Happy Monday! Well, our County Fair is in full swing. It has gotten me thinking that I wish all of you could attend our Fair at least once. While, I tire of it by about the 3rd outing; it is HUGE, with so much to see, do and eat. Next year is our son's last year showing animals in the fair, so I'll soak it up now and drink another lemonade shake-up. I am sure many of you went to the Fair as a kid, have a child in 4-H or have a county fair or carnival you attend.
 Here are 9 reasons you should go: 

1. People Watching! Oh the people. Where else can you see purple feather hair, women with giant stuffed dogs, Americana fashion to the hilt and a zillion cute kids with snow cones all in the same place?

2. Fried Imagination and Oh, the FOOD! Let's not get hung up on calories and nutritional value. Instead, let's concentrate on the imagination it takes to come up with deep fried Oreos, coffee balls and oh yeah, chocolate covered bacon. While those are not my cup of tea, I do have a few of my favorites which include a corn dog, white chocolate frappes, pork tenderloin sandwiches, elephant ears and tiny Tom Thumb doughnuts piping hot.

 Tiny Tom Thumb doughnuts
Elephant Ear
    3. Tractors. Whether you bleed green, red, or blue, what kid doesn't love sitting on a big ole tractor? I'm sure some dads get a thrill too. Makes them want to trade in their Toyota for a tractor and their subdivision for a farm. The Tractor Pull Thursday garners more men in attendance than women but many love the roar of that supped up tractor. We happen to bleed green, John Deere, and here is a picture of the oldest 16 years ago sitting in a JD wheel. The JD tractors were his favorite exhibit for years!!

    4. Midway "Step right up, let me guess your age, weight, and birth date" Ok, you are not guessing my weight after I ate a corn dog and spiral spuds in front of a hundred fair goers and friends and making me get on the big ole scale. Come on. I'll stick with the color game. I still have that 3" stuffed mouse I won in 1995.  

     Better yet, the Midway after dark is mesmerizing. At night, $10 Ferris Wheel ride...well, it just seems romantic...and worth it

    5. Hot Roasted Corn There's more than corn in Indiana, but you're sure to see a corn field on any drive you take. Nothing says “County Fair” more than walking around with an ear of hot, roasted, buttered corn with the husk still attached. The Lions and Kiwanis Clubs and this girl do it right.

    6. 4-H Fabulousness There is more to 4-H than farm animals. Duck into the air-conditioned 4-H buildings to be amazed at the handiwork and craftsmanship of our youth displayed in sewing, woodworking, cake decorating, electrical and photography projects and more. I used to be a judge for the scrapbookers too. Adults can enter too. Here is my winning fudge in the display case.

    7. Animal Magnetism: Where else can you get up close and personal with the animals featured on the Fisher Price See-n-Say? Cows, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, sheep. Just watch your step or you’ll be saying more than “moo, oink and baa.” You may get lucky and witness the miracle of life as often babies are born while at the Fair.

    8. I scream, you scream, we all scream for the Dairy Bar: Manned by members of the Indiana Dairy Council, the Dairy Bar serves up some of the best food, at the best prices, at the fair. Milkshakes, soft serve ice cream, $1 grilled cheese sandwiches and mozzarella sticks make the Dairy Bar a particular family-friendly stop. The ice cream is my husband's favorite of any food at the Fair. 

    9. 5000 Women ages 3-75 in Cowboy Boots When I was 9 years old,, I saw my very first country concert at this Fair. It was the group Alabama, back when they were big and I remember it like it was yesterday. I had on jean shorts, a plaid shirt and a white cowboy hat. Wish I had a picture for ya. Our fair brings in some big names. Over the years, I've seem many country concerts here and plan on seeing more in the years to come from a seat on the dirt track including one tomorrow night!!!

     Besides the laughs, entertainment and plethora of yummy, not so good for you foods, 4-H is an amazing program and the fact that 4000 of our county youth enter projects every year is a testament to how awesome it is. It throws our community together in one place the way few other events do. We see old friends, talk face to face and sometimes the phone doesn't even come out of our pockets
     (unless it's a teenager who needs more ride money. ha ha).
    Plus, the county fair, at the very least, stirs up our rural past and that sense of pride in working the land.
    I'm hungry, time for a hot mini doughnut!! 


    1. What a fun post!! Our fair is in September, and we typically go once to support the 4H kids - and also to eat(: Great pics! Susan

    2. I agree with ALL of the above! Especially the fried food! How can you beat a deep fried Oreo?

      Happy Monday!


    3. Not that I actually needed an excuse to go to the fair, but this makes me want it to be Fall soon so that they can come to our surrounding towns! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    4. The County Fair is the best but I hate to go because I eat SO much! There are so many yummy options (deep fried Oreos are HEAVEN) and I cant say no.

    5. What a great post, Andrea! I grew up in a town with the largest county fair in Ohio so I know all about them! haha That so awesome your peanut butter fudge won! On another note, I hope your son is having a wonderful time in DC! You should have come with him and we could have met up! Next time ;) Happy Monday!

      xo, Rachel

    6. How fun are all of these photos! I have not been to a county fair since my summer camp days. You're making me really want to go back to one!

      Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    7. This looks so fun!!! I am still hung up on the food though. I freaking love fried oreos and funnel cake!!! And ice cream! And basically all of those things...haha!

    8. Anonymous27.7.15

      Hah I swear I was going to scold you if "people watching" wasn't on this list, but alas, you did me oh, so proud and had it as #1! The pics of the cowboy boots and crazy-dressed people make me happy, as does anything fried ;) Love a good fair!

    9. Yes definitely people watching at it's finest and of course the food!!

    10. My son LOVES county fairs too! He's 3 and there no other place that makes him more giggly! Couldn't agree with you more, love!

      xoxo, Vanessa

    11. How fun! We go to the state fair almost every year.. I know it's a little different but it is so fun!!

    12. Anonymous27.7.15

      I want to try a deep-fried Oreo. They look good.


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