How can next weekend be Labor Day weekend already? I sure do love summer but I’d be lying if I said this pumpkin lovin girl wasn’t ready for crisp, fabulous FALL. Today, on the docket, is a fun birthday celebration for the business of my favorite charcuterie queen! Can’t wait. And Friday Favorites FUN IS HERE!!!

1. Sweater Pumpkin

Speaking of sweaters, the stores are brimming with great pumpkin decorations and the Sweater Pumpkin picks are back at Michael's! LOVE the cable knit!

Here’s a picture of how I utilize mine on the tiered trays, I just broke the stem off and had me a sweater pumpkin! They come in orange and white!

See my 3 Fall Tiered Trays HERE

2. Sweaters so Sweet

Lots of great sweaters to be had at Nordstrom! What I love about all of these is that they are super high-quality and will last you for years, some classics, some trends but all cute!

3. This Sweater…That Color
And here’s the beauty! You guys went crazy on my TikTok and on my Instagram stories for this orange Lace Sleeve Sweater from Amazon! It is so soft, true to size and it comes in tons of colors! I paired it with a darker Jean which I really love and of course a little leopard!

4. Bloglovin'

OK not a sweater, lol! AND NOT a favorite; BUT What is up with Bloglovin'? This is what it shows when I go to anything on the site but I am still getting the daily emails and when I click on people's posts there, I can go to them but not from Bloglovin. From what I har I am not the only one. Anyone know anything?

5. Misc. Fun


I saw this Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipstick on the blog of my dear friend Kellyann and I knew I wanted to try it. LOVE it, especially in the shades Coy and Dainty!



AND Does this happen to anyone else??

I'll be back on Monday with a VERY Lovely Post.
Love to you all!!!

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  1. That meme with the bone in the shoe - bwahahahahahaha!!! Okay, Bloglovin - ugh - I've been getting that message for weeks now and it is so frustrating. They never publish my posts anymore and their customer service does not respond. So sad!
    That vinyl ink is so good - I need more colors! Thanks for the shout out. Have the sweetest weekend!!

  2. Your tiered trays always look so awesome! I did buy a couple of those marshmallows cups and need to get them some toppers this year! So fun!

  3. So funny that you just said that about Bloglovin. I just checked right now and it was like that again. I started using Feedly to keep up with posts. Love this sweater and your tiered trays are fabulous. I am not ready for fall yet. Lol!

    1. Anonymous27.8.22

      I started having trouble with Bloglovin a couple of months ago and switched to Feedly too. I like it better!

  4. I'm excited to decorate for fall! Love seeing your tiered trays again. That dog bone meme is hilarious and the yeti meme is bringing back field trip memories. Lol.

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I've been using Feedly for awhile now, Bloglovin stopped working for me once and I gave up! I love the sweater pumpkins, so cute!

  6. Oh I'm definitely not ready for fall. Not by a long shot. We are enjoying the most fabulous summer, weather wise. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Somebody told me a couple of months ago that Bloglovin wasn't operating anymore. I never used it personally, but I know a lot of my readers followed my blog via Bloglovin because many people have reached out to me to ask why it's not working anymore. So crazy that it went under! And not good either! I did notice a dip in pageviews after it stopped working.

  8. I cannot wait for fall! We're still in the heat of the summer. I love all of your fall tiered trays; that one of the favorite things in my home I decorate every season!

  9. I love that pretty sweater on you Andrea and I'm ready for cooler weather. I love your decorated trays for fall and the pumpkins are adorable. I am so annoyed with Bloglovin. It has been down for months and I can't keep up with the blogs that I follow. I might have to start following blogs by email. Have a nice weekend Andrea.

  10. Anonymous26.8.22

    Your tiered trays are the CUTEST! I am not ready for fall, but yesterday I was thinking about when I'll put up my fall decorations haha. Anyway, I was at Nordstrom yesterday and they did have a lot of cute things. I love all of those sweaters including that Amazon sweater that looks fantastic on you! Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  11. I get the same message from Bloglovin. I still get an email from them every day. Sometimes, it will take me all the way thru to the blogs but most days, I get that same error message.

  12. Oh Andrea you are getting me all pumped up for Fall; me who's such a summer beach bum! Have a great weekend sweetheart xx

  13. That meme with the dog and the shoe is too good! LOL! Love that red sweater. I have the same one in pink!

  14. I love your tiered trays! So cute. I have seen that message too from Bloglovin. It sucks for sure because it seems to have been going on for awhile. I am not a fan of summer because of the heat but I don't like to wish time away. Though I am SO done with this season. Secretly counting down to fall for sure!

    Maureen |

  15. The tiered trays are beautiful and the sweater looks lovely.

  16. I've had that lace sleeve sweater from Amazon on my wishlist forever! I think this is the fall to break down and buy it. Love your tiered trays; they are always fabulous.

  17. You have me going to the Cabi site debating every darn day right now ;)


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