Well, happy Friday and isn’t it a crazy one? The media has officially instilled fear and panic here in our good old US of A and when I went to Sam’s the other day, they actually only had five bundles of TP left, LOL and no hand sanitizer to be found. I think most of us who are intelligent understand what to do but kids the true assessment of the situation came this week when All of our boys’ colleges sent letters announcing classes will be halted in person until at least April 6th with one of the colleges going ahead and canceling in person classes for the rest of the semester!
Today starts spring break and they’re worried about all the kids going on vacation and bringing back the coronavirus. They will reassess and may decide to cancel the whole entire semester and you know what that might mean? We might not get to see our boys graduate if they cancel the ceremony’s and I will be utterly devastated! but let’s not think about that right now, let’s just be smart, try your best to stay healthy and whatever you do don’t live your lives in fear! This will Pass like everything does!

Side note regarding impact of COVID-19
This is Paul, he is our financial planner! He is also my mom’s financial planner. She happened to be in his office yesterday when the special report came in regarding the stock market. I text her and said tell Paul he better be watching the special report and she took this picture of him, cracks me up because wanted her to send me the pic, lol.

1. Boy
I sure was lucky to have another boy home last weekend and Per my intro, I’ll be seeing a lot more of them! But anyway, the reason why this guy was home was to do his paperwork and drug test for the company he will be doing his summer internship with! It’s his final requirement so he will graduate in May but not receive his diploma until August. The neat thing is he actually is on the payroll now and can do some things remotely while finishing up the semester. Many of you loved the chunky green sweater, I have on some details on it below under week's attire.

2. CookieDough Bombs
Oh yes, my friends, these are indeed da bomb! I’m not always hip on these low-carb kinds of recipes but this one checks all the boxes! Super delicious, low Cal, low carb and does not taste artificial! You definitely want to make these, and I promise, you’re going to want to lick the bowl

Original Recipe Creds HERE

3. Week's Attire



4. Bibs Are BACK!!!
Am I ever happy BIBS are back! I remember having a cool denim bib mini skirt in high school that I used to wear with a red turtleneck and red glasses, LOL! But this faded distressed one took me back, but I felt like it’s time to make it completely chic again! The sock booties and turtleneck work perfectly, and I think it will look darling styling them in other ways as well!

More Inspo

Wednesday ~ Hip To The Chic

I went shopping one day this week, Clorox wipes in hand, lol! Here are some of my Old Navy Try On’s, two of these items came home with me! I also tried some things on at TJ Maxx, but I could not find a link, boo because several of those items also came home with me and they are super cute.
Jumpsuit HERE //Floral Long Sleeve HERE // Floral Sleeveless HERE // Black Dress HERE

This week sure has been all things Green, I guess in inches and dissipation of St. Patrick’s Day and spring! Here are a few of my fun fashion pieces and a recipe to get you ready for Tuesday little lassies! Make sure you head over to Heather's Blog today, she's sharing lots of fun green too!
Tee HERE & HERE// Green Tassel Earrings HERE
Just Bought this one HERE

Green Blazer HERE // Cork Earrings HERE


I'll leave you with this!



  1. You are precious as always.
    They canceled our school until March 30th.
    Enjoy your boys for Spring Break.

  2. The floral dress from Old Navy is so cute! So crazy all the precautions that are being taken. I sure hope it gets under control and you can see your boys graduate!

  3. Ugh! Hopefully all these shut downs help slow the spread and it's over before graduation time. It's hard to imagine the need for all of the changes in areas where it hasn't hit yet, but my guess is the areas that have been hit hard wish things had been clamped down on faster. Hopefully this slows the spread and it fades away.

  4. Oh those cookies look so good and so do those cookie dough bombs! Love all of your green pieces, you are absolutely darling as always! Love you!

  5. I'm going to make the cookie dough bombs this weekend ! Yum ! Hugs to you beautiful friend !

  6. Ok- celebrating extra QT with your boys is wonderful AND I think you drank from the fountain of youth- how is it that you look younger and younger? :) Gorgeous Andrea! Have a great weekend

  7. Good to focus on the unexpected good while there are so many disappointments right now. Nice you to have your boys home! Our kids are off for the next 3 weeks, so we will have a lot more family time too. Have a great weekend!

  8. The world is crazy right now. I imagine a lot of things will be canceled, graduations are going to be a question if things are still like this then. I hope it moves on fast. The cookie dough looks great and love the green sweater.

  9. Im sure it's going to be nice to have all your boys home - not the best circumstance, but certainly welcome! We've been prepping all week and just stocking up since we were told we might be in the same situation as italy soon :( Hope you have a relaxing weekend! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  10. Take care my friend! Heading to the grocery store now. :) Love the leopard cami and need to rye this cookie recipe. Thanks for sharing! XO

  11. I love all of your festive green St. Patrick looks! Those cookie bombs look amazing, I am going to have to try those. My son doesn't have school until March 30th, hopefully with all of these cancellations we will be able to get a grasp on this virus. I hope and pray they will not cancel any commencement ceremonies and you get to see your boys graduate. Enjoy them while you have them for the next few weeks!

    xx, Elise

  12. I'm glad to have our daughter hope for a few extra weeks but, with everything shut down in Chicago, there's not going to be much to do! The stockpiling of toilet paper is ridiculous! Those overalls are so cute on you! I don't think I could pull them off like I did back in high school! Have the best weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. Soooooo much green goodness in this post my friend. Definitely going to be trying the Keto bombs. I ran in Target (again) yesterday, but didn't think to look for those chips. #dangit Have a great weekend with those precious boys home!!! Love you! XOXO🍀

  14. Loving all of the green in this post! Those fat bombs sound yummy! Your son is so handsome..congrats on his job! It is a crazy time right now! Trying to stay calm and positive as much as I can. Both of my girls are staying in their cities for now, working remotely at the moment (College Girl is on co-op). I am a big fan of overalls, I'm glad they are back too!

  15. Melissa Friscia13.3.20

    My stepdaughter goes to college in Missouri her graduation has already been canceled.

  16. I sure hope you get to experience graduation! Though I almost elected not to go to mine until my mother sat me down and gave me a good talking to.

  17. So sorry about the college schedule. We are feeling it here too and start e-learning next week. Loving your green fashion as always lady.


  18. I've had enough of all this craziness...we need to pull back and use common sense. All of this cancelling things is causing too much panic. It's crazy.
    Love, love, love the bibs. I may have to get a pair.

  19. I love overalls!
    I hate to hear that about the colleges. I can imagine your frustration. It’s crazy around here.

  20. I know you will LOVE having your boys home and I hope the graduation goes as planned. Those Keto bombs looks delicious! I LOVE you in green but you look beautiful in every color.

  21. With all that extra time home with my kids I will have to make those Little Irish Girl cookies! How adorable and perfect for those two Irish lasses! I really hope the virus passes quickly and graduation isn't cancelled!

  22. Have a super week Andrea. x

  23. I love your leopard print camisole and emerald green blazer! The world is in turmoil at the moment, goodness knows what will happen in the next few months. I think it's a fairly safe bet that I won't be going on holiday over Easter, but that's not a big deal in the grand scheme. I'm not too worried about myself, I'm more concerned about catching it and passing it on to someone vulnerable - my nextdoor neighbour is 98 and I'm too scared to go round to see her now. I hope you get to see your boys graduate.

    Emma xxx

  24. I like your green outfits! It's interesting seeing the differences in the way some places are handling everything. We still have the schools open here in Queensland so the kids will go to school but I think hubby and I will be working from home for a while. My office is considering closing and his already is.

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! We are having a quiet one here :)

    Away From Blue

  25. Love, you are surrounded by the most handsomest men EVAH, right down to your financial planner! Good grief! How LUCKY are you!? Praying for you and lifting you up in prayer!

  26. Sending lots of hugs sweet friend, and praying you get to see your boys graduate in the ceremonies they deserve! Now I need one of those cookie dough bombs - YUM <3

    Green Fashionista

  27. The silver lining to all of this is definitely getting to spend more time with family and slowing things down a lot. I am about to make my third batch of those cookie bombs. They are a weekly staple over here!

  28. I really want to make those cookie dough bombs. They sound amazing. Loving all the green clothes you featured!

  29. All of this gorgeous green is so fun, friend!! Wish we all were able to celebrate this year. But if I know you, you'll find the luck of the Irish with your sweet family right at home. Love you!!


  30. Love that leopard tank, which reminded me - I never wore mine that I got in the NSale this year! I tucked it away and forgot about it! Whoops!

  31. I enjoyed seeing all of your cute styles! Visiting from Thursday Favorites Things.

  32. This is such a sweet post dear. Have a safe weekend!

    Jessica |


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