I am in all American girl through and through! I love red white and blue, I love my country, and I love celebrating the birth of our nation! It’s even extra special when you get to spend it in one of the festive small towns in America and on vacation to boot!

We were getting a little worried because we were afraid our vacation week would not fall over July 4 next year since it’s on a Saturday but our dear friend Steve, who runs our condo complex, assured us that we would be there on the fourth next year! So, I am so excited I was able to keep all the American flags and Decor in my lake town box! Yes, I have a box especially dedicated to our yearly family vacation! And I pack several red white and blue outfits of course!

 This sweet little Lake Michigan town does it up right! You may also remember from several post of mine that they have a fall festival that is fantastic as well with a giant pumpkin! But one of my favorite things about our summer vacation is the entire July 4 experience! We start out at the bakery of course. followed by the 10 AM parade down main street and what an event it is, everyone is dressed so festively and every year I even scam a Tootsie Roll when the people throwing out the candy to the kids.
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Well, HOT DOG!!

Next, it was time to change into our swimsuits for a fun day at the beach. We took a walk on the beach as a family and hung out at the sandbar, played a few more games of badminton and had a ball!

I always said these past few years that I would never wear a bikini out in public, but on vacation, I really don’t care. When you are around people that don’t know you, you feel way less self-conscious and what does it matter? I always preach we need to love ourselves no matter what we look like, right? So many countries go completely nude when they sunbathe. No worries, I would never go THAT far, lol

Dinner Ready

On our way to eat, this was one of the sites we encountered. I had never seen a speedo at the particular beach we stay on but had seen one that day and couldn’t believe my eyes when I was seeing more. Just look at those short shorts, oh my! Just no! 

Every year, we always Like to eat somewhere new and special for the fourth and after having a great breakfast last year at Birch and Maple, we decided to try it again for dinner as it is a great little farm to table restaurant with a great mission statement and fabulous owners. Isn’t it just adorable? 

They even made me a festive red white and blue cocktail. I had the amazing and unique fish tacos and a short bread dessert with berries and mascarpone cream! Yum! 


After dinner we took a little stroll as it was such a beautiful evening, we walked out to one of the piers on the bay and just soaked in the smells of summer!! Back at the condo, we chilled and watched a Liam Neeson movie called Cold Pursuit until it was time for fireworks! 

Guys believe me when I tell you these are the best fireworks over the lake I have ever seen in my life. They up their game every.single.year! The two below are what I call "Grounders" from the pier, love the reflection in the water.

After the fireworks are over, our neighboring condo always belts all the Americana songs and always starts with Lee Greenwood‘s "I’m Proud to be an American!" It was quite the fun day but boy were we tired, and I think we all slept the best we had slept all week! I’m already excited for next year!

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  1. I could just eat those donuts through my screen this morning! Haha!! I hope I get to experience "small town" USA on the 4th of July one day! I know you and your family had so much fun that week! Hoping today is PRIME for you, my friend!

  2. I love how festive you are for all occasions and always have the cutest outfits to match. Sounds like an amazing family vacay! Laughing at those men in shorts. I agree with you, just no!

  3. So fun to celebrate the 4th in that cute town! I love that you bring a box of 4th of July decorations with you! You are gorgeous in your gingham dress! The men in their speedos is just not right!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. There is something so special about a small town Fourth of July. I grew up in a small town and went to our town's Fourth of July parade every year! That blue gingham dress is the cutest! And so perfect with the red shoes for the Fourth. Happy Monday, Andrea!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  5. You look too fabulous in red white and blue! It looks like the absolute perfect place to spend a 4th of July weekend--the parade looks like it's a blast!! Happy Monday!!

    Rosy Outlook

  6. What a fun and festive 4th! I love that you have the vacation tradition and a place you love so much!

  7. I would love to celebrate the 4th in a sweet little town, how quaint and festive! And you are the cutest in your red, white, and blue - lookin' fine Mrs. Nine!

  8. We used to live in a small town (in Michigan) and see fireworks over the St. Clair River, with a parade earlier in the day of course. Great memories.

  9. Your little getaway truly seemed like such a quaint little vaca. I would love to see it in person someday and share some of those fish tacos! Thanks for the mention sweet friend!

  10. Now that's a true celebration when even the donuts are decorated red, white and blue!!
    I know what you mean about being away and around people you don't know. But in a way, it's the same around town because I hardly know anyone...LOL!!
    Besides you look amazing in a bikini!!

  11. You have an absolutely epic 4th of July! I have actually never been to a parade for the 4th - will have to change that next year! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. LOL I shared all of your Prime Day purchases with my mom this morning. Looks like ya'll had a great time! I love the 4th too, it's my favorite. Your gingham dress is super cute!

  13. Ooooh I need one of those donuts, and YAY for securing the condo over the 4th next year! And ROCK that bikini vacation or not <3

    Green Fashionista

  14. You look FABULOUS- rock that bikini and be proud. I LOVE that you have a box of decorations to take, you seriously are the cutest ever. That red, white and blue cocktail looks delicious. Just bought some Press'n Seal-thanks for sharing!

  15. Your 4th getaway looks SO fun. It's definitely not the same celebrating in a bigger city. You look fab in your bikini so I'm glad you decided to just go for it. The speedo group...LOL! It looks like some kind of fraternity prank or something! Too funny.

  16. It sounds like just the best way to celebrate the 4th of July away and with your family. I enjoyed looking at the photos. Hope you have a nice day and week!

  17. Looks like a fabulous vacay! Your son with the beard (oldest?) looks just like his dad!

  18. That giingham dress!!! You just needed a little basket to carry a dog in! LOVE IT!
    Those speedo guys - HAHA - live your best life guys!!!

  19. Oh your holiday weekend sounded so wonderful. So cool you went to the parade I use to do this with my parents as a kid. And love the pix of the boys too funny!!

    Allie of

  20. Thanks for the tip on the trash bags, and I just bought another firestick to replace one that has gotten outdated. The 4th at the lake looks like such fun. There are a few 4th of july activities/parades around here, but in general it is just too hot to be outside unless you are on/in the water! You look great in the bikini! And over in Europe or Latin America, that would be considered a full coverage suit...ha, ha!

  21. Looks like such a spectacular family small town vacay! I love all of your patriotic gear. I think I am going to have to pick up that press and seal deal!

  22. Bought those trash bags; we were running low and they were on my grocery list anyway! Thanks for the heads up. Looks like you have the perfect cute little town and routine down for celebrating the 4th.

  23. such an idyllic town Andrea. You make me want to visit for sure! And thank you for the glad share!!

  24. SO much FUN! I love all the red, white, and blue! So festive!

  25. You are so darn CUTE with all your decor and patriotic outfits! I just love that blue gingham dress on you! The sunglasses give it a super fun retro look!! And that food?! YUM!!

  26. This is like my dream come true for a place to celebrate the 4th!! So small town with all of the yummy treats and the parade...and of course allllll of that patriotic spirit! I'm going to check out that All American star tank too. It has my name written all over it! Thanks for sharing these pics, my heart is so happy seeing all of this red, white and blue! Love you!!


  27. They should make a Hallmark movie in your town Andrea- it is adorable! You are looking HOT in your outfits too -way to go!

  28. You are seriously the cutest in all of your red, white, and blue! You might be the most festive dresser EVER and you know I love that! That blue and white gingham dress and the red shoes - PERFECTION.

  29. What a great tradition! I'm so glad that you'll be able to go back again and celebrate next year. I love that you have a box of decorations to bring with you! Love seeing all of the fun pictures with you and the boys and those fireworks over the water are just perfect.

  30. I always love seeing your lake pictures each year because it just looks like such a special family time! This year did not disappoint, and how fun to celebrate the 4th there in such a big way!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  31. What a fun 4th! And so much awesome time with your lovely fam!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  32. You rocked every 4th of July outfit!! I love that you and your boys all celebrate together and that you will keep it up next year!!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  33. What a fun post! Loving your photos dear. Looks like you guys had a blast.

    Jessica |

  34. This is an awesome post -thanks for sharing today. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  35. You look adorable in that blue and white dress! Looks like a fun summer celebration! Thanks for linking up to Best of the Weekend. You were one of my features this week and I will be pinning and adding to Instagram stories this weekend. Thanks for joining us again and have a great weekend!


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