Whew, what a great week! Lots of 90 degree temps, a beach town day with mom, Double Fun (see below) pool time AND SO MUCH MORE


1. Chicago & Anni

As you may know, Mr. Nine and I took a Stella Mae to Chicago last weekend for an anniversary trip. She was such a good girl and made everybody smile so much! We had a grand time....

Stella LOVES dining al fresco, lol

and then came back and spent the day in the pool on Monday with Mr. Nine, mesmerized, not by me, but by his new pool, toy, a robotic pool cleaner. I have to admit it is pretty cool.

Pool Robot HERE

2. Chicago and Shelly 

A highlight of our trip with seen, my dear friend Shelly from The Queen In Between! She was one of the first Blogger friends I met many years ago and I have really missed traveling with her! I knew she was in CHi-town, but we did not intend to stay as long our last day as we did, so I did not think I would see her when lo and behold we are walking along the Riverwalk and saw each other at almost the exact same time! I got to meet her beautiful oldest daughter Jordan, as well! I think I see a Blogger trip in our future again!

3. Ultrasound

An absolute highlight of the week was getting to see my twin grand daughters at an ultrasound! It was so fun to go along with the other grandma, my dear friend, Kim, and see those sweet girlies! They were really active! We enjoyed some shower shopping, Having lunch and getting some baby girl clothes. 

4. Real Life Wear

Yes, real life is what it’s about these days. I’m not dressing up unless we’re going out of town like in Chicago which I blogged about HERE.

These are the typical clothes you’ll find me in nowadays.

Top HERE // Shorts HERE

Sandals HERE // Shorts HERE // Top HERE // Bracelets HERE

That includes my new darling, white Sandals from Cecelia New York, called the Emma! They are such fun, so comfortable the best leather and I just love the gold studs on them. 
You can use code Emma15 
through tomorrow to get 15% off the entire Cecelia New York site.

5. Misc. Fun


My mama went with me to a beach town in Michigan to get some Brand photos for me and we ended up having the most delightful day. We shopped, had lunch, went for a walk and to a green house. Didn’t she look adorable!



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  1. Great memes! Relatable!
    Chicago must be really dog friendly and I love that! Ernie weighs almost 100 pounds so it may not be as friendly to him. He also is naked except for his bright orange collar.
    I cannot believe you just saw each other like that! How funny and it was meant to be!

  2. That is so cool that you ran into Shelly! How exciting that you got to see your future granddaughters! I love your casual summer style and am obsessed with your new sandals.

  3. How fun that you ran into a friend in Chicago! And I completely understand about Mr. Nine being infatuated with the pool robot, my husband fall in love with every new robot vacuum we get and all their new features. Those baby girls are so loved already!!! So much excitement!

  4. I still cannot believe you and Shelly ran into one another! My goodness God put you both in the same place so that would happen and I just love it! And those twin girlies - holy cow, how exciting. Your mom is just precious, a brand needs to sign her asap!
    Love ya!

  5. What a fun trip! That Stella Mae is so adorable :) These memes made me crack up too- have a wonderful weekend

  6. Anonymous2.6.23

    I don't know where to start with the amount of goodness in this post! Haha. Too funny that you ran into Shelly on the Riverwalk! I am so happy that you had fun here and that you got to see your future granddaughters! Your mom is the CUTEST and I hope that you have a glorious weekend my beautiful friend! XO, Caroline

  7. I love that y'all took Stella Mae with y'all on your trip! That is just so fun!

  8. So awesome that you all ran into each other on your trip! Love that you and the other grandma got to see those precious babies at the ultrasound. The ultrasounds were my favorite part of pregnancy. Sooooo surreal hearing their little heartbeats and seeing them wiggle around. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  9. How nice to get away with Mr. Nine and Stella. It's so exciting about the babies. I like all of your outfits. Enjoy the weekend.

  10. The ultrasound appointment - how FUN! Everyone looks so over the moon in the pic! :)


  11. Aww! What a cutie Stella Mae is in her little outfit. That pool cleaner does look like a cool gadget.
    How exciting to go to the ultrasounds. I am glad it all went well.

  12. I love that you took Stella with you on your trip. Now that we have Piper, I totally get it.

  13. I love that you ran into Shelly! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  14. Isn't it wonderful that it is finally shorts wearing weather. At least its here. How nice to meet up with Shelly. And to spend a lovely day with your mother.

  15. I didn't realize you had just bumped into Shelly! How fun is that! I love your mom's outfit!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  16. What are the odds you just bump into each other in a city as big as Chicago! Serendipitous! Sounds like a wonderful time!

  17. What a fun few weeks! Twin girls! Oh my I am so happy for you guys! Denver has been under a rain cloud for weeks. Our grass looks amazing, but too wet to mow! ha! laura


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