"Me and You!" That Kenny Chesney song is our wedding song and tomorrow is our Anniversary! We’ve had a lot of heavy stuff going on lately, but my man is a rock and a sweetheart....Mr. Nine...My definite Favorite! And let’s get to all the other goodies too! I've got it packed full of goodness today Kicking off this fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

Bonus: Our Anni Fun
We’re going to celebrate our Anniversary in style in a beloved Lake Michigan town at a fabulous little boutique bed-and-breakfast! Here is a picture of it. It was voted best of the best on TripAdvisor, in other words, in the top 1% of the worlds accommodations and voted one of the most romantic! If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sure to share some goodness and Instagram stories.
We will be in the Guest Manor on the Left.

1. Day with Mom

My mom and I had the best day on Tuesday! It was a hot but beautiful and breezy day. We started off having brunch in a nearby town at a place called the Chicory Café! It’s New Orleans inspired and oh so yummy! We even had warm beignets with our cappuccinos and Mimosa’s! Look how cute mom looked in her little striped top! Afterwards, we changed clothes and walked the town’s Riverwalk! It was more than we ever imagined, and we saw so many cool things, lots of pretty perennial flowers, sculptures, little gnome villages around trees and even a mini-Cooper mounted sideways on the side of a building! Plus, we got in about 4 miles! Then, we came back and had a pool afternoon! Love these days!

2. Promos of Goodness
The Hotel Collection 

These Candles are heavenly. The new Gatsby Line is especially divine, very aromatic for both women and men alike, it will make you want to sip champagne in a dimly lit lounge listening to swanky music. Not just candles, but reed dossiers, oil diffusers and room spray too! Very reminiscent of the Roaring twenties and GREAT gift idea. I’ll be lighting one for our Anniversary!

I have a 20% off code for you!! 


Magic indeed! I was skeptical. I have been seeing this Magic Spoon cereal everywhere and it absolutely lives up to the hype! I adore cereal but I don’t buy it or eat it very often because of all the artificial flavors and sugars and bad stuff for you! But this Magic Spoon has made me love eating cereal again! Zero sugars in all of their cereals. Grain free, gluten-free, soy free, GMO, let’s just say it has none of the bad stuff but is chocked full of protein! Like 14 grams a serving! The frosted and the peanut butter are my favorites and I love you that you can get a variety pack to try it. AND that you can build your own bundle which I am doing next.
I have a $5 off code for you!! 

These Frosted O's are my Favorite! 2nd is the Peanut Butter!
I love it so much, I'm using my own code for MORE, lol!

3. Week's Attire
Sweater HERE // Shorts HERE // Bandana HERE // Similar Sandals HERE

Pants HERE // Jacket HERE // Tank HERE// Sandals HERE

Similar Dresses HEREHERE, and HERE // Sandals HERE // Earrings HERE

4. Me and You In Liverpool

You know I love it when Mr. Nine joins me in collaborations! We were both over the moon to get some cuteness from Liverpool Jeans! Not only are our jeans from Liverpool, but my beautiful coral and soft Jean jacket and white blouse is as well! Mr. Nine put on his first pair of jeans and said I am in love! He is very picky about his jeans, but these checked off every box for him and I’m telling you, your husband would love them! My frayed him hugger jeans fit me perfectly as well! I love everything they have to offer!

My Jeans HERE // Jacket HERE // Sandals HERE //
Mr. Nine's Jeans HERE // Shirt HERE // Shoes HERE

My Jeans HERE // Top HERE // Similar Sneakers HERE //
Mr. Nine's Jeans HERE // Shirt HERE // Sneakers HERE

5. Misc. Fun


Of course, more nature round our house to be had. 


These Hibiscus..pretty evident that their name of “Fiesta” lives up. Don’t these colors just look like a Mexican party!

There are 3 families of Geese around the pond right now and this Geese parent was telling her Goslings to "hurry up!" Probably because the Nine lady was approaching, lol!


Have a great Memorial Day 
weekend my Loves!!

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  1. That B&B looks like a great way to celebrate your anniversary! I cannot wait to see your stories.Love seeing you and that precious mom of yours too - what fun! You look marvelous in all of these shots my gorgeous friend!

  2. Happy Anniversary my friend! This B&H looks wonderful. Enjoy your time with your hubby and love the collaboration you both did with Liverpool. I adore their jeans. Have a terrific weekend Andrea!

  3. Enjoy your trip, it sounds wonderful. You day with your mom looks like a blast and I love that Mr. Nine is getting in on the action. What fun!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you guys have the best time on your trip. I love beignets and wish more places offered them.

  5. Happy anniversary! I have some of those candles on the way too, I'm excited! I feel like I've seen a building with a car on the side like that but I can't remember where. Maybe Wisconsin Dells?

  6. Happy anniversary! You guys look so cute in your new jeans. That hiking meme had me laughing so hard add I swear it's my husband and I. He always packs a pack of drinks, snacks, e.t.c and I barely remember to change out of my flip flops.

  7. I hope you have the best anniversary weekend! I'm sorry you all have been going through a lot. The best feeling is having a strong man beside you loving you through it all. Have the best time on your trip and Happy Anniversary! <3

  8. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time at Lake Michigan. The day with your mom looked like a lot of fun - and this week's weather was so perfect! Hope things get better for you!

  9. Happy Anniversary! You're going to a beautiful place- enjoy it!! OUr anniversary was on the 25th- I just adore the month of May. YOur Friday posts always bring a smile. I'm loving the couple collab- you guys are adorable. I also love it when you post pics with your mom- precious! Have a great long weekend my beautiful friend xx

  10. Happy Anniversary, my friend! I hope you have the best getaway and that it helps you guys clear your heads. I'm also so glad you and your mom have had a good time together lately! You're adorable!

  11. Ok those beignets are making me so hungry! Yummy! You and Mr. Nine are rocking those jeans! They look like they fit you really well. I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend away. The B&B looks so pretty!

  12. Look at you & the Mr.... POWER DUO!!!
    That is going to be such a nice place for your anniversary!!!
    Always love seeing your momma

  13. Love the pictures of you and Mr. Nine! You all enjoy your anniversary!

  14. Happy anniversary to you two Andrea! What a wonderful way to celebrate and can't wait to hear more about it.

  15. Happy Anniversary! That b&b looks like such a cozy, romantic spot. I love seeing pictures of you and your mama...what a fun walk you had. Hope you have a happy Memorial day weekend.

  16. Your outing with your mom looks like it was so much fun! Happy Anniversary! I hope you and your husband are having an amazing time in Michigan!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  17. Happy Anniversary! You guys have picked such a wonderful place to celebrate your day. Have fun!

  18. The peeing in the yard meme is too funny. I have heard such great things about Magic Spoon. My kids love cereal and I think they would like this one. Happy Anniversary!


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