I must say, this has been one of the best weeks so far this Fall! But it's going too fast! I’m finally free on Instagram. It continues to block this blog website in my profile. I’m hearing from people that they are doing that a lot now and I’m going to have to buy my own domain name, so I did that. After almost 6 years blogging, I can’t believe I hadn’t done that already. If you have bought your own blog domain name and you are a blogger platform blog gal, please let me know how if the transition was smooth and seamless for you and if it will redirect and appear on Bloglovin like normal?

1. Days with PEOPLE, lol
I actually got a day not only with my mom for Walking, blizzards and sitting in the sun but also a lunch with a girlfriend alfresco because we are having unseasonal like temperatures! In fact, tomorrow they’re calling for 77 and Mr. Nine and I are wishing we kept our pool open longer, LOL!

Look how cute mom looks!

My lovely friend Kim and I

2. Pumpkin Goodness...
Brought Home from Kansas
You know I am obsessed with pumpkins, inside and out! Did you see my fall porch on Monday? I love you so much! Anyway, when we were in Kansas several weeks ago, I saw this pumpkin patch sign and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I called the shop owner and had her hold it for me and paid for it over the phone. 

She had just gotten some white faux fur pumpkins in and asked if I wanted a couple of those as well. Heck yes, I do! So, when Mr. Nine drove out there last week for business, he went to the shop got my goods and brought them home and I love them so much! And him!


And how is this adorable is this pumpkin palm tree my mom found for all my Florida friends?

3. Week's Attire

BUY Jeans HERE // Blazer HERE & HERE //  Bracelets HERE // Boots HERE

BUY Jeans HERE // Vest HERE // Henley HERE // Flannel HERE// Boots HERE

BUY Coat HERE // Jeans HERE //  Boots HERE

Neutral is always nice! This long sleeve simple neutral top (&15!) looks so good with the white jeans that I’m keeping around as long as possible and I added a pop of fun with the snakeskin print boots.

BUY TEE HERE // Jeans HERE & HERE // Similar Boots HERE & HERE

5. Misc. Fun

I have to say, it’s been a really good week a blog posts! Hope you caught some of them. 4 POSTS AGAIN THIS WEEK!

Monday ~ Our FALL Front Porch

Tuesday ~ Amazon Fall Purchases

Wednesday ~ Bella V for You and Me and a GIVEAWAY



Happy October GOODNESS!!!

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  1. So glad you had a good month and happy you are out of Insta jail (mostly). Love all these looks especially that blazer. Have a great weekend Andrea!


  2. Yay for a great week! And all those cute outfits and for pumpkins!

  3. Love all the pumpkin goodness! Happy Friday!

  4. So glad you had a fun week - your mom is the cutest, so thrilled y'all got together! That pumpkin patch sign is the BEST - love it and you too!

  5. Those faux fur pumpkins look so soft! I love them. Nothing beats getting outside in nice weather with friends and family.

  6. Congrats on busting out of jail. It has been several years since I switched to a private domain, but it went smoothly. I am sure it will go the same way for you! The pumpkins and sign are adorable too. So festive!

  7. Those memes cracked me up! Love that Pumpkin Patch sign but love the room you are in even better :)

  8. Yay on buying your own domain name! I switched from blogger to self hosted wordpress (I bought my domain from bluehost) and from what I remember it went pretty smooth. I think I used some sort of widget to redirect everything.... I am sure it will do the same for you.

    Also I always love your outfits! So put together, fashionable, but looks like something I could wear.

  9. I am a fan for all the colors this time of year, but that neutral look is so classic. Love how you added the shoes for a little extra something something. :)

  10. Gosh instagram is just something else at times. I have my own domain and the redirect was fairly easy. I youtubed a lot of it. When I switched to Wordpress I had a programmer help me out with redirecting everything from bloglovin, Pinterest, etc. Days well spent with family and friends are so good for the soul. I love the pumpkin sign you got! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  11. It's crazy what happened to you on IG. Good luck with the domain and the redirect. My daughter did all of that for me. It's great you went out with your mom and friend. I love that pumpkin sign and pumpkins. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  12. Glad you are mostly back on Instagram, with the exception of your blog. How frustrating! I have my own domain and use Wordpress. I have heard both transitions are pretty seamless, so good luck! I love that pumpkin sign and your fur pumpkins. SO cute! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I'm so glad you are out of Insta jail and it's strange that you can't have your blog link in your bio! You do not need to do anything for bloglovin once you redirect your blog domain because you are still on the blogspot platform. Your pumpkin sign is super cute and I love those faux fur pumpkins!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  14. Switching to a domain name wasn't hard when I did it, but it was awhile ago! Good luck.

  15. I got my domain name through godaddy a few years back and the transition was seamless! I think the only thing I needed help with was redirecting when people typed in versus but I called and they helped me in minutes. Those fur pumpkins are super cute! Love your new sign too!

  16. I love your neutral outfit today! You are always, always so beautiful, Andrea! Love that you got to spend a day with your mama. I wish I lived closer to mine to be able to do that. Love all the pumpkin finds. That sign makes me think farmhouse which is where I think I have landed as some of my favorite decor pieces as I search for things to add to our home. Have the best weekend, friend!!!

  17. Girl...quarantine has been good to your mom...she looks so dang amazing!! Glad you oare having a good October deserve it.

  18. Oh how I wish I lived nearby! Btw, I am freaking out on those faux fur pumpkins!! Have a great weekend sweetie xx

  19. Your mom looks incredible! I am happy that you two had a nice day together. Same goes for seeing your friend. I love that neutral outfit and your fall decor looks beautiful. Have a glorious weekend lovely friend! xo

  20. Those fur pumpkins are the cutest ever. I just finished knitting a couple of yarn ones, but maybe I'll cover one with fur!!!
    Love to see your mom...tell her I said HI!!

  21. Yay for seeing people. Your mom is a cutie and looks like your sis! I love you in all of the camo, flannel and fall friendly outfits. This month is going too fast! I'm trying to enjoy birthday month for my baby and me!

  22. I'm so glad your insta is back! Yay for time with your mom and a friend. I am still loving that pink top on you so much! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Your mother always look good! I'm glad your problems with IG are over. Nothing so irritating as social media that don't work. Happy weekend.

  24. I'm TOTALLY contagious with that!!! :)
    That sign with white pumpkins - YESSSSS! Gorgeous

  25. So glad you got to spend some quality time with your momma!! I'm so ready to get back to normal.

  26. Andrea, this post is filled so many good and happy things! I love all of your outfits and those furry pumpkins are just too cute! Plus that Florida pumpkin. Haha. How adorable! And your new pumpkin patch sign is so pretty. Heading over now to check out your front porch decor.


  27. I'm glad you got outta Insta jail! I've been hearing about a lot of accounts being randomly blocked - I wouldn't want it to be my main platform, it's just too risky. I've never seen faux fur pumkins before, they're really cute! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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