You know where I am right now? In the garage taking in some dough. Yep, it's the first of two Garage sales this Summer before we move. Can you believe I am selling 30 pairs of my shoes? Wish you could all come. So, I apologize now if I am not commenting as much as normal today. It gets little nuts round here on sale day. People in these parts love em'!
In fact I did a whole post called last year called Garage Sale 101 as it is always quite successful but a lot of work. It'll be a fun, busy day. Wishing you the BEST Friday and fun and SWEET weekend ahead!

1. A Day at the Round Barn
We try to make it a point to get to the Round Barn Winery every year and had not been this year. My mom reminded me it as country music weekend so we said, Why not!!
 That is a vodka lemonade slushy with a sangria refreshing!

Before we filled up on bevy's, we opted for an outdoor meal at The Clean Plate club 10 minutes from the winery. That's a veggie scramble on top of friend green tomatoes with chipotle GOOD!!

Great band named "Gussied Up" from Chicago came in and played pop hits with a country spin and old school country  

Look at the Giant Jenga..and of course how my nail polish matches my drink, lol.

And earlier this week, I showed you my pretty Shades of Blue top. This blue was almost identical and the dress so comfy from Old Navy.
Dress HERE

2. Gifts from sweet Bloggy Friends!
I've said it a million times, but blogging friends are truly something special. We really couldn't do our thing on the bog ole net without each other. My life has been blessed with the most amazing woman all over the world. I was super lucky to get packages this week from two of them who I adore with all my heart!
Shelly from The Queen In Between thought of me when she saw this darling watermelon lunch bag...perfect of this lunch to work toting gal!! Her words of sweetness made my week and we are so honored she is the newest sister at The Blended Blog!!

The ever sweet and Talented Nicole of Nick and Nicole + 4 sent me this goodness. I cannot wait to show you what is inside and tell you more about Nicole! The contents of this precious package will be revealed on July 27th when The Blended Blog ladies and I do our Christmas in July Post showing off our gift exchange. 
You don't want to miss it! 

3. Week's Attire
Ross Dress, Vigotti Pumps, The Loft necklace

TJ Maxx top, The Loft pants, Michael Kors flats

Kohl's top, The Loft pants, Black pearl necklace from my husband

4. When your ice cream matches your outfit
Monday I brought you a recap from our Family Vacation. Well, in that town is the most wonderful little ice cream stand. The lemon custard ice cream is outta this world. And well, I just happened to match it.
JC Penny side zipper sweatshirt, GAP Girlfriend capris and Tory Burch Miller Sandals

More Inspo
 I'm thinking that's mocha?

Maybe top scoop is strawberry?

5. Misc. Fun
Pom Pom Blanket 
I have had my eye on this blanket from Meijer and thought they were sold out but they re-stocked and it was on sale. Plan on throwing it over a plush couch in my new office/craft space at the new house. LOVE the pom poms but I'll probably call it my "Ball Blanket" lol 

Shower Tile
Well, we are over budget on tile and flooring but Mr. Nine is thinking I can keep the waterfall tile in the Master Shower. This is exactly what it will look like.

Let's do this sale thing and wish me luck!!
I hope your weekend is Fabulous sweet friends!!

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  1. 30 pairs of shoes, wowzer! I am not even sure I have that many pairs, lololol! I lost all of them at one point and it has taken me a while to get my inventory back to speed. You can rest assure I didn't miss that donut sign and oh my goodness that custard sounds divine! Absolutely amazing. I hope you are busy making the big bucks girl. Good luck!

  2. I hope you sell out at your garage sale and make a bundle beautiful friend! That blue dress from Old Navy is gorgeous on you. I have been trying out vodka lemonade recipes lately and they are just so dang good - yum!!! Enjoy your sale, here's to raking in the sales!

  3. Wowza! That's a lot of shoes! I hope you are raking it in this morning! That blue dress looks so comfy and perfect for a day at the winery. You guys have so much fun!

  4. That shower is incredible---you are so lucky Andrea!!

  5. Good luck with your garage sale!!! I always loved helping out with them back home!

  6. Ohh! Good luck with your sale. I totally wish I could come shop your shoe collection! And I love Round Barn. Looking at your pictures of southwest Michigan always make me so happy.

  7. Good luck on your yard sale (what we call them down here haha)! I hope you make lots of money! And when we built I was so happy I stayed in budget on tile but didn't on hardwood. How can anyone stay on budget when building?! Love your look at the winery! What a fun time!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. I love that shower tiling! You look so gorgeous in that blue dress! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  9. I just want to see what shoes you are selling! Best of luck with the garage sale. That watermelon tote from Shelly is perfect!

    Daily Style Finds

  10. Love all your dresses and gifts from sweet blog friends are the best.

  11. Love that blue dress on you!! Good luck with the garage sale this weekend!! I hope it isn't as hot for you as it is here. Woof. Have a great weekend!!!

  12. I hope you have the best luck and rake in the money at your garage sale! What a fun time with your mama. I love that JC Penny sweater with the GAP jeans. I hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Good luck at the garage sale! The winery looks like fun. I love that you do that. That pom pom blanket is too cute!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. Kudos on the nails matching the drink. I hope you tell everyone you planned that ;)
    I am all about the dresses from Old Navy this summer!

  15. Oh you darling woman! Where to begin? That blue dress is over the top cute and the fact it's from our dear friend Old Navy...A is Andrea and A is for Awesome! Good luck with the garage sale...I'd just as soon take a beating. We've never had good luck but some people have the gift and I bet you are one of those people. I never heard of one being multiple days until we moved to MN and they'd be ALL.WEEKEND.LONG. Someone please SHOOT ME! hahaha. The tile is going to be GORGEOUS in your house. I can't wait to see it all put together. I'm so darn excited for you!!! Have a profitable weekend you garage sale diva. XOXOX)

  16. I wish we could online shop at your garage sale! Hope you make the bog bucks to pay for that gorgeous tile! Have a fantastic weekend!

  17. What a cool place! And I LOVE that blue dress! Oh my goodness it looks perfect on you.

  18. Andrea,
    The winery looks so lovely and fun! I LOVE that blue color on you! You look amazing!


  19. Good luck with your garage sale! That's awesome that you're selling so many shoes! I swear purging our house was the best thing that we did before we moved! And hooray for winery visits! That's one of the things that I'm looking forward to the most after the babies get here. Have a great weekend!

  20. I hope you have made a grand on this grand day!!!!

  21. Good luck with your sale!! I hope it is a great one for you. I always love being able to clean somethings out. That winery day looks like so much fun and you are just the cutest with your matching ice cream outfit. Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  22. I'm loving those beautiful blues you are coming up with. And shame I can't pop over for a peek at your shoes but good luck anyway!

  23. Hola buena suerte en su venta de garaje...El vestido azul es hermoso. Saludos desde Costa Rica

  24. Love that shade of blue on you! Can't wait to see what you got for Christmas in July! So fun- good luck on the garage sale!

  25. Always enjoy your posts. Good luck with the garage sale and I love, love that shower tile!

  26. Girl, I hope you had one of those vodka drinky things at the music festival for me! Happy Friday!!

  27. That pom pom blanket is so fun! Good luck with the garage sale!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  28. Good luck with your garage sale this weekend! 30 pairs of shoes? I can only imagine how many hundreds are being kept considering your fashion posts are always quite unique even when it comes to shoes. But hey a girl's gotta have her shoes! Love all the floral work wear this week and the blue dress looks darling on you! Have a great weekend my favorite Andrea! xoxo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  29. Hope the sale goes well, love the blue dress on you, very best wishes. x Jacqui

  30. Hope you get rid of everything at your sale! Ooh, love the pom pom blanket. Have to look for it the next time we are at Meijer. The winery looked like a fun trip. You'll have to stop at Oliver Winery when you go to IU. Stay cool this a sauna here. xoxo

  31. That pom pom blanket looks so cute, and your time at the Round Barn looks like fun :)

  32. Mmmmmm ice cream!! I love that photo - it looks like you have a giant strawberry ice cream on your head lol! ;)
    Sounds like you're having a fabulous week.
    Suzy xx &

  33. I totally agree- blogging would be a bore without the blogging buddies! Can't wait to do my gift reveal ;)

  34. That pom pom blanket is the cutest! I can't believe you are selling 30 pairs of shoes at your garage sale too! Wish I lived close by and could get a few pairs! You always have such cute shoes!

  35. Garage sales are so big around here too! I think I'm jumping on board with my Mother in Laws later this summer :) That vodka lemonade slushy drink sounds AMAZING! I want one! It's been so hot here that would totally hit the spot. I love that yellow sweatshirt with those gap capris too!

  36. I am going to come steal that polka dot outfit from you, and wow 30 pairs of shoes in impressive, so that means you can buy 30 more right?


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