There is no room here for complaining about the week or frivolous "Yay it's Friday!" Our country, our world, experienced evil this week and I think we are all still having a hard time wrapping our heads around such a senseless tragedy. The only thing we should have room for this week is LOVE and then continue to carry that out all of our days. In trying to keep the world moving, here is what I am loving in my world this week but thinking about all of human kind 
so much more. On Ellen Wednesday, Oprah was a guest and said something that hit home: "The Ordinary is what makes the world Extraordinary! Treasure the Ordinary things."
Here is my ordinary that I treasure.

1. Seeing My College Boys
Yep, two college boys in two days on two different campuses and we had such a great time. I'll recap one of the day's for ya Monday in a Day in the Life Post. Even better, they are home this weekend for Fall break!
Indiana University

Purdue University

I told you in this POST about "Bo" the deer head, well, here he is at home in the Frat room.

2. Pumpkin Signs & Pillows
What would an October Friday Favorites be without more pumpkin Love? Here is a sign I got at Kirklands and a couple more pumpkin decorations I would love to have.

Pumpkin Spice For Life HERE...only $12

My Favorite Pumpkin Pillow from Target is on sale for $16

3. Week's Attire
Express sweater, Loft necklace

Kohl's Top and necklace

Nordstrom Top, Michael Kors pants and flats

4. Stripes, Gingham and Cherries
I got this cherry sweater from JCrew Factory and meant to wear it to The Cherry Festival this summer on vacation but it was too hot so I decided to save it for Fall and throw gingham underneath.
Similar Sweater HERE and HERE and
OH & Just Cause: MY favorite Cherry Dessert: HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Today I'm sharing over at The Blended Blog for Friday Loves 
but it's not the usual post.

Essie Polish Color
This color is a Fall Fave that I got at Target, it's called Wicked


Candy From Doctor's
My team and I are working on a project for one of our nicest Surgeons. He surprised us yesterday these these Fall Festive butter mints and turtles from a local Chocolate shop. I thought they were so pretty....and yummy.

American Idol Returning
American Idol coming back makes me very happy. Not a huge fan of Katy Perry, but Luke and Lionel as judges...all right!!

Go LOVE on one another sweet friends!!
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  1. I'm going dark with my nail polish color this weekend and I can't wait! Love that you were able to see both your boys and how they're doing at college! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Such a sweet post from the sweetest blogger! Love ya girl!

  3. I have a dark Essie color very similar to that! And I love the deer head haha! Happiest of Fridays, Andrea!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Your boys are adorable- you must have had so much fun. I love all of your fall ideas AND this is the first time I am seeing the judges for the new American Idol and completely agree with you! Have a great weekend Andrea :)

  5. Yay for visits with the boys! The deer mount looks like it's right at home ;-) I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Yay for both of your boys being home! I know you will all enjoy the time together.

  7. Just thought I should tell you how much a love reading your blog and the positive message you always share . . . have a wonderful weekend with your boys!

  8. Love the cherry sweater. Happy weekend.

  9. Yay for having your boys all home. I can't even imagine how happy you must feel today. Enjoy and soak up all the time with them that you can.

  10. If it would only get cooler so we could wear striped sweaters with gingham here!! You are so cute in the cherry sweater and I love the inspiration too.

    Happy Friday girl!

  11. Love the mixing prints look! Looks like you enjoyed your time with your college boys :-) Have a great weekend Andrea!!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  12. Loving the strips and gingham together!! Love your leopard sandals!! So glad you got to see 2 of your boys! My kiddos are on Fall Freak, as well!! :)

  13. Anonymous6.10.17

    Aww the photo of you and your boys is my favorite ! We both have sons around the same age and I know how important it is to see your sons :) Loving that pretty pillow from Target !! Lady, I pray for our world to come together as one and STOP the evilness. It's beyond heartbreaking. Prayer and kindness is needed more than anything. Hugs to you and enjoy your weekend.

  14. October is such a beautiful month :)!

  15. LOVE this post! It's truly important to embrace the ordinary, and can we talk about how fabulous you look! Loving that peplum top <3
    Green Fashionista

  16. I love everything October, I just wish that it would get a little bit cooler here! And hooray for seeing your boys in college! I know that y'all had a blast!

  17. October is my favorite month! I'm so glad you got to see both of your boys and that they are home for the weekend. I hope y'all have a wonderful time together. LOVING all of the pumpkin decor, so darling!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  18. Awww look at you and your boys!!! Love your outfit you are wearing too! Anytime I see anything from Kirklands I always smile, I spent 6 years of my life working there (high school and college.) So many memories. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! Enjoy your time with the kiddos!

  19. Have so much fun with your boys home!! Also, I had no idea Luke Bryan was going to be an Idol judge - I may have to watch now!

  20. I love that cherry sweater!!!

  21. Love that you got to see all your boys and will see them again! I love the stripes and plaid together, so cute and I will be sporting that soon! Spreading love everywhere I go too, let's keep up the good work! Have a fantastic weekend.

  22. I NEEEEED that orange gingham shirt. How cute would that be under SO MANY THINGS!!!! I have a black & white one - but ORANGE!!! YES!!

  23. It's so cute how much you love pumpkins and everything to do with Fall. Enjoy having your sons home this weekend. You're one gorgeous momma in your yellow top and distressed jeans. You make a casual outfit look so fashionable yet comfortable. xo

  24. Love that you were able to see your boys this week! And I love the gingham with your cherry sweater :) You are too cute! Enjoy your weekend!

  25. Love those pumpkin signs! And hooray for time with your boys! Nothing better!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. AWWWW, seeing those sweet college boys did your heart good. I'm quite sure!!! You had to be the cutest mom on campus. I loved everything about your outfit. Even with the sadness, you managed to highlight the happy's of the week. Love ya' friend!!!

  27. Aww, lovely photos Andrea :) Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop, hope to see you on Monday for our next blog hop.

  28. So pleased you've got your sweet pumpkins home with you.
    Love your little outfit, it's looking autumn-neat. I like how you show your inspo too.
    Wish I could get fired up by autumn, I'm still pining for the summer ...
    Wishing you a huggly weekend, my fluttery autumn leaf, hugs, x.

  29. Gosh that's a handsome, young man standing beside Bo! Enjoy having all your cuties home for the weekend! I'm missing Steph so much this week! But Alise has kept us on our toes, so I've been busy! I had heard rumors of Luke Bryan being on AI, so I guess now it's official. I'm not a Katie Perry fan, either, but I would be tempted to watch again. I hope you have a great and relaxing weekend!

  30. Look at those good looking young men! Yea for American Idol but hopefully they will slim down on the silliness of tryouts. The gingham shirt and striped sweater are soooo cute I actually took some fashion pics this week, now we'll see if I end up using them. :o)) Happy weekend!

  31. How cute are all those outfits? I hope you have a great weekend!

  32. Have the best weekend with your boys! Mine doesn't get a fall break, but he was home last weekend to share his good news with us!

  33. Probably my favorite of your favorite is you visit with your boys. According to Southern Living Magazine, IU has the most beautiful campus in Indiana. Shhh, don't tell the Purdue folks that! I love the cherry sweater with gingham. Enjoy your weekend. xoxo

  34. I just love your relationship with your boys- the cutest! I can't get over the print mixing and how amazing you look with the gingham, stripes and leopard-LOVE LOVE LOVE! I hope you have an amazing weekend, xo!

  35. Love is what it's all about - and I love you and am so thankful we have crossed these paths! Look at the boys - handsome dudes, Andrea! The deer head oh I laugh out loud!!! Fabulous sweater and gingham, friend. XO XO XO

  36. That blue Nordstrom top is gorgeous on you, and I love all of the fashion inspo in this post! Hope you enjoy your weekend with the boys! Miss you!

  37. Striped tops make so happy :)

  38. How exciting having your handsome boys home! I love your Friday favorites posts so much. this striped top is gorgeous and thank you for reminding me about American Idol!

    xx, Elise

  39. I just bought that color Essie the other week!! It's my current fave!!

  40. I love all of these looks! Essie polish is the ONLY kind I it! Great post!


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