How in the world can It be the last Friday in August! A month from today we close our pool and that makes me kind of sad.  However, September welcomes my favorite 4 months of the year and I look forward to all the decorating I’ll be doing, holiday shopping and pumpkin treat eating! Bring on crisp air, coziness and football where it’s available I guess, Covid is wreaking a little bit of havoc on Fall already.

Care Packages 4 Everyone!
SOOO Good you guys, please enter, so easy!! These are great care packages!
This could not be a better giveaway for me to be offering! You know I love to send care packages! To college boys, to friends and family, always shipped with love! Carepackages4everyone is offering a fabulous giveaway to all my readers today! They have so many good ones and college care packages too which I’m sure are especially needed right now. 
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Remember when I sent the Pumpkin Spice Care Package?? Good Luck friends! What a FUN PRIZE! Must be in the US to win! 

Here are a couple of my Favorites: 
Giveaway Open until 8/30 Midnight!

2. Snaps from Kansas
Hopefully most of you saw all the fun I had in Salina Kansas while Mr. Nine was working and our evenings together! The boutique shopping was out of this world spectacular and I made some new friends with the ladies who own the stores! So much fun and the town of Salina offered way more than I thought it was going to! I'll show ya the cute outfits I wore in the evenings next Wednesday.

The most beautiful Home Decor Store I've ever been in...
Penny Lane!

Mmm afternoon 
Pistachio Toasted Marshmallow Latte and Toasted Ravioli snd Italian for dinner! 

The lovely store friends of mine, a Pink Drink Cocktail, not SB and in heaven, pumpkin ice cream with cinnamon ice cream on the bottom! 
Gretchen of Sanity Boutique in the bottom left, which I link below, and I really hit it off, can't wait to see her when we go back.

3. Favorite Kansas Purchases 
Instead of my weeks attire, I decided to show you some of my favorite purchases for my trip to Kansas. Shopping got a little bit out of hand so thank goodness we had room in the car to bring it all back. There were so many cute things, I literally could’ve bought 10 times this much but I want Mr. Nine to take me again, LOL!
Shop SANITY's Website HERE

Shop Bling Glamour's Website HERE Fav from Nordstrom Sale HERE

4. KIZIK and Camo
When I shared these new Madrid step in sneakers in blush pink on Instagram last week, you all loved them! And this detachable pink hooded Camo jacket from the #NSale. I think it’s safe to say I LOVE them both! Perfect Fall outfit! 


5.Misc. Fun
4 Cute Sweaters for Fall

A few more poise pics..
Coleus and Cherryburst Verbena

Elfin Impatiens in "Lipstick"

Geraniums in Medium Crimson & Crown of Pharaoh Grass

Summer may be fading, but I’m gonna take this adorable off the shoulder yellow top right in the Fall! Next week, I’m doing a Target Haul on my Instagram stories with some lovely ladies and you can bet, this top will be included! 


Bha ha ha

Gonna Hold onto a little Summer on my Float with a Pineapple Popsicle!

Hope it's a weekend 
sweet as a pineapple!!!!



  1. I never really had a desire to visit Kansas before but I do now - you found the sweetest little shops and got such cute things! Have the best weekend my dear!!

  2. Love these care packages and my college girl would so enjoy one of these!

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun on your trip!

  4. I love how you paired camo with that light pink--so feminine! September begins my favorite 4 months, too!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. That sounds like a fun getaway with the Mr! You two look so cute. I'm looking forward to fall and pumpkin everything too. Loving all of your outfits, as usual! Your flowers are gorgeous! Happy Friday pretty lady!

  6. So much cute, fabulous goodness in this post! The giveaway sounds so fun. I love receiving care packages, so why am I so bad about getting stuff put together and out to the mail?? Anyway, I feel blessed that I can vouch for your care package skills. By the way, your flowers look glorious!

  7. Oh, and that healthy premium or organic treats care package would be amazing. I'm all entered! ;)

  8. Your trip looked like a blast. And what a fun giveaway! It would be fun to send some baked goods or that a little nutty care package to my sister in Wisconsin. She hasn't made it home much lately because of COVID, so she misses out on all of the treats!

  9. "But I want Mr. Nine to take me again" LOL! Love the tops!!

    Those care packages are fun! So many options!! I wanna win one, haha! The Snacking Mixed Tape one looks great!

  10. Loving that camo jacket - it's so cute! Glad you and Mr. Nine had a great trip! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  11. Oh wow, those care packages are so fun. I love that they have healthy options, meat and cheese...and the popcorn! Yum!! I cant believe that it is going to be September. This year has just flown by! I just love those black and white pumpkins you picked up. I am trying to start my fall holiday decor shopping. Shipping delays are really putting a damper on things. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. So many cute outfits in this post! So glad you enjoyed Kansas. I love finding little towns with great stuff too, Corning, New York surprised me a few years ago with all their shops!
    Happy Friday friend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  13. I follow them on instagram as mami2jcn. I like their sweet craving care package.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  14. It looks like you had an awesome time with Mr. Nine and shopping! I like all of your cute outfits. Have a nice weekend.

  15. What a great giveaway! Those care packages are so fun! I would pick one of the college grab and go breakfast or favorite home snacks! Love all of the pieces you got in Kansas! That tortilla mask meme is hilarious!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  16. Love all your cute outfits! Just followed carepackages on Instagram. Love the Grab n Go Breakfast Pack! Perfect for my granddaughter.

  17. Look at all the fun you had in Kansas! I could spend an afternoon in Penny Layne! Love you on the pool float with a popsicle, doesn't get more summer than that! Have a lovely weekend my dear!

  18. Loved following you along your Kansas trip- was so fun! And now we're almost September...feels like we jumped from Covid March to September in a flash. Have a great weekend precious lady xx

  19. Isn't it nice to find those gems of places that would otherwise not be on your radar. So glad you had a good time and fun shopping. I'm loving the nsale jacket--you may be an enabler!

  20. A Pistachio Toasted Marshmallow Latte?! Oh my WORD, that sounds amazing. On another note, I swear you are like Benjamin Button... you seem to be aging backward!! You are just glowing in all of these pictures!!

  21. Have a great weekend Andrea!! I just love your yellow's my favorite color and I want to prove you can wear it all year long!!

  22. The tortilla mask one is just too funny. You got the cutest things in Kansas. I love all that home decor. That camo jacket is really cute!!!

  23. I think my favorite is the favorite home snacks care package: my teen would love everything in there! Will hope on to instagram to follow them!
    Just got my Nsale stuff today! Looking forward to styling the camo jacket when it gets cooler! Love the hood!

  24. Mrs. Fields Cookie Crate Combo looks amazing!

  25. Those punkies are just the cuuuuutest!! I've already bought a few Halloweenie things for the house and I just can't wait to decorate. Making myself wait AT LEAST 'til September lol! Happy weekend beauty!


  26. I love that you had so much fun in Kansas and it does not surprise me one bit you hit it off with so many of the shop owners! Pumpkin ice cream? Sign me up! There was a custard place here that had the BEST pumpkin pie concretes, but they closed a few years ago. I am STILL not over it, haha!

  27. Love that you got to go Kansas with Mr. Nine!! Cute pictures! Enjoy your weekend!

  28. I always love your Friday updates! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time away! Those black and white pumpkins are so adorable! And cinnamon and pumpkin ice cream sound divine together! Thanks for the fun giveaway! I'm amazed at all the goodness on their site! I'm drooling over their bday cake sampler! I think I'm still having bday vibes! Haha!

  29. Connie Kamuf28.8.20

    Thanks for sharing the care packages! I would pick positive vibes

  30. What am awesome giveaway! I would love to give my son Evan the Sweet Cravings Care package or maybe get any Mrs. Field's cookie packages. They look so good. I adore your camo jacket and loved all the shares from your shopping trip in Kansas. Happy Friday Andrea!

  31. My goodness, so much goodness in one spot. First up, how on Earth did I miss the pumpkin care package post last year???? (Maybe because it was on our Anniv) Anyway, those care packages are AWESOME. How's a girl to choose. There are so many great choices, but I'm going to go with the First Aid Mrs. Fields box...wouldn't that be perfect to send Katie and she could share with her buddies? Have the best weekend. XOXO

  32. I like the Just because care package. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  33. I like the PPE Around Campus Kit

  34. You lead a good life! You go girl!

  35. Gourmet meat and cheese sampler looks awesome!

  36. Premium healthy gift basket looks good to me!

  37. like the You Got This Care Package. it has yummy snacks :)

  38. I followed on IG. I like the Snacking Mixed Tape Care Package.


  39. is news to me. Good news! I think I would like the Healthy Treats Basket

  40. Glad you enjoyed Kansas! I love that camo jacket, considering a purchase now!

  41. Anonymous30.8.20

    WOW! You look like a young 20-something holding that latte!


  42. My favorite is the Gourmet Meat and Cheese Sampler Deluxe.

  43. Premium healthy gift basket looks awesome. I love all your clothes. You are so beautiful!

  44. I’m so jealous of the Pumpkin Spice package! I’m ready for everything fall.

  45. Me gusto todo...tienes un gusto muy elegante y además luces muy joven y radiante. Saludos desde Costa Rica


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