This had been of week of pool hair, frizzy hair, hair all up! My Lawrd, it’s HOT!!!! It’s been either all pool or all AC but we did have a mother son day. We're all Just over here Living Summer to the fullest!

You may have read from my post on Wednesday, that the lavender fields last Friday were a bust. It was from that darn polar vortex colder than the North Pole temps this past January. However, we landed at the Fernwood Botanical Gardens and it was a beautiful summer day pre this heat wave. My favorite things were the giant Katsura Tree with a swing inside and the electric train set up. Sooo cute! 
 How cute is mom? We did not even plan to both wear jumpsuits and our hair in side braids..and we matched. We always do that. Great tastes run in the family. And Our sunglasses matched because I had bought us both a pair, lol.

Look how darling her hat is!

Weeping Katsura big and inside there is a swinging bench

So cool, and the little covered bridge was just darling!


 I am so thrilled with this new healthy recipe; I cannot even tell you! I love it Warm in the morning with a little bit of cinnamon and natural sweetener on top. It is absolutely delicious! Chia Seeds are soooo good for you and known as a Superfood. Excited to share this recipe with you and it is so easy!

What you'll Need
Chia Seed Pudding
1 can unsweetened coconut milk
1/2 cup chia seeds
1 1/2 cups hot water
1/3 cup sugar substitute like Swerve
2 teaspoons vanilla 

In a large bowl, stir the chia seeds in the hot water. Add rest of ingredients and divide into 6 small bowls and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Enjoy cold or warmed with cinnamon and more swerve on top. 

This is my new favorite all natural sweetener and I cannot wait to use it in baking! I have always been a huge proponent of Stevia sweetener‘s but this one is the closest to granulated. I often sprinkle a little extra of this on top the Chia Seed Pudding

Including The Pineapple Top...

Similar HERE Similar Top in Red HERE // Earrings HERE // Necklace HERE

Eek, here’s the pineapple tee I wore on vacay. I love it, it’s burn-out material and the pineapple is little bling discs. So cute!

Pineapple Top HERE // Earrings HERE

It must be the week of the halters and boy do I love them! This is the easiest little dress to throw on. AND IT'S UNDER $13 right now!! I cannot stop with the red, white and blue, despite the holiday being over. It is just such a preppy look and the Dress, which I got at Kohl’s, totally reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger or Nautica.


More Inspo


I am very hot blooded but oh how I love to be cozied up on the couch with a super soft blanket! In my opinion, you can never have too many blankets! So, while I didn’t buy much from the Nordstrom sale, like I told you last Friday, my Barefoot Dreams blanket has been my favorite purchase ever. This year, Even though it's Hot summertime, I bought a couple of much more inexpensive blankets but equally as soft fringe blankets and they are amazing! They will make super gifts and are under $26! Tons of colors too! 


Usually, when it’s this hot, my flowers suffer but I have watered like a boss and the geraniums, unlike my hair, seem to be loving the humidity. I have two of these pots and a window-box with this variety and they are thriving!

Stay COOL my friends!

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  1. I'm going to have to try that chia seed pudding. The hubby has been adding them to yogurt so this will be a new way to have them. All your outfits are so cute and those geraniums are beautiful.

  2. oh my goodness you and your mom are too cute! I can totally relate to dressing similar--my mom and I end up doing the same thing!

  3. Oh that pineapple shirt is just the cutest. Have a Good weekend lovely!


  4. You and your mom look like sisters! I love that you dress alike without even planning it! Good looks run in your family!
    I love that halter dress on you - super cute on my super sweet friend! Have the very best weekend!
    Love ya!

  5. You and your mom are the absolute cutest! Stay in that pool... this week has been rough! Have a lovely weekend xoxox

  6. So cute that you and your mom were all matchy! You can definitely tell you are related. :)

  7. I always love to see you & your momma together!! You two are just the cutest. Me & my mom did that the other day - I went to pick her up & we both had on the same Tee. It was a "Team Jesus" shirt so people probably thought we were a church group :) LOL

  8. You and your momma are the cutest! I'll have to try that chia seed pudding. I sneak chia seeds in everything so the kids can get some extra nutrients. They never even know they're there!

  9. You and your mom are so cute and look fabulous in your jumpsuits! That katusra tree is amazing! This heat is crazy but you definitely need a good blanket indoors with the AC blasting! Enjoy the weekend and stay cool!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. Oh those blankets- luxurious is the perfect word- need to snag some! Love all of your summer fashion- have a beautiful weekend Andrea

  11. You and your mom are just precious!! Have a great weekend!

  12. How fun that you and your mom match and you both look so cute. Happy Friday and weekend.

  13. What a cute mom you have! Your flowers are beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Daily Style Finds

  14. You and your mom are so cute and that train looks awesome! The chia seed recipe sounds great!

  15. You and your precious mama look too cute in your matching braids. I definitely need to try the Chia Seed pudding. I think I have most of the ingredients. I've never tried Swerve, but wondered about it, so I guess I'd better try that too. LOL Happy weekend!! XOXO

  16. I just ADORE you and your mom, Andrea!! Please keep including her in your posts. We should join up for a mother/daughter collab??
    My mom and I will match many times's so funny how we do that (except for the side braid..ha ha. We don't have the hair for that)

  17. Haha..unlike my hair about the humidity! That is me too! You and your mom are so pretty together and how you twin like that?!! Even opposite side braids for those perfect photos. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :) Loving your summer looks and I can't get enough of red, white and blue myself. That huge flip flop is so funny! I'm always snuggling w/ a soft blanket when the a/c is on. I need to get a Barefoot Dreams one. I love my sweater from them!

  18. So many cute looks here! I love all your beautiful pictures and you look so much like your mom! Two beautiful ladies!

  19. I don't care what the temperature is, I love cuddling up with a blanket!

  20. Okay, you and your mom are the cutest mother-daughter twins! That is too funny that you didn't even plan to dress alike! And $13 for your red white and blue dress?! What?! It is so cute and I cannot believe the price! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  21. Hope you are staying cool friend! That stinks the lavender fields were a bust. The one by me had lost 50% of it's crop too and they were about to pick their remaining lavender honey production. Hope you have the best weekend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  22. I heard the blanket you posted was even better than the BFD ones. I just bought one today. I love that white top with the blue embroidery. So cute! Have a great weekend!

  23. You and your mom are too cute!!! And those flowers - wow! Mine are struggling a bit with this heat. I have been watering them regularly, but I think I need to do more!

  24. I love all of your outfits! You and your momma are just too cute. I am lounging on that blanket with my new pup currently, the best! Enjoy your weekend, beautiful friend!

  25. You girls look beautiful!!! Such a pretty post.

  26. I'm the same with a blanket - love to be cozy! You and your mom are just the sweetest! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  27. You girls are cute in those hats! I cant wait to try the recipe. Looks delicious and I've been wanting to make this. I just need to find a good artificial sweetener. Most Artificial sweeteners I've tried give me a headache. I'm pinning this one for sure.
    Have a happy weekend sweet friend.

  28. You and your mum - I can't tell you how my heart fills when I see you two cuties together! And in similar outfits and hairstyles - icing on the cake!
    Have a great weekend and yes , please could someone slow down summer?!
    Hugs, Mary x.

  29. Oh my goodness! That picture of you and your mom is just wonderful! Dang lavendar fields, but y'all still had a fun outing! Stay cool, Sista, but, of course, you already are! Mwah!

  30. You and your mom are just the cutest ever!!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  31. You are a true master of the top bun! I've been all about side braids too! What's a girl to do when leaving it down is just not an option?! I'll need to check out Swerve. When I go on a baking binge it's nice to do half sweetener and half sugar to cut down on the calories!

  32. You and your mom twinning is so cute!! I love chia seed pudding, but cold. I’m weird about textures. I haven’t made it in so long, I’ll need to do it soon!

  33. You and your mom are seriously the cutest! Great minds think alike when it comes to fashion. Glad you still got to have a fun day! It has been crazy hot over here too. I completely agree, never too many blankets and I may have picked up one myself this week lol. I hope you have the best weekend!

  34. You and your mom are such beauties! I love your cute outfits and matching sunglasses. How did the weather turn arctic cold in the Summer months? That's crazy! Love the distressed jeans look and all the cute tops to match! xo

  35. You and your mum look great in your summer pink outfits, especially with the matching sunnies, so fun!

    I've tried chia seed pudding but wasn't overly impressed - i think I need to try different ingredients on top!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  36. You and your Mama are just the cutest! So sad that the fields weren't what you were hoping for, but at least you still had the perfect outfit for it! :) I thought the pictures turned out beautiful too! Hope you had a great weekend my friend! Love ya!


  37. Well, I just ordered two of the throws, thank you very much! :o)) So glad you and your Mom have these special times together. Yes, it is a HOT, HOOOOOT summer here as well. Hugs to you!


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