With the date of love right around the corner,

Happy day of LOVE my friends! I hope you celebrate it every day! I thought it would be fun to share a little Valentine stories History.


Sharing my beautiful mom because let’s face it she was my first Valentine! An unconditional Mother's love is the purest of any! 

When I was a little bitty girl, her and Dad went on a date for Valentine’s Day and she wore this red halter dress, fast forward 47 years and I got a similar halter dress so I had to do a side-by-side.


And of course my daddy too, which I will tell you about one of the most creative gifts he ever gave me on Valentine’s Day when I was in high school here in a minute. And apologizing for all the grainy spotted photos of old photos in this post!

mmmmm wonder where I get my 

"dressing for the seasons" from? LOL

AND "matching!"


But anyway, my dear mama always made Valentine’s Day so sweet! Everything from decorating my valentines boxes for school in white and red velvet wallpaper that she had in their bedroom to her often requested red velvet mini cupcakes and always sweet little tokens of love.


Now my first “boy” love note came in second grade on Valentine’s Day when Lamar sent me some candy hearts and asked to circle whether or not I would be his Valentine. Too funny, I answered no, I don’t think he was really my type. LOL. Couldn't find my class photo to show ya.

He went on to be a state police officer so very happy he’s had a good life, lol!


Fast-forward to high school and while I was boy crazy, I always dreaded Valentine’s Day because we would pass out roses to various classmates from admirer’s. It wasn’t until my senior year that I received one and actually I ended up with three from three different guys so I guess it made up for lack of them in the earlier years. I always felt so sorry for all of those who did not receive one so I really don’t think it’s a good practice, lol! I mean it’s not the bachelor, everybody should get a rose, right?


Two of the roses came from two of my favorites, one was my boyfriend one was not, lol!

Sad note:This guy below passed away in 2017 from cancer.

Roses for safe keeping in my locker. I forget what the carnation was for, I think because I was on Student Council and helped pass them out. And what up Tinsel? Why was that in there?

Then, my hair got blonder and I got even more roses, lol

Now, my parents are both very good at giving creative gifts which I was lucky to inherit. I’ll never forget a Valentine’s Day when I believe I was 16 or 17! I would pass by my parents every morning as they drink coffee at a little split table while I walked through to go to the bathroom that had a shower. On a Valentine morning, in that bathroom was a quarter and a bell. My daddy knew that I had been wanting one of those popular at the time panda coin rings and so when I opened the third box there it was: get it; a coin and a bell that rings, thus COIN RING.


 More Matching, LOVE it!!

Another sad note, this beautiful friend of mine passed away in a car accident while I was in college. This was a Friends Valentine Sunday before there was such a thing as "Galentine's Day."

I would go on to kiss a few frogs before I got to my dear Mr. Nine. When the boys were younger Grandma would come over and watch them while we went out to eat. Then the tables turned and they were taking their dates out while we stayed home, lol. 

A Fav from our younger days.

But growing up with the boys, it was always fun to love on them with valentines and you know I was room mom extraordinaire with all the love treats! I wish I had more pics from in the classrooms, too busy room moming I guess. One year, one of the boys made me homemade chocolate truffles in homemade class for Valentine’s Day. I’ve actually saved them in a baggie in a drawer in the refrigerator all of these years here is a photo: 

Sometimes we would all go on long weekend getaway for Valentine's since Presidents Day was close and they often had a 3-4 day weekend. Here they are indulging mama in her photo shenanigans at the hotel, lol

Mr. Nine and I don’t do big gestures of love because we believe in love each and every day of the year but we do get each other a little something, I get the boys a little something and my mama. Dad gets a card in the mail and on occasion I send cards or packages to friends. Often I will make a heart shaped things like a meatloaf and pink mashed potatoes for dinner.

Here I made them mini Turkey Meatloaf Hearts. Get the recipe HERE

AND MAJOR LOVE TO THESE Strawberry Cheesecake Heart Muffins

I thought I would share this Photo of my beautiful mama and I sporting our favorite red and matching necklaces, my mom got me this beautiful heart necklace with pink gemstones in it from the sweet Tiffany Houghton and her Online Store. You might want to follow Tiffany and her mom, Jennifer from Turtle Creek Lane on Instagram. Happy love to you all!

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 AND TODAY on my InstagramMeet our 

Newest Valentine!!



  1. What a fun Valentine's history. You and your mama are definitely spitting images of each other and I love that you are twinning in your red halter dresses even if there is a gap of time in between!

  2. What a sweet post! I love seeing all the throw back photos - your daddy is so handsome and of course your beautiful mom - always a stunner. So sad to see friends who have passed and how life unfolded. Thank goodness for pictures, boy they really evoke all the emotions don't they?
    Have the best day beautiful friend - I love ya!

  3. I loved reading about the valentine's days of the past - so fun to look back on and love the throwback photo of you and Mr. Nine! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. You and your mom are so beautiful. I love reading all of your "Love" stories through life!! That halter dress side by side is fire!

  5. Wonderful post friend and I love those old photos! Love and Hugs! XO, Caroline

  6. that side by side picture... whooooo - that's crazy.
    you've been beautiful from the get go!

  7. Aww, this is such a great post! You and your mama are so cute! Love this trip down memory lane!

  8. SO sweet Andrea! I love all the old grainy photos! :)

  9. My first Valentine was my Dad. Then in 4th grade Kirby. But my husband has been my Valentine since December 1962. Then my first grandson was born and I called him my little sweetheart. He would get very offended if I dared call his little brother the same.😀 So now I tease that big guy, now 30 and married, my little sweetheart.BTW he and his brother were born in Indy but moved away when they were little.

  10. I love those old photos of your mom and dad and you. You and your mom look beautiful and I enjoyed reading this post. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  11. What a sweet post! I loved every bit of it! The side by side of you and your momma in the halter dresses is awesome! You definitely favor her!

  12. I love how special your Mom made that day! My Mom was the exact same way. Not only was she the best Mom, but on Valentine's Day and Halloween every year, she would decorate the kitchen table with all kinds of decorations and surprises (even stash a little 20 dollar bill for each of us too!). We would come down the stairs so excited to see the table. It's those memories we hold close to our hearts, right? XO


  13. So fun having a little valentine throw back! Love you and your sweet mom! I try to do a little something fun for Zoe each year. We usually get her a few small presents and I either take her for a heart donut or make heart cinnamon rolls or something that morning for breakfast. I hope she has fond memories of the day when she is older like you!

  14. Love this walk down memory lane!

  15. It was so sweet to see these old photos Andrea. It brings back so many wonderful memories. And of course, I'm always partial to when you share your mom in your posts,

  16. What a sweet post! I loved taking a trip down memory lane and seeing your throwback photos!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  17. That heart shaped meatloaf is so cute! I need to try that! We normally make heart shaped pizza. Those dresses are so similar I thought they were the same one at first! What a fun look back!

  18. This is such a sweet post, Andrea! I love looking back at photos and items I've kept over the years. I can be sentimental like that. Your parents sound like they made Valentine's Day and every day so special! Oh, I remember those classroom parties... it is crazy how many of those parties I went to... I sometimes miss them!


  19. You and your mom look amazing in red! Loved seeing these old pictures!

  20. Hermosos recuerdos Andrea, las fotos hermosas y tĂș madre es bellĂ­sima...Tienes a quien salir igual de hermosa. Gracias por la receta voy a intentar hacerla. Feliz dĂ­a de San ValentĂ­n para todos .

  21. I so enjoyed this post, what great memories and you just keep right on creating new ones. Have a wonnnn-der-fulllll Valentines Day, cutie!

  22. So enjoyed this post about LOVE!

  23. This is the best. I loved seeing the throwback photos of you and reading about your past love life. I got sad when I didn't get roses or valentine's in school from boys. I love that you wore the dress and the comparison photos!

  24. What a sweet post! I love that you shared "Memory Lane" with us! -Meranda

  25. I love all the pictures of your parents! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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