Happy Friday February my peeps! Well, the arctic polar vortex blast has hit Indiana and we’re looking at single digits for the next couple weeks so we’re gonna hunker down and hang at home this weekend. Well, that’s not really new, lol. But during the next 10 days or so, both of my parents will be getting their second vaccine shots and that is definitely something to celebrate! Let’s get to all the favs!!

1. Collared Necklace
Gold jewelry is so pretty! I tend to go more for gold over silver. I am really into the Beautiful Collar Necklaces right now. The one in the photo is so sweet and striking with the flowers and man, how great will this look on a tan this summer!! In thinking about Valentine’s Day, I bet this would be a gift to treasure; such a fine piece for any jewelry collection. This company specializes in delicate, beautiful pieces and you’ll be sure to find amazing gifts and great pieces for yourself with beautiful metals and dazzling details. Their Lioness Chain Necklace is on my wishlist!

2. Youth Secret
I am so excited to start an anti-aging series with you. Several times a month, I’ll share products that I think are great advancements in anti-aging and will help us to look and feel our best. I’ll share here and on Instagram stories. First up is this amazing pillowcase from Youth Secret. Many of you may know that I sleep on a silk pillowcase and have for years. Well, guess what, it is NOT what is best for my skin and hair.

While, silk is better than cotton, it’s still can cause friction. And sometimes when I fall back to sleep and I’m sleeping really hard, I have those pesky lines on my face. That cannot be good for our aging process. Enter my fabulous friends at Youth Secret! These pillowcases are literally the softest I’ve ever slept on. They are 7x's silkier than silk, cruelty free, environmentally fiend, durable, washable and the material was developed by a Dr. and patented. They have sweet buttons to keep them closed so your pillow doesn’t slip out and two mornings this week I fell back to sleep and woke up with no lines!

AND Guess what, I’ve got not one, BUT TWO different coupon codes for you. You can use the code CLOUDNINE30 via This Link and get 30% off,or you can buy one, get one FREE with code CLOUD9BOGO via this LINK

This is awesome because if you want two of them like I like to have to rotate when washing, you get one free. But if you just want one, you can get 30% off!! Hands down, best pillowcases I have ever owned! This is luxury you need and deserve for your pretty lil head!! I’ll be talking more about this goodness in Insta Stories today because when I love something, I want to shout it from the rooftops whether promoting or not. I only share what I LOVE!!

3. Snow Sunday FunDay
What a great day last Sunday was! The morning began with a trip in the big raptor truck with Mr. Nine to see our kids and take them our old coffee table that had been in our basement at the old house. We got to visit with our grand pets for a while, sweet Hazel and adorable blue and take our sons girlfriend her birthday gifts! Then we headed home, and it was more play in the snow. Mr. Nine took her snowblower and blew me a path around our pond. It’s a little over a half a mile around and well it only takes me about seven minutes to walk, it took 45 minutes to snow blow, but it was so romantic and so sweet!

4. Cabi Ciao
Oh, how I love Cabi Clothing! And something else I love is a nice, fitted blazer with a cute graphic! This one is called the Checkup Blazer. I added a pop of pink with the heels I can’t wait to style this 
blazer in more ways.

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Fun with Fashion


Isn’t this just the Cutest Candy Dish! My mom often gives me sweet Valentine gifts ahead of time so I can enjoy them. She thought it would be adorable to fill with valentine M&Ms and it is, so I got a bag for me and one for her! I just love sweet little serving dishes!


With the arctic cold blasting us, I thought some of these were appropriate!

And there's this... lol

HAPPY Friday.... AND
May it be a February 
Weekend of FUN!

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  1. That was so sweet of Mr.Nine to clear a path for you - what an act of love! Great minds my dear, I have that same February graphic on my blog today. I hope you stay warm and cozy this weekend and eat some sweet treats out of that cute as pie candy dish from your mom!

  2. That collared necklace is gorgeous! I love that your husband cleared a path around the pond for you! Also loving that adorable candy dish! Stay warm this weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. That is so sweet of Mr. Nine! I think he likes you ;-) Those delicate little flowers on the necklace are amazing. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. Love these winter shots of you and Mr. Nine! I need to get that pillowcase and I adore that Cabi blazer. Enjoy your weekend Andrea!

  5. That candy dish is adorable!!! It was so sweet of Mr Nine to blow you a path to walk on outside! I am sure it was cold...but also beautiful with all that snow! Have a great weekend!

  6. The lack of mosquitoes is probably the only upside to the cold! LOL. How sweet that Mr. Nine cleared your walking track for you!

  7. It's going to be really cold here too, ugh! That pillowcase sounds great!

  8. That is great to have hubby use the snow blower with all of this snow. I can't wait for it to melt!! I'm not looking forward to the deep freeze. I like the outfits and the pillow case sounds great. Have a nice weekend.

  9. That necklace is so pretty! So sweet of the Mr to clear a path in the snow for you too. Stay warm and cozy this weekend! Hugs friend. Xo, Caroline

  10. I know - what is up with this weather - it's too cold! So glad both your parents are on the 2nd shots. You always find the best memes - too funny! Stay warm!

    Daily Style Finds

  11. Is that last picture a Brittany Justin denim look in the future? LOL
    I honestly got a little misty eye of your Prince snow plowing a path for you... that honestly is the most romantic thing ever.

  12. Love, love the candy dish!! Vicki did great on that gift! Give me all the M&Ms!! Jennifer is having her Cabi party at the end of this month, so I'm saving my moula!! I'm wanting to try on the lavendar jacket. Have you seen it??

  13. What a fun visit with the kiddos and grand pets! That was so sweet of Mr Nine to plow you a path around the pond! I've been using a silk pillowcase and it makes such a difference! I'm looking forward to your series of posts! Love that blazer and t-shirt combo and of course the memes are hysterical. That candy dish is so sweet! If I don't get my Valentine's decorations out this weekend--I might as well forget it!

  14. Those pillowcases are so good. I love mine too. Hope you have a great weekend. XOXO

  15. I saw those mask outfits. Just wow. I love that candy dish. So festive! That collared necklace is so fun! Have a great weekend.

  16. You look absolutely radiant and gorgeous- of course I can't wait for that youth series!! Have a great weekend Sunshine xx

  17. Love the collared necklace! I used to have a silk pillowcase and it is missing, I need a new one. Does Mr. Nine have a Raptor? Kevin does too! We are car couple twinsies! Have a fab weekend and stay warm!

  18. Cute Grand pets. I really like the Valentine candy dish & the Ciao t-shirt.

  19. That was so sweet of your hubby! It's frustrating to me when I try and walk the dog and people don't shovel! Having a nice path makes so much difference! Love your fun checked blazer!

  20. Oh Mr. Nine is such a charming man. Your own pond? Wie, you live in such a amazing place. And Yes, it is to cold!! Even here in the Netherlands!

  21. You two are just so adorable! Probably the most romantic couple I know!
    Suzy xx
    The Grey Brunette

  22. How sweet of Mr. Nine to clear a path for you!! We are now getting hit with that polar vortex. It's time to bundle up and stay warm for sure.

  23. Andrea... every time I visit your blog, I'm just like, "She is so stunning!" Seriously! :) How sweet of your hubby to clear you a path! We had snow here too this week (in PA), and I'm over it already, haha.

  24. I still use regular pillow cases...gosh I'm so far behind!! I need to try these fore sure.

  25. Ohhhh, brrr! Stay WARM! We finally got some snow over the weekend and the cold temps are coming too. So we will stay in as much as possible too. Look at your sweet grand-pets! Do you think you will ever get another dog, Andrea? I didn't realize you had all that walking area around your house!!!! So awesome! Is that where you do all your "walk-n-talks"?

  26. You two are the cutest snow bunnies! Sending some warmth your way! And LOVE that collared necklace, so pretty <3

    Green Fashionista

  27. Oh goodness, how sweet of Mr. Nine to clear a walking path for you! That looks like a perfect loop for a breath of fresh air!

    I hope you are having a great week!



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