Has it been an extra sweet week of love? Lol! We try and celebrate love each and every single day, but a little extra dose of Valentine’s and Galentine’s is fine with me! Today, my mom and U are going to a new Italian bakery called Caffe Capriccio and I'm getting a lovely cappuccino!! 

1. Twins

These two sweethearts are my forever Valentines! Aren’t they precious! I got them these outfits at Christmas in hopes that they would fit them by Valentine’s Day and they do! Look at Cici on the left winking, LOL! LOVE!!!

We were so happy to spend time with them, their mommy and daddy and another son and his girlfriend last weekend!

I also got them these sweet bunny hats and there’s some cute booties with white pom-poms to match. I can’t believe Easter is March 31st! 

And then the best Valentine's Day of all the spend it with them! Starting them early with flower gardening. LOL.

2. Laura Geller Gift and Product LOVE

Laura Geller’s iconic Baked Balance-n-Brighten FOUNDATION turned 20 this year. Over 7 million compacts sold. To celebrate, Laura sent her Geller Gals a compact and brush along with a giant chocolate heart & a wood mallet to break it open. Inside was more chocolate and a gift card. You can get this amazing light to medium foundation too. The weightless formula is baked for 24 hours and hand-finished in Italy, giving you the easy application of a powder with the benefits of a cream. Color correcting swirls of pigments make shade matching a breeze! I wear the medium. Read This Post when my friends and I met Laura at a luncheon in Chicago last Spring.


3. Money Back

You may have seen my Instagram stories about how I got scammed by one of those companies that pops up in your social media ads. I got the item, but they would not honor the return policy even though I did everything exactly as stated, and it was in the time allotment. I disputed it with PayPal, because the item was also damaged, took photos, and won the case, and got my money refunded! It pays to dispute!

4. Free People Pants

I cannot get enough of these Free People faux Leather Pants. They have a little bit of the flare and are full length. I have a cropped version that I love too but these are dynamite!

Top HERE // Pants HERE// Shoes HERE // Belt HERE // Necklace HERE

Blazer HERE // Top HERE // Pants HERE // Shoes HERE

 5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Let's Look


Even though I am not a fan of the Wizard of Oz, I am a huge fan of Wicked, the Broadway show it’s based on! My mom and I saw on Broadway several years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. I’m so excited for this movie version this Fall!


Aren’t these pretty? $6.99 at the grocery store, can’t beat it for a little bit of color on the counter! and then Mr. Nine came home with some beautiful ones.


Happy Weekend my Beautiful and 
LOVELY Friends!!



  1. Congrats on the Paypal appeal. I wonder if there´s anything that can be done about the brand that scammed you? It is terrible that companies do that. On a brighter note, the twins are just so cute and lucky that they have a grandma with lots of style who loves to shop. Love the black Spanx pants. I am trying to think of a reason to justify the purchase... Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous16.2.24

    These are gonna be the best dressed twin girls ever! I love all their outfits!

  3. Your grandbabies are too stylish! Love the bunny hats. I am so happy to hear that you finally got your money back. Have a fantastic weekend Andrea!

  4. Oh those babies are edible! Love your Free People pants- you are definitely rocking them. That meme about trying to be nice is dead on too- ha! Have a wonderful weekend friend XO

  5. The girls are getting so big and they are just darling! They are going to be so much fun to celebrate all of the holidays with, and of course they will do it in style!

  6. Those twins are beyond adorable, and Cici's little wink is the best! I know you enjoyed spending time with your family this week. I can relate; it's so rare for the six of us to be together! Those memes are great, especially about people being stupid. I sent a similar one to my friends yesterday on said something about following Jesus, but also wanting to slap people. It made me laugh a little too hard! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I loved the Wicked musical and cannot wait to see the movie too! The twins are getting so big and just as precious as ever!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. I also tried to order something from an ad and it never came! I disputed on a day the seller's website went down so it was super easy to get refunded. Glad it worked for you too.

  9. Anonymous16.2.24

    The twins are just the cutest and I love their little outfits! I also love your outfits with those faux leather pants, you look amazing! I am also so happy that you got your money back! Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  10. Your little Valentine's are so sweet! And the outfits look adorable on them!

  11. jodie filogomo16.2.24

    I didn't know there was going to be a movie version of Wicked. I definitely want to see it.
    And yahoo that you got your money back for that dress.
    The twins are such a blessing,

  12. Cutest Valentine's ever!! I have never seen Wicked but always wanted to so I'm really excited about the movie version.

  13. The twins are so cute! I know you are enjoying every minute with them. I can't wait for the Wicket movie!

  14. Good of you to fight for your money! What a beautiful roses! Have a great weekend.

  15. The twins are just darling and little people bring so much joy. I am so glad you were able to get your money back. I hate scams but unfortunately it happens much too often.

  16. Grandbabies are so fun, aren’t they? And twins would be a blast! My grandbabies are 3 and 5 months, and my youngest kiddos are 5 and 17 months. I have lots of fun buying matchy-matchy outfits for them!

  17. Oh wow!! I hadn't heard that they were making Wicked into a movie! Sooo exciting! I loved it on Broadway! Love your little Valentine cuties! They are adorable!

  18. Oh look at those sweet girls!! They are getting so big!! They look precious in their little outfits!


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