It was a good week. The humidity finally came down, Stella turned 8 months, and I smiled all week remembering the great girl’s weekend that took place last weekend.

1. Friends

I’ll share more in a recap on Monday, but here are just a couple photos of the sweetness. In the next two favorites I’ll share a couple other brands that helps to make the weekend special. And there are many more to share. This was the last photo we took when these precious ladies had to depart Sunday morning.

Lots of memories made!

What we did first Friday noon....EAT
Here is my spread and of course see a charcuterie board by my dear friend at Graze by Erica, the local charcuterie extraordinaire with her own shop including fabulous gifts in our town! What you can’t see is all the other things I made which included pasta salad, mini versions of like crunch parfaits (blueberry here), pasta salad, cream cheese and bacon cucumber bites, and my mom made us her fabulous Key Lime Pie! Notice I linked to some of those recipes, a few of my favorites!

2. Cozy Earth

My love of Cozy Earth runs so deep; I have everything from pajamas to lounge wear to sheets to pillows and comforters to tanks and midi skirts! There was one color in the long pajamas that I didn’t have and that was navy, so I decided to make sure all the ladies got a pair of pajamas to get cute photos and a video in our bunk room! We had so much fun making this Reels Video for Instagram!!! A true slumber party girls’ weekend! The long pajamas are hands-down my favorite color I wear my black pair every Saturday morning to lounging! As always, I have the generous Cozy Earth promo code for you to get 40% off!


3. Teddy Blake "Emma"

Let’s talk stilettos! And you thought Teddy Blake was just amazing handcrafted Italian leather? No, they also have added shoes to the repertoire and are they ever gorgeous! These lace up beautiful heels called the Emma come in five of the most glorious colors. I love my baby blues! Here is a sneak peek with them on and I cannot wait to show you how I styled them. Each one of the ladies visiting this past weekend got a pair and a different color. 

Use my Teddy Blake code: TBANDREAN30 

For 30% off everything on Their Site; handbags, and shoes!

4. M.Rena
Talk about CUTE and Comfy! The clothing from M.Rena is luxury basics made with softer and breathable blends that provide undeniable comfort. They’ve developed their own fabrications for a unique and incredible feel that you just can’t find anywhere else. M.Rena celebrates every shape and size with authenticity, sustainability, reliability, and top-notch customer service. These terry linen joggers and tie dye tunic are fabulous! They also have provided a fabulous code so you can get 15% off, you should see their new arrivals! 

5. Misc. Fun


Our sweet girl turned eight months yesterday! A week from Tuesday she gets spayed, and you know I’m going to be a nervous wreck, LOL! This first picture is her and her lemon dress awaiting the arrival of the ladies last Friday.

Her Lemon Dress HERE

Her Top HERE


Olivia Newton-John

A sad note for sure was the passing of Olivia Newton-John at 73! Wasn’t she amazing? True story and one of mine and Mr. nice first dates at a party, we sang Summer Lovin and it’s still remembered to this day! I loved everything she did from Grease to Xanadu to Physical to her quest for breast cancer cues and awareness! I will always be hopelessly devoted to her! The tribute from John Travolta…so moving!

Happy Weekend to all the Sandy Fans out there......

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  1. Seeing this pics of our weekend makes me so happy! Your tribute to Olivia was amazing. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  2. Such a sweet weekend with friends, you ladies look marvelous! I am so sad about ONJ passing - what a class act! Happy 8 months to miss Stella Mae. Hope you have the best weekend - love you!

  3. Pretty sure I'd kill myself in those heels but they are beautiful! It looks like you all had an incredible weekend together with so many fabulous goodies.

  4. What a fun weekend you had! Those PJ's look super comfy!

  5. That looked like a blast and you ladies can charcuterie!! I'm so sad about Olivia. What an impact she made! I hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear!

  6. LOVE your "things that are useless" meme!

  7. Hi Andrea, I'm finally back to blogging and my Friday Linkup after my Greece trip! Wanted to let you know that I was hooked on all your stories and posts with the other girls- so fun! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time- and you showed amazing products!! Have a great weekend sweetheart xx

  8. What an amazing time with all of you. The love and smiles says it all.

  9. I looooove Cozy Earth everything! I have those jammies too and I seriously LIVE in them all year long. Love seeing all of your smiling faces from your girls weekend, looking forward to your recap. Love you! Happy weekend to you and the fam (and Stella!) XO


  10. It looks like you girls had a lovely weekend together!!! What fun!

  11. It was the best weekend! Happy Birthday to Stella! Love that back to school meme!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  12. Thanks for linking to those recipes! I don't think I had them pinned, but that is rectified now! Cozy Earth is pretty fabulous. Now I want all of the Cozy Earth things!

  13. this girls weekend looks so fun! all of you first are fabulous !

  14. It looks like your girls weekend was a blast and you have the perfect place to host everyone!

  15. What a amazing weekend you all had! So much fun and I'll bet your hospitality was overwhelming!

  16. Sounds like a great weekend with fabulous friends! You all look so cozy and cute in Cozy Earth PJs. Happy belated 8th month birthday to Stella Mae! She’s so adorable!

    Maureen |


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