for me Birthday ~ Chicago!

2. BOGO Sandals
Speaking of Target, BOGO on shoes had me like oh yeah, 2 sweet pairs landing in my closet. LOVE both of these super comfy and like $20 for both.



3. Week's Attire
The Loft peplum top and jeans, Payless Wedges

Gap Jean Jacket, The Loft Camo Pants, Nordstrom tee similar Here, cuff and booties 

Nordstrom sweater, Zella leggings, Macy's Ralph Lauren slides HERE

4. Floral Sweatshirt
Mindy Mae Sweatshirts are adorable but this one is a third of the cost at my local Meijer. It is so comfy and I have gotten so many compliments in it. The perfect lil casual Spring outfit to wear round town.


More Inspo


Can you believe Monday is time for the link Up TBB ASKS! We are channeling every Spring vibe we can to get the season here faster with this fun filled “Spring” edition! Please join us!

Wednesday Fashion Link-Up Themes
And join us as we make Wednesday Fashion Link-Ups themed for a couple months. Join that stylish fun too!

If you are a fan of Cadbury Eggs, you will love these limited cookies. I first tried them last year and whoa…so good. Love to have just one (80 calories) with a cup of tea.

I'm going to now have a Cadbury cookie and get this party started. And I was told by my blogger friends, I can celebrate all week! 
You do the same sweet peeps! 

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  1. I still have my hope chest! I received one for Christmas right after Ben and I got engaged to hold all my wedding gifts until we got married! Now, its in my closet!
    LOVE all your outfits! And Target sandals are the BEST!
    Happy Easter Friend! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Yay for birthday weekend!!!! Love that 2nd birthday picture, so perfect! I remember hope chests! My mom has one that she used to keep all her sweaters in. I totally tried those sparkly sandals at Target on and plan to grab them online with another pair that they didn't have in stores the other day. Gotta do the BOGO! I love that Loft peplum top. Was that this years? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Have the very best Birthday weekend my friend, I think you'll have a much better time when the weather is better and you can stay longer in my favorite city! Those sweet pictures of your birthdays past are just precious. My mom has a brother who is about a decade older than us and we always treated him more like a cousin growing up - he was always so much fun! Love your outfits of the week, especially the camo pants and graphic tee.
    Have a wonderful Easter my friend!

  4. Love that we're April birthday girls!! It's the best month really ;-) Those pictures of you when you were younger are so sweet. Target is really making some great sandals this season. I hope you have the best weekend friend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. Happy early birthday!!! Love the flashback pictures of you and the kitchen in your 2nd birthday! I hate you had to postpone your trip but I do think May will be much better! And May will be here before we know it! Enjoy yourself this weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. So sorry you guys had to postpone but hopefully the mimosas will ease the pain haha. I'm glad you mentioned them as I need to add champagne & OJ to my grocery list! I hope you have the most FAB birthday lady. These pictures are so priceless. Sending lots wishes your way for a beautiful weekend.

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  7. I'm sad you had to postpone your trip, but it will be easier for the Easter Bunny to find you at home. I am sure the al fresco dining will be better next month anyway. Enjoy your Easter pretty lady and have a super birthday celebration!

  8. Happy Birthday, dear Andrea!! I don't blame you for postponing your trip. Nothing is worse than spending money on a getaway and having it rain the whole time. Love all your darling outfits - especially the top from the Loft. Have a wonderful Easter.

  9. Happy happy birthday! Stinks you had to postpone your birthday, but now you get to stretch out the birthday festivities till the end of May! hehe...Have a great weekend and Easter pretty lady!

  10. I say it's Birthday Month! Happy early birthday to you. I love seeing some of your favorite birthdays through the years. How cute were you at 2 and since then! I will check out Tarjay for some new sandals. That's a great deal. You always looks so put together. I would love to play in your closet! Chicago sounds fun, we were there for the first time last summer and I fell in love with the city. I haven't seen the Cadbury cookies, probably a good thing for me! :) Enjoy your weekend and start celebrating!

  11. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday! Sorry your trip got postponed but the weather will be sooo much nicer in May. Have a great weekend celebrating!

  12. So sad you had to postpone your trip, but happy birthday! And make it a whole month of celebrating! Happy Easter!

  13. Hope chests... wow... memories. That was the thing, wasn't it?
    I have been obsessed with floral sweatshirts... just in time for it to get humid &hot again ;) haha
    Is that BOGO sale still going on? I gotta check it out.
    Hope you & your gang have an incredibly Blessed Easter!!!

  14. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sad I didn't realize earlier your birthday was Monday. Well that won't happen's in INK now in the planner❤️. Sorry you had to postpone, but YES, Chicago is a place where you want to be outdoors and good weather is a must. I just love that you got a hope chest on your 21st. That's so precious. Have the best weekend celebrating and being celebrated!!! You deserve it. (now picture me blowing one of those silly paper thingys that goes in and out😘)

  15. Happy almost birthday! Gabbie's birthday is the 1st and it's supposed to snow here! Crazy.

  16. Happy Birthday!!! My mom's birthday is next week too (Wednesday). I am loving the sandals. So pretty. I have that Nordstrom sweater in black and it's a favorite of mine. So comfy. Happy Easter!

  17. Aw love your throwback posts! Happy early birthday beauty!!! I hope you have a fun weekend and a great Easter with your family celebrating both.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  18. I still have my hope chest! It sits at the foot of our bed and holds our blankets now. My husband made it for me.. probably for my 17th or 18th birthday and though it's starting to fall apart I just love it. He has been looking at plans to make me a new one but I just love the carving on the front that he did with his great uncle who had long since passed away so I'm trying to convince him to save the front and use it somehow on something. Happy early Birthday and Happy Easter.

  19. Happy birthday and Happy Easter.

  20. What a SWEET post, much like its author! ;) I absolutely adore those pics from your stroll down birthday memory lane! So precious and I love that their are priceless memories attached to each! So sorry your trip has been postponed, but it will be well worth the wait when it arrives and you enjoy sunnier skies, warmer temps, and al fresco dining dates with your hubby! As always I love your outfits and I smiled when I spotted Mickey in the mix - woohoo for that magical mouse! :) Wishing you a glorious Good Friday, wonderful holiday weekend, a beautiful Easter Sunday celebrating our risen Savior, and an incredible birthday!!! Much love to you, sweet friend! xoxo!

  21. Oh, my, yes, I still have my hope chest. My sweet Daddy built it for me out of solid walnut. It sits at the foot of our bed in the Master Bedroom. It is a lovely piece of furniture. Would love to enjoy a cuppa coffee with you for your special day on Monday. Blessings abundant for a beautiful Easter weekend and your special day. Sending big hugs your way!

  22. Happy early birthday!! Yay Aries! And umm your closet is a DREAM!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Cute sandals, and I think I need to try the Cadbury cookie :)

  24. Happpppppppy birthday from Tennessee! Enjoy it, Easter, and all the Cadbury Cookies you can get!

  25. I have been seeing the BOGO at Target sale and want to take advantage!! I'm indecisive and miss a lot of good sales because of it. I love your outfits for the week...of course I'm drawn to those pink adidas! I love whatever you pair with those! Happy early birthday beautiful...from adorable to beautiful, aging in grace and beauty.

  26. Enjoy your birthday brunch! The Mimosa bar sounds delish. Good call on postponing the trip for another weekend so you can really enjoy all that Chicago has to offer since it's such an amazing city! Love all your cute outfits for the week and those cute bogo sandals! Love a good deal! Have a fab weekend celebrating YOU!! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  27. Have a great Easter and a fabulous Birthday!

  28. Happy Birthday! Hope your special day is as fabulous as you! xoxo

  29. Have a really Happy Birthday Andrea, I do hope your are spoilt and that's what you deserve my friend. Nice post too. I hope you'll linkup on my #chicandstylish party. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  30. Happy Birthday Andrea. I hope your having a great birthday weekend. I love your photos :) I have never seen those creme egg cookies before, I love creme eggs though. Thanks for sharing at The Easter Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop

  31. You look marvelous Andrea! Happy happy birthday my pretty friend. Also happy Easter. Today is my birthday, no foolin!

  32. Happy birthday pretty lady!! I'm sorry your trip had to be pushed back, but I know you'll have a great time in May too! I love all of the outfits, especially those gingham wedges from payless, what a find!

    Pumps and Push-Ups


  34. That sweatshirt is darling! I need to check out our Meijer! And I love the shoes you got! The slides are super cute!


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