My goodness this month flew by and I am so glad because there is so much goodness to get to next month! I hope you’ve had a great week and Spring is slowly but surely arriving!

If you followed along with my stories this past weekend, you saw that Mr. Nine and I had the best date day! Finally a sunny day and temps in the 50's. There aren’t tons to do in our immediate area, but if we drive an hour or more north to the lake Michigan area, there are so many breweries, markets, wineries, distilleries and local sourced food restaurants to show you a great and yummy time. 


As you know, I love jumpsuits and I have been trying on different ones and some dresses for dinner next week. Well, this was such an ultimate NO that I had to share it as a funny!! It is a silky green lizardy looking print with a hideous crop and so unflattering...Ugh and you don't even want to see it from the back, lol

Eyelash Tee HERE // Skirt HERE // Shoes HERE

Camo Pants HERE // Blazer HERE // Necklace HERE

Buy Halter Dress HERE

Classic black-and-white is always a good thing, and add in a little peplum hem on the top and you’re good to go! I love how unique this Top is from Amazon (under $17) with the cute little black buttons and fitted high neck and bodice. AND Love the caged Heels!
 BUY TOP HERE //Similar Caged Heels HERE & HERE

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Great Neighbors, Great Friends 
As you know, we just moved into our house a little over a year ago and there’s only like 28 houses and you just don’t see your neighbors as much as we did in our old subdivision. However, I am blessed to have an Uber cool one to call friend who lives with her husband and most precious little girl (who turned 5 yesterday) in the first house which is one we admired when we decided to build in there. 
So nice to have a sweet neighbor with a similar outlook on life! We enjoyed a sweet lunch together at the house on Tuesday.

Too Faced Chocolate Matte Bronzer
Can I eat this? LOL! This won an Allure Beauty award and is infused with 100% cocoa powder. FUN and I promise not to lick it. Ha!!


Happy Weekend Lovelies!! xo

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  1. Running Daddy and I love a day date too! Have a Good weekend sweet lady.


  2. Sounds like such a fun day date- love that halter maxi on you and the black and white outfit is perfect-hope you have a wonderful weekend Andrea!

  3. You and Mr. Nine are a couple of TENS on that day date from last weekend - you two are a hot lookin' couple my friend! I love all of the fashion goodness in this post my friend. Have the very best weekend!!!

  4. The title of this post had me nodding my head...yup, March just flew by. I love your look for the date day, and it looks like you and the Mr. coordinated. How wonderful not to need a coat! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Now I want to have a day date! We are having a dinner and live theater date this weekend, which is rare! Have a wonderful weekend <3

  6. ok! I am dying over that green jumpsuit. I am so glad you shared. It's so funny. But you know what, you can pull off anything!! That being said, you can send me that chambray striped beauty you wore on your date night when you're done with it. ;) So cute Andrea!

  7. I am in love with the day date outfit! Yay for great neighbors. Someday I want one of those lol.

  8. You and your Mr look fabulous and I love your date dress! That green jumpsuit is so bad it is funny! I'm glad you shared it! Love your halter dress! Have a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  9. You and Mr. Nine always plan the best dates! Love the cute striped dress you wore on your date. And've convinced me I need a peplum top! It looks amazing with black skinnies. Great outfits this week as usual!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  10. Mmm a chocolate inspired matte bronzer! I need that lol Your day date with Mr. Nine looked so nice. I'm always in for pretzels when I'm tasting new beers! Have a great weekend girlfriend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  11. Michigan does have so many fun places! Love your look for your date night. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  12. Oooh that bronzer sounds good! Looking good Lady!! Love the photo of you and the hubs for your sunny day date! Happy Friday!

  13. I had to laugh that you put an "x" through that photo, Andrea. I bet it wasn't as bad as you thought, but not every jumpsuit can be a winner, I guess.
    Have a fabulous weekend my dear friend,

  14. How nice to have lunch with a neighbor, that's so sweet! I LOVED your eyelash tee paired with the skirt, such a cute combo! Hope you have the best weekend!

  15. Happy Friday to you, sweet friend! I'm with you in wondering where March went, yet at the same time so excited for what April will bring! You and Mr. Nine are seriously the CUTEST!!! That day date pic is frame worthy! Loved following your adventures via your IG stories! I love (& can completely relate) to a girl who thoroughly enjoys soaking up special moments with her hubby! Hooray for your sweet friendship with a neighbor! Wishing you a weekend filled with sunshine, surrounded by love and joy - the same sweetness you bring to the lives of all who are blessed to know you! *HUGS!*

  16. Your day date sounds so fun and looked delish!! I LOL'd at your jumpsuit fail, not because it looked bad, but because the X and your disdain was hilarious. All of your looks from this wee were gorgeous and I especially love your maxi! Have a wonderful weekend beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  17. Day dates are fun! We like going to breweries too. That's fun that you have a neighbor to hang out with! You have the best style. I wish I could wear peplum!

  18. lol- that green jumper is crazy, made me laugh. Have a great weekend.

  19. You look so adorable in that blue dress and what a cute pic of you and Mr. Nine!! ALL of your outfits are precious and that amazon dress..YES!!

  20. Haha, you promise not to lick it. You are funny lady. Hey you are right we are both living on some Amazon clothes lately. Love that you shared a no for you. Lol to the buy if you dare, haha!!! I should have snapped a picture of my no on my romper I bought from amazon. Maybe I will throw it on and put in IG stories. :-) I will make sure to tag you in it. Happy weekending!!

  21. That photo of you and your hubby is so gorgeous – I'd put that in a frame!
    Big hugs
    Suzy xxx

  22. That halter dress is GORGS!!!!!! ...
    Glad you & your hubby had a beautiful sun filled day together.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  23. I love that you shared to no on that jumpsuit! You look so cute in that white peplum top. How great to have a neighbor friend! We're still getting to know ours but it's similar where there aren't a ton of houses. Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. Glad you enjoyed the day with your hubby! Sounds lovely and that dress is such a winner! I need to shop Amazon and Target more!
    have a great weekend!
    jess xx

  25. I love day dates!

  26. I'm loving all the outfits you've posted lately. My fav is still that black dress! so pretty. Blessings to you xoxoxox sharon

  27. What a great round up! I loved that you shared a fashion "don't" with the jumpsuit. And is that your closet? It looks amazing!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  28. I am loving your outfits as always but the maxi dress and the peplum top are my favourites! :) Shame that jumpsuit didn't work out for you!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you :) We have a busy but fun one planned!

    Away From The Blue

  29. I love the dress you wore on your date! It's so cute on you! Too bad about the jumpsuit! That white peplum top you got is darling though! You find awesome items on amazon!

  30. I loved that try on of you in that maxi....but you look awesome in everything you put on! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  31. You two are adorable. I keep looking at the green jumpsuit and thinking...”No I know she can do better than that and make it look good”. Haha.
    I like the maxi dress on you and the eye lash shirt is supper cute.
    Have a great weekend.

  32. Oh my, that lizard jumpsuit. It had to be hideous if it looked bad on you, because I think you could wear a burlap sack and look cute. The rest of the favs, were favs indeed. So happy you have a sweet neighbor you love. Happy birthday weekend sweetest friend! XOXO

  33. I still am so in love with the pleated skirt White sneakers look! Fabulous! Have a great weekend!

  34. EEK! HELLOOOO Birthday Month!! Well, almost!! Loved following along with you and Mr. Nine last weekend! And I'm so glad you got to entertain your neighbor and her precious little girl this week! Enjoy your birthday weekend, Babe!

  35. Look di grande ispirazione

  36. Your birthday month is just around the corner! Sounds like a wonderful and yummy Day Date with the hubby! Love the outfit you wore and that gorgeous white peplum top looks fabulous on you! Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend!

  37. Your date was so much fun to follow along on Stories! You guys are seriously so cute. And I'm in love with that colorblock maxi dress! So pretty and summery...I can see you packing that on vacation for sure (I know I would!) Happy weekend, gorgeous! Love ya! XO


  38. Well, you made up for the jumpsuit with that cute peplum top for sure. But, since 99% of what you pick is cute on you, you are allowed one to not be all that great. :o)) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  39. The Too Faced Chocolate Matte Bronzer is a must have for me ! I’ve found a few Too Faced products at Marshall’s, wishing that I could find this there too. Have a fabulous day lady !

  40. Some pretty pieces Andrea, thanks for sharing them. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  41. You are so cute, lol! I'm sorry the jumpsuit didn't work out, but you had a lot of other lovely outfits! Hope this week is going well for you too!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E


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