WHOOHOO the weekend is here!! Oh man, how it bites getting back into a week of work after a glorious Summer vacation. Trying to embrace being back in the saddle but early retirement is looking better and better by the minute! Hope you all had a great week and are eagerly anticipating a fantastic mid-July Summer weekend. 

If you like Moscato, you will love these. Perfect for us ladies who want a small drink with great flavor. My hubby found these at the grocery store in a 4 pack. They are so tasty and just 6.3 oz. They come in several different floors. Perfect for a day in the sun as very refreshing.

I LOVE this picture he took of my bottle on the deck over vacation...

2. Nordstrom GUIDES..NO...LUCKY Booties..YES!
Ok Nordstrom Sale OVERLOAD people. Yes, Nordstrom has cool stuff and while we don't have one close by, their web customer service has been phenomenal and I do purchase from time to time. That being said, as I was browsing My Bloglovin yesterday, every other post was "Your Guide To The Nordstom Sale!" Man, I think I know the items available by heart now. I caved and did indulge in a couple needed wanted items. My Fav: These Lucky Perforated Booties. I'll get my money's worth outta these puppies! 
AND despite loving Fall, I am NOT ready for it, still barefoot or in sandals but a girl's gotta prepare for the future, right?

LUCKY "Bashina" Perforated Bootie HERE
CONFESSION....I may purchase another thing or two....the selection really is good...
3. Week's Attire
Bright...To Beat the Back to Work Blues
Glick's top, Easy necklace, Maurice's pants

Loft cardigan, JC Penny shell and pants, Michael Kors flats

Wal-Mart Dress, Charming Charlie necklace, The Loft cardi, Aerosoles sandals

4. Athletic Dresses
On vacation I like to be cool and comfy. I have always thought the lil athletic dresses were cute but it wasn't until I tried one on at TJ Maxx that I was sold. Here's why, not only is the material summer soft and breathable, but they have built in bras that are great support so no strapless worries. I call these One and Done Dresses!! This royal blue one is by Prana. Athlete, Patagonia and Title Nine make super cute ones too.

More Athletic Dress Inspo
These dresses Here

 Patagonia Dress Here

Patagonia Lattice-back Dress Here (comes in plain black too)

My All-American sweethearts and I'm really starting to ache at letting two of then go off to college soon, very soon. They LOVE beach life and vacay with the fam....



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  1. I love moscato so I really want to try to find those!! Can't wait for the vacation beach recap - I'm sure it was the perfect family vacay! Hope you have a great weekend love! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Ha - the Nordstrom sale . . . no more guides!!!! ;-) Glad you made it to Friday and get to relax with the family this weekend!

  3. Glad you made it through the week! Love all of your bright floral tops! Those booties are so cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Those perforated ankle booties are the top item on my list! I hate to admit it, but I am so ready for fall! It has been over 90 so many days in a row now, I want some cool temps haha! At least I can dream about it through the Nordstrom sale because I won't be wearing any of those sale items anytime soon haha! Have a great weekend, Andrea!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  5. I absolutely love those booties! I snatched up a pair myself from the sale yesterday! Seriously--how can you not shop the sale when you see all those blog posts?! Hope you have an awesome weekend love!

  6. I love those ankle booties! I can't wait to see how you style those this fall. I'm with you, though, hanging on to sandal season!
    Soak in every single moment with those handsome boys of yours! I can't imagine how I'll be feeling when it's time for mine to leave the nest.
    Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  7. CUTE booties baby doll! And athletic dresses rock. I lived in them for two summers and they were just perfect. I could go jog in them and run errands and feel put together. Look at those young men of your's - don't you get a rush of pride every time you see your boys together? I am wishing you a FABULOUS weekend!!!

  8. That moscato infusion is neeeeeeeeded poolside by me! I just got some mini donut float drink holders that would look perfect in ;) I am so excited to read your vacation recap, love love love those pictures! I'm with you ..I was a TAD overwhelmed at the NSALE posts yesterday, but I did scoop up a few great picks! Hope your weekend is fabulous like you..xo!

  9. Those individual Moscatos look so refreshing! Liking those dresses, they look so light and comfy for the summer. Haha, I wish I could retire early now! Beautifully Candid

  10. I love moscato and it's good to know it comes in smaller bottles. Love those "one and done" dresses too. So cute!!

  11. I'm glad you've made it to the weekend! Love your dress from Walmart & those athletic dresses all look so comfy & cute.

  12. I love your work outfits. So cute! I am loving all the floral. Glad you made it to the weekend...coming back from vacation is so hard!

  13. I hid from Bloglovin the past few days because of all the Nordstrom guides. I do love those booties though! Great choice! I would much rather see what people actually bought than what they think I should buy. Work is the WORST. I say definitely early retirement if you can do it. Have a great weekend love! xo

  14. The #NSale definitely takes over blog world during this time every year. I debated about posting because I feel like people are sick of it haha! But I tried to pick unique things that weren't in other peoples graphics, so many people just share the exact same thing!

  15. Great choices. booties are so much fun and those dresses are awesome. Happy Friday.

  16. Those moscato 4 packs look delish! And I'm starting to wonder where all the Nordstroms are, because we don't even have one here in Orlando. We have to go all the way to Boca Raton or Tampa, but I agree their online site and customer service are impeccable! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  17. Your boys are always so handsome! Love how proud you are of them! :)

    And oh my goodness, you are right about this Nordstrom sale taking over the blog world. Nearly every blog I've read today has at least mentioned it if not had a post devoted to it. I've never actually bought anything there before, but the social marketing is starting to work on me, haha!

  18. You survived your first week back from vacation! That is a feat all in itself! I can't wait to hear more about the trip, have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Those booties are perfect, Andrea! I may have to check out the sale, I've been avoiding it. LOL!
    Hoping you get to relax and have a good time this weekend, beautiful!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  20. Haha I totally agree about the Nordstrom sale. It's crazy. I guess people must make a lot of money. I got sucked in though... Power of the blogging world! That drink looks great, and I love your outfits!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  21. Oh how I know, Sweetie! I love Nordstrom but I dread all the anniversary sale posts coming! Just call me Debbie Downer! Thought of you the other day when I was getting a pedicure! My girl was wearing some distressed/holey jogging so from AE and I am in love!! Gotta try those babies on!! I think they're $50! I'm checking in from NOLA! Have a great weekend!

  22. Oh those athletic dresses are simply awesome. They are so comfortable but don't feel as rundown as my usual housewear. LOVE all your colors!!!

  23. bahahah that last pic!
    Also, how sweet are you boys?!
    My goodness, I love how much color you have in your wardrobe.
    Imagine going back after a YEAR off... that'll be me a week Monday... I already warned my boss I'll probably walk in crying lol
    Super cute booties!!

  24. Enjoy your weekend! Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday!

  25. The Lucky Perforated Booties are a great score!

  26. Cute dresses! Thanks for the tip off! Your boys are SO handsome!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  27. Anonymous16.7.16

    That bootie is something I'd wear ! I love it !

  28. Those Lucky boots are fabulous! And I am glad that style is still trending for the Fall because I have a few similar pairs! And that cobalt dress is so adorable and the color is fantastic on you! Don't forget to link up with me On the Edge of the Week!


  29. I guarantee those booties will be fabulous! I bought a similar pair of lucky brand last year and love them. I'm a little sad they are still in such great shape and I couldn't justify these!!
    Hope you are having a super weekend!

  30. So much great inspiration throughout this post!! Love it!! And athletic dresses are so perfect for a vacay... totally comfy and cute!!

    All the Cute 🎀

  31. Hahaha everyone did share stuff they were getting from the Nordstrom sale didn't they? Those booties are fabulous! And that drink sounds year when I can have one hahaha. Hope you had a great weekend! Clearly I am behind on my readings.

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