Happy Friday friends! Another fast week is in the books. It’s looking like a gorgeous day so I will keep this intro short and get right to some of the fun favorites.

1. Boys
Real World Accessory 
So, our boys are really getting a taste of the real world, in fact some of you may know that the two college boys have started an online shopping website together called RealWorld Accessory. They sell cool watches, hats and sunglasses for guys! They are having fun with it but they needed a little boost so I told them I would feature them on the blog! And I had a ball doing a little photo shoot for them the other night. We thought it was cute that they wore their respective college shirts. 



Entering the Real World
This youngest of ours isn’t big into social media, but he will soon be entering the real world as he graduates this weekend and will also be heading off to college. Lots of last times for this kid and our family. A couple weeks ago he had his last time on the mound and wearing the number 9.

 And here is a picture of graduation practice with the 459 graduates.

2. Lip Balm 
I am crazy about lip balm! My favorite night balm will still always be Carmex, and I was the queen of Carmex, back when it only came in the little tubs, in school. Right now, my two favorites are the EOS brand and Raw Sugar line.  
The Raw Sugar pineapple and maqui berry + Coconut smells so much like summer. 


Sweet Mint has always been my favorite EOS but I recently bought this lavender latte and vanilla at Target and just love it. I love that it’s packaged with one of the little round Balms and the stick.

3. Week's Attire
 Varsity Tee HERE // Shorts HERE
LOVE these shorts!!

Dress HERE // Sandals HERE

Pineapple Tee HERE // Shoes HERE

4. Bubblegum Pink 
I just love bubblegum pink and that color is hard to find! So when I found this cute sleeveless tie front top at JC Penny, I knew it had to be mine and I love it. It comes in lots of other colors as well. I thought it looked really fresh paired with raw hem boyfriend jeans and white pumps. 


More Inspo

5. Misc Fun
Posts of the Week

We did not watch the CMT is on Wednesday night but aa soon as my mom told me Tanya Tucker was on there singing Delta Dawn, I quickly watched it and downloaded the YouTube performance. When I was little girl, Delta Dawn was my favorite song and I used to sing it, sometimes in the grocery store! I would belt it out as loud as I could so this was so much fun to watch.

Pineapple Wallpaper & Katie Kime
I just discovered Katie Kime and I am in love with every single thing on her website. From wallpaper, Home decor, fashion, paper goods, art prints, bright, so cheery and I LOVE IT ALL!!
 Just look at this Pink Pineapple Wallpaper! I am sure I will be sharing more of her stuff in the future! 
BUY Wallpaper HERE

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  1. What an exciting time for you Andrea- you must be so proud of your boys- they look so sweet! Love all of your fashion choices as always- how long did it take for that Love tee to come in? Wondering if I order it now, if I will have it for the 4th of July?? Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Hi there! It is from Etsy and I got it in about a week so I am sure it would be here in time! xo

  2. Enjoy graduation this weekend - such a special time! I love the boys' website - they are so handsome and it's such a great concept! You look super sweet in that bubble gum pink - my favorite color on my favorite lady! Have the very best weekend and relish all that family time!

  3. I love that your boys started a website! And I'll bet that last game was bittersweet. What a lot of growing and changing, but all good! Have a wonderful weekend <3

  4. I have to check out Katie’s work! And your sweet boys website!! I’m always up for a pop of bubblegum pink too! Have the best weekend friend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. 459 graduates?! WOW! I think most of our local schools have about 100. LOL. I just got in a JC Penney order yesterday but I missed that adorable top.. I may have to place another order.

  6. hello beautiful and her super handsome sons! Love those watches on the boys. I wonder if my eldest would wear a watch like that...And I love your frayed hem shorts Andrea. Super cute with the knotted tee. I love all your outfits girl!

  7. What a special time for all of your boys. That's amazing they started their own online store! Congratulations to them! I love that your son's number was nine, I mean how could it not be, right?! Pink is one of my favorite colors on you. That wallpaper is so fun and pretty! If I had a beach house I would definitely do a bathroom like that.

  8. CONGRATS to your soon-to-be graduate! I'm sure it will be a bittersweet celebration for you, precious mama! Biggest hugs to you on this happy occasion! Wishing your two older boys so much success in their new business endeavor! You all are such a talented bunch! Much love to you today and always, dear friend! xoxo!

  9. I know you are so proud of your boys! And what a huge graduating class!!! I graduated with less than 200 haha!! Love that pink on you!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  10. OMG...I used to love that song too. I'd sing it all the time. I need to watch that.
    I love that your sons are so entrepreneurial. They are special like their mama!!!

  11. What an exciting time for your family! Congrats on your youngest graduate and your two entrepreneurs! And congrats to you on finding a bubblegum pink top! LOL! It really is darling and that color looks fab on you!

  12. Love the photo shoot of your boys and entrepreneurs! The prices are very reasonable too! That last year of high school is bittersweet -especially when it's your youngest! Always love seeing your outfits. Have an awesome weekend!

  13. Well, obviously your sons learned their great poses and modeling from their Mom. They are so cute and I wish them much success in their business. Hot pink is not a color for me to wear but it sure is for you. I do love that pineapple wallpaper, just too cute! Happy weekend!

  14. I love that the boys started a business together and the watches look very cool! I also love your outfits this week, such summery fun!

  15. HAPPY GRADUATION WEEKEND!!! You're almost an empty nester like me. Those college boys are pretty darn cute in their photo shoot. #rhyme I wish them the best of luck and much success!!! You had some cute outfits this week. My EOS ball is almost gone and so I need to snatch up the coconutty one. I love things that smell like summer. Have fun celebrating! XOXO

  16. I love that the older boys have a business going together! And congrats to the youngest on graduating! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Good luck to your boys with their business venture - that is so awesome! And to your other boy with his graduation. :)

  18. So excited for your kids and starting their own business! I have no doubt they will be successful! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  19. Holy moly, another kiddo heading off to college?! Amazing! I love that your kiddos are starting their own business, too. Such a great idea - and their site is great! Happy weekend, my friend!

  20. That pineapple wallpaper would look super cute in my new bathroom! Look at your handsome entrepreneurs go! I spelled that right the first time (pats self on back) Congrats on your graduate! All of your looks are too cute. Have a lovely weekend, lovely!

  21. You have so many amazing things going on in your family with your boys! Exciting times for them all! The Raw Sugar lip balm sounds AMAZING! I'm so big on fruity smells!

  22. Your boys website looks very cool! I wish them lots of luck and succes!

  23. I am a sucker for anything lavender & am actually in need of new lip balm so guess I'll be hitting up Target! So exciting for all of your boys! You've done a great job raising them!

  24. OMG - I used to sing Delta Dawn CONSTANTLY. Loved it! Congrats to your son's graduation and officially entering empty nester status! Have a great weekend!

  25. So many great things happening in your neck of the woods! Congrats on your youngest son's graduation! The watches from your boys online shop are gorgeous! I'm also loving your bubblegum pink top and that pineapple wallpaper! Looking forward to seeing you in a few days!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  26. That pineapple wallpaper is so cute!

  27. You look absolutely STUNNING in bubble gum pink, Andrea! That outfit with the heels is a serious knock out. And your boys are just too cool, aren't they? The watches they sell are super cool too!
    Suzy xxx

  28. How cool that your two oldest have started their own business!! I love both of those watches! I can't believe your youngest is graduating, that picture of him on the mound made me a little teary. Loving your weeks attire, that bubblegum top is so pretty!!

    xx, Elise

  29. I love the pink pineapples. So cute. and that outfit inspiration is amazing. I love hot pink and jeans. So cute. I hope graduation went well!

  30. So many fun things! Glad your boys have found a fun way to experience adulthood! Thank you for linking Katie Kime! I'm in love!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E

  31. That Bubblegum Pink is so cute on you dear!
    Jessica |

  32. Your love pineapple tee is so cute! So nice that your boys have their own business too! Good luck to them with it! :)

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) I just posted this week's linkup, I'd love you to join again! :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue


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