Happy Friday Babes!! Spring is coming! Such a fun day yesterday, talked a lil about in Instagram Stories but first shenanigans day with my mom in a Looooong time…yay for the Vaccine!! And yes, we still wore masks because it’s the right thing to do yet and we were in stores. More about our day next week.

But let’s get right to it.


1. Forsythia Branches

The colors in our house are white and gray and slate blue, after all the holiday decorating, I need a pop of color and I have always loved forsythia branches. The yellow pop just brings such happiness and Spring. I think I’ll add some yellow pillows. Branches HERE & Get a similar Vase HERE.

2. St. Patrick's Day Tees

You know I love me some festive graphic tees and I can’t believe that St. Patrick’s Day is only a week and a half away. Here are some fabulous, affordable and cute options.

Clockwise from Top Left Willie Lucky // Buffalo Plaid Lucky // Sweatshirt // 0% Irish // Shake Your Shamrocks // Lucky Charm

3. Week's Attire..
1st one is my FAV!!!
Top HERE // Jeans HERE // Shoes HERE// Earrings HERE

Sweatshirt HERE // Joggers HERE // Shorts HERE // 
Rose Gold Sandals HERE

And it kind of reminds me of Rocky, LOL

Blazers HERE & HERE // Jeans HERE // Boots HERE 

Sweatshirt HERE // Leggings HERE // Shoes HERE // Similar Hats HERE & HERE

4. Cabi Convertible Pants & Spring Green

Of course, you know I love me some spring green. But something else I love are adorable clothing elements. These Cabi convertible trousers are so fun with the ankle ties. You can take the ties out and put them together as a belt and I’ve even seen those hair ties. So cute! Isn't this Spring Green Sweater so darling too and of course, the Headbands.

Similar, almost identical more affordable pants HERE at Old Navy & 30% off!!

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Spring on Target
Make sure you head over to my girl Kellyann at This Blonde’s Shopping Bag as she is so sweetly styling the green and white gingham top that I shared earlier this week. She’s always got lots of fun Friday Favorites. 


Loving my new Peepers Blue Light Glasses the frame is called Center Stage and they are so cute! Noted as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things too! And only $25!


Isn’t this Fringe Chair set-up from Target so cute? I saw it in person, and it is darling, comes in white too!


And this..because it's so true and so beautiful

May it be SWEET!!!

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  2. Happy Friday! Those branches are so pretty & add such a nice pop of color & brightness! The St. Patrick's Day shirts are so cute! I haven't bought one in a long time, this year might be the year!

  3. Those Cabi pants are adorable with the ankle ties! I would love to sit in that chair all summer long! Have a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Loving this polka dot top on you! The branches are beautiful and so perfect for Spring. Have a fantastic weekend Andrea!

  5. This post gives me so much hope for Spring- love it! Forsythia always brings me hope for Spring too- love it! Have a great weekend Andrea!

  6. That last picture hits you in the feels! I love that chair from Target! How fabulous. And that pop of yellow in the vase is so pretty. Zoe has been digging yellow lately. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. It finally feels like spring might come after all and these looks are getting me excited. I love the pop of color from the forsythe too. Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

  8. Yay for mom time! That pop of yellow is perfect to bring in some spring feels. Loving your outfits! That fringe chair is so cute. I'm looking forward to relaxing outside soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Love your blue light glasses! And the St. Patty’s tees are adorable! Happy Friday!!

  10. That polka dot is PERFECTION! Love all the green~~ That last picture! Crew all the tears! SO true!

  11. I clicked on so many of your clothes options! The joggers are my fave. Yes, my jeans totally looked like that in that meme!

  12. You look great in glasses! So glad you were able to spend time with your mom. Have a great weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  13. I'm so ready for spring but it is freezing again today! Thank you for brightening up my Friday with your springy looks! Love those peepers too!

  14. I love those forsythia branches! We've had a yellow forsythia wreath on our front door for years. It was looking a little rough, so I just bought a new one from Kohl's to replace our old one. It's just so cheerful, especially this time of year! Have a great weekend!

  15. I absolutely love that fringe chair!! I think we BOTH need one my our pools so then we could FT each other this summer! I'm planning to break out my Shake Your Shamrocks tee this weekend. Maybe the white jeans, too! Heading to Kellyann's blog next! xoxo

  16. I love that mint green sweater and that pink blazer! SO happy that you were able to spend a day with your mom too. Have a wonderful weekend friend! XO, Caroline

  17. The Spring and my nuts thawing out had me laughing so hard. I love those pants and the fun detail of tying at the bottoms. Yay for all the St. Patrick's Day shirts. I love the Willey one!!! I saw it and almost bought it. Have a great weekend!

  18. Oh I just LOVE forsythia stems in bloom. I have been trying to grow a few on our property for years but they just don't seem to want to grow (but at least they aren't dying!)

  19. That first outfit is perfect on you. I love how you added pops of green with the heels and earrings. Those forsythia branches are beautiful and so pretty for spring! Have a great weekend!!

  20. That younger/older meme gave me all the feels... it is a blink of an eye.
    Of COURSE you look stunning in glasses :)
    Those pants are so fun!!! I've not seen those before

  21. Those Cabi pants are super cool Andrea!! I've never seen ties like that at the ankle, but I love it.
    And your outfit does not look like Rocky's at all, LOL

  22. Those blue light glasses are super cute on you! I love the forsythia branches! We have a small bush in our yard and I can't wait until it gets bigger. They are so pretty in the spring. That bow blouse is darling on you!

  23. Those trousers are fun! Love those glasses too. Have a great weekend.

  24. I love all these outfits! Especially the green sweater and leggings with your adidas. That's my go-to style!! I love those glasses. Wish I could get them in a prescription. Those are super cute!

  25. I love that you added a pop of green with those shoes!
    The first time I saw that last meme, I think I teared up a bit. Time moves so fast doesn't it?

  26. Your glasses are sooo cute! I need new glasses, and I'm really thinking of going the blue light-blocking route. Sadly, my prescription is crazy, so I can't go with inexpensive ones. (Looking at those numbers, like
    + 1.00, makes me want to laugh. Oh, you sweet, non-visually impaired angels! :D) I love that you always have balloons at your house, it's like every day is a party! :)

  27. You look great in all of those outfits. My daughter ordered one of those cute St. Patrick's Day tshirts! I love the way you look in those glasses. I was tempted to buy them too but my head is so small and I'm not sure if the glasses would fit my head! LOL! Have a nice weekend Andrea.

  28. I can't believe St. Patrick's is around the corner. Gosh, where is time running off to? It's like the last meme of your post. Life certainly is short. Love your new glasses. They absolutely look good on you!


  29. Those striped pants are so much fun! And you work the sweatsuit way better than Rocky! :)

  30. Lots of fun Friday favorites here. You and Jill both looked so cute in that blouse, and I swear your little sweatshirt/leggings outfit was one of my favs. XOXO

  31. Super cute post! I am SO loving that polka dot blouse paired w/ the distressed jeans. Gawgeous!
    ~Melissa xx


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