Hi friends! For those of you that saw my Instagram stories last week, you know that while my mom and I were on vacation in Florida, our condo got broken into. It’s been quite the ordeal. I’ll have an update soon as the company, Great Ocean Condos, STILL has NOT refunded a night stay as they promised as of yet. Even though we had a scare, there were definitely still fun times to be had so I’ll do a little trip recap for this week of Friday Favorites!


1. Where We Were

We were in New Smyrna Beach. It’s a very quaint little area. We are not used to staying on the east side of Florida, so it was a nice change. The sunrises were beautiful although I do miss ocean and lake sunsets. 

And we also had a few nights of brilliant moonbeams. It’s only one of two beaches in Florida that you can actually drive on, so it was fun to do a little drive on the sand.

The beach was lovely and a great spot to people watch. Unfortunately, the ocean was still too cold to get in and the pool was not heated so it was about 50°, we were not happy not being able to get in the water and cool off, but par for the course on this trip, lol.

We laid out by the pool anyway just so we could take advantage of the lounge chairs, and lay on our stomachs to even up, lol. And at one point, Mom even dipped her toes in and I got so far as my knees, and just called it a cold plunge, lol

2. What We Ate 

Another bright spot was the food! We had some phenomenal meals!


A really fun place with great Italian food is The Garlic! It was fun to sit below a disco ball, and the waiter even asked me to dance, lol! Scott Bakula was sitting behind us, and they had the cutest cocktail car there for photo ops. 

The Eggplant/Arugula Stack

The Lemon Tres Leches Cake

And mom found her a cute little Porsche.

We enjoyed sitting outside at Outrigger on the marina as well. Look how cute my mom is with her Bloody Mary and….

...Look how cute this statue is of Snoop Dogg.

The Dulce de Leche Crepe from Third Wave was the BEST! 

Our favorite was the last night at SoNapa Grill. I was overjoyed to get a Keylime Martini (My Favorite) and dessert was praline bourbon bread pudding with pecan praline ice cream, so yummy.

My açaí bowl rocking on a porch was delish too.

3. Time With Mom
Best of all was spending time with my beautiful mama. I did not get near enough pictures of us as the last couple days we were still kind of in a shock from the break-in and I didn’t take as many photos. But spending time with her is a treasure. 

Doesn't she look like Barbie with her pony and Pink Robe

4. What We Wore
Did not do a lot of outfit pics. We did get some pretty pictures on the beach one night. Doesn’t my mom look adorable? Her pants are from TJ MAXX And my Dress is from Chicwish and such a lovely shade of pink! Unfortunately, shopping was kind of a bust. I did get one swimsuit and coverup set but we a are not fans of all the touristy/Florida retiree clothing, lol!


LOVED matching that cocktail car with my Eva Varro Jumpsuit

Earlier Post of the Week 

Happy Weekend my Sweet Friends!!



  1. Oh my goodness, the break in at your condo sounds so scary. I am sorry that you went through that... but it looks like you made some great memories with your mama in spite of the break in. I am going on a mama- daughter trip to Florida soon and reading your post has me even more excited about it. You and your mom wore the cutest/ prettiest outfits. Have a great weekend!

  2. At least this trip will give you memories and funny stories! It does sound like a comedy of errors. The condo company owes you more than one night! So sketchy! Both of your outfits are ON POINT! You all both have great style!

  3. So sorry about feeling unsafe on this trip but glad you had some bonding time with your mom. All the food looks amazing and I adore that pink maxi dress on you!

  4. Sounds like an interesting trip. It is always nice to get some quality time and change of scenery even if this didn't make favorite trips list.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the break in. That must have been so unnerving. I'm glad you were still able to create great memories with your mom! Ugh, I feel like every pool should be heated lol. I hope the condo does the right thing and takes care of you.

  6. So sorry you had a scare but loved reading about your time with your mom- so special and you both look just perfect!

  7. That's terrible that you experienced a break-in! I hope you were out of the condo when that happened. I'm glad that you had a good time in spite of that happening, though, and what sweet memories you made with your mom! Way to go with making the best of a situation, my friend. And YAY for having a tan!

  8. Those moonbeams!!!! .... I love you & your mom have the most special relationship!!!

  9. The trip sounds like it was both good and bad!

  10. I love that you and your mom have these annual trips together and love seeing the pics! It looks like you had a wonderful time despite the scare and cold water!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  11. That is awful about your condo being broken into. I hope you get everything sorted soon.
    It sounds like you had a lovely trip, it's a shame the ocean and pool were still too cold. The food looks so good and what a wonderful time you had with your mama.

  12. Oh my goodness; what a mixed bag of good and bad on your vacation. I'm so sorry to hear your condo was broken into.

  13. You both are so super cute! Despite the scary part, I'm glad you enjoyed some Mama and Me time. And I hope the rental company does the right thing and refunds you. What a mess to have to go through after all you've been through!!


  14. It sounds like that break in just left a bitter taste about the whole trip. Such a bummer. You and your mom look great though!

  15. Anonymous8.3.24

    I am really sorry that you had to deal with that scary situation, especially with your mom with you. I hope that the rental company does the right thing and refunds you. On a brighter note, I love that pink dress and that jumpsuit! They both look spectacular on you! I am also happy that you were able to spend that quality time with your beautiful mom. Have a glorious weekend and send hugs, my friend! XO, Caroline

  16. You are blessed to be able to spend such quality time with your mom. What a crazy experience with the break-in.

  17. How fabulous to have a break like that! And what a amazing jumpsuit!

  18. Anonymous11.3.24

    I’m so sorry to hear about your break in. I hope you can get everything resolved. Even though that happened it looks like you both had a nice time. I love both of your outfits. The food sounds so good.
    Julie’s Creative Lifestyle

  19. Your relationship with your mom is something to aspire to. This post for me was all heart. I just love that you went on this trip together and enjoyed each others company and explored a new place. I am so sorry to hear that you had a break-in. That's terrifying and so invasive. I can only imagine how that put a damper on your trip. On another note, the food looked delicious and that crepe has my mouth drooling.

  20. Your relationship with your mama is definitely something special. I love that y'all take these trips together!

  21. So sorry about the break-in! That is really scary! I hope they didn't get too much and I really hope you get refunded! It looks like the food was amazing! I need to make a crepe like that for my girls! It looks delicious!

  22. It looked like such a beautiful place with your beautiful mama! Sorry about the break in! That is scary anytime but especially on vacation.


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